‘The Epic of Absolute Understanding’ and Denekamp weekend May 2009.

Jeremy, London

As a new visitor to the AAU who, on impulse, had made his own way across Holland to the small town of Denekamp, it was the greatest privilege to meet Vijai and the team, as well as the many other visitors.  Without exception you were warm and welcoming and the understanding made available from Vijai struck an immediate and deep chord, which was sustained by the conversation and openness of everyone on the Satsunga.  There was no sense of an audience with Dr Shankar and then ‘time off’:  much more, this was seen as, and still is, a meaningful understanding that needs to be deepened and shared.  The atmosphere and facilities allowed this to happen most naturally – as the word, Satsunga, suggests, this was indeed good company.

I found it remarkably helpful to have so much material from past events readily available for study and consideration.  I had time to watch and listen to a DVD of a whole satsunga session on Saturday afternoon before witnessing the launch of the first volume of an ‘Epic of Absolute Understanding’.  Again as a ‘new boy’, I was struck by the attention and care that went into the launch ceremony.  We were ushered into a room with the stage specially bedecked with curtains and flowers and we were then presented with very fine music from JS Bach to the Nineteenth Century Romantics played by highly talented teenage musicians.  Vijai then introduced and invited each of the subscribers to receive their leather bound volumes.  My immediate neighbour generously handed me her copy to look at.  I opened the book for the very first time and heard a gentle crack from its spine as it revealed its first two pages - what a testament to the time and effort made by so many to record this wisdom in such a fine way.  The first few recipients spoke of their personal experience and gratitude to Vijai and Kalpna for sharing this profound understanding and very poignantly recounting how transformative it had been for them, personally, in making sense of Life’s continual shocks and surprises.

By Sunday, I felt unreservedly amongst friends as well as a master.  What more could I possibly need?  The journey back to Schiphol, and thence to England continued to be full of delight at the moment by moment surprises life presented.  The time since has been light and fun and that delight is still there.  The ideas presented by Vijai on the origin of Homo sapiens, and his mind, have been pondered upon.  Watching our family cat and her reaction to a mirror confirmed what Vijai was saying.  Look out for the recording from the latest Denekamp to find out what I’m talking about.