Marcus Stegmaier,

Published on


8th September 2013



Spiritual Quagmire


Man is not happy every moment of his life. This would be a honest finding. Most humans are not even happy most of the time but are constantly longing for more happiness and rightfully so. Spirituality offers hope that man may be happy all the time. Therefore a huge variety of spiritual teachers offer their version of spirituality, but what is the right type of spirituality is man‘s concern.


When a spiritual teacher is met, man either sticks to him or goes to another one. If he goes to another one, it only means that the first one has not shown him what he searches for. I also have read a lot of spiritual books, watched plenty of internet-videos and encountered many spiritual teachers, because I was very aware that I am not happy in life with family, job and all the other issues of daily life.


Helpful were the books that mentioned nobody is the doer. But to the author of such a book the world, man and mind still remained real even if they said that man is not the doer. This contradiction I found existed in all books and among every spiritual teacher. That the world, man and mind is illusory is a common statement in the spiritual circles, but when I asked teachers about daily life issues they presented again absolute statements, but were unable to explain.


As I still was not happy in my daily life every moment of the waking state, the search was not over for me as yet. Anybody who claims to have attained spiritual utopia, should be asked every detail of how daily life is illusory and not real. If he is able to explain the age old wisdom that life is illusory, he has understood that life is indeed illusory, if not, it is better to leave him alone, he will not be of any help.


Finally it was Dr. Shankar's books, articles and talks that helped me to understand on a more deeper level the age old wisdom that life is illusory and not real. In many books, cds, dvds and a film he explains in detail all the illusions of the human mind to help man understand every speck of the illusion. Other spiritual teachers have not made this age old wisdom clear as yet, and the spiritual seeker is left in a quagmire, without knowing that he is.


As Dr. Shankar continiues to share, science is fast approaching to discover this old age wisdom of the sages, too. The books, cd’s, dvd’s and the film “Non-duality – life as it is“ avaiable on make it clear that what is commonly taken for spirituality is a belief-system and cannot be the truth. For wisdom to happen to anybody, life has brought Dr. Shankar as a messenger to reveal the illusions of the human mind.


Dr. Shankar is the first and only man I have met so far in my life, who is willing and able to drive home the age old wisdom that life is illusory and not real. I am now contented with my daily life, no matter how it goes.


Marcus Stegmaier, 2013



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