Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD. PhD
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The Netherlands
8th March 2010


“Not Two”


Non-dualism or non-duality means not two. If it is accepted as a belief, theory, part of a tradition or a practice that leads to a reality that is non-dual, everything should be just one and the same and not separate. 

Man, however, has not yet understood that all concepts of non-dualism are one, though he preaches non-dualism. He is convinced that belief, theory, part of a tradition or a practice that leads to nondualism are separate and independent from one another. He believes he has a choice and free will to decide which to follow and adhere to. 

A belief, theory, tradition or a practice is conveyed through words that make up languages, which are many. The basic nature of words and any language is sound. Therefore, any belief, theory, tradition or practice that is conveyed through words is an auditory illusion of sound.

If man understands the illusory nature of words, non-dualism will be the realisation. It will not matter which belief, theory, tradition or practice he follows or is in: it will all be non-dualism to him or her.

Man needs to understand that it is not he who makes the auditory illusion of words from sound. Until an understanding of non-dualism happens to man, he will be indulging in dualism, mistaking it for non-dualism. 

Every feeling, opinion, interpretation, conclusion and duality, which appears real to man, and he thinks exists in life, needs to be non-dualistic if non-dualism is real. They are all auditory illusions of sound, for they happen to be in the mind either in the form of thoughts or vocal words.

For a thought, word or an action to exist time would be needed. Time and science are real to man and science has measured the amount of time present in a moment, which is an attosecond, and that is one billionth of a billionth of a second.

Man must wonder how much practice he could possibly do within an attosecond to lead him to a state of non-dualism and how many thoughts or words he could possibly think or speak within an attosecond.

As science sophisticates much smaller units of time will be discovered, and that unit of time will make up the moment for man. Nevertheless, he will not be able to practise as he is unable to do so in the unit of time discovered presently, which is an attosecond.

Everything that is present in the world appears to be separate from each other and, therefore, a multitude - even the world appears separate from the universe or the cosmos. Thus the world appears to be dualistic and non-dualism appears to be a far cry from being real. 

If the world, including the cosmos, were examined, the building unit of anything that is known would be found to be energy. Even though energy is the same everywhere and is known to be made up of electrons, neutrons, protons, bosons and Higg’s particle, also known as God’s particle, which is the latest word to make up the list, it will mean energy is dual and not non-dual. 

Therefore, even energy, which is known, needs to be illusory for the known is an auditory illusion of sound, and the real, which is non-dual, can never be known.

Life is indeed a miracle for it mysteriously embraces the entire sophistication of the planet within an attosecond, as an illusion, that appears dual, but is in fact non-dual.

© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2010

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