On 22nd of May the book ‘AIR’ from the series Understanding Life was launched which was well attended. The reviewers of the book were impressed and communicated the importance it carries to humanity.







Comment: Book ‘Air’

Mark Saunders, U.K

When this book arrived, I experienced some trepidation as I had not understood how to read the first book in this series (Fire), but as I had agreed to review it, I started to read. I found that I agreed with most of the questions or at least I had some sympathy with the plight of the questioner and then I read the answer.  


I was brought to a sudden halt, What Is this? Does this answer go with the question? I had to go back and read the question again. This time the question had transformed and now revealed the mind’s ideas and beliefs underlying the question, the answer was like a mirror, which when held up to the question revealed the very building blocks of the mind. Not just the mind of the questioner, but my mind, your mind, THE mind.

The second point of note is that before I read this book, I thought that I knew what compassion was. I was very wrong, this is a level of compassion I was previously unaware of, and the whole book shines with this compassion. Dr Shankar had spoken previously of all the energy used to maintain our fears, worries and anger, which at the point of understanding turns to compassion.


This book reveals, so clearly what compassion means. This is not a book one can be read in one sitting like the latest thriller you buy at the airport to take on holiday. After one or two pages I had to put the book down. Each time I put the book down there was a growing understanding that there is nothing wrong, nothing to be worried about, nothing to fear. Thank you Dr Shankar.




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Comment: Book ‘Air’

Elisabeth van Wordragen, Netherlands

Such a joy to read AIR. All the questions and answers make us One.



Photo gallery book launch ‘AIR’

Mark Saunders and Marcus Stegmaier



Comment: Dr.Shankar
Isaac Hayford, Slough, UK

I came to know about Dr. Shankar through his interview with Iain McNay on Conscious. TV in February of this year. I have since read almost every article of his and watched all his interviews on AAU website and I love and appreciate every bit of it. As a young man of African origin I was naturally inclined towards the concept of God from a tender age. Christianity was what I grew up with but as "time" went by I begun to look for alternative means of self realisation. I went into African traditional religion (ATR) and later into Rastafarianism but still could not find satisfaction within. I later entered into Eckankar and was brought up on the idea of "a co-worker with God."

During those soul searching moments I always believed deep within that life is an illusion and destined to happen. Dr. Shankar hit me with a deeper analysis of the mind and life. I feel more at ease in the mind now being aware that all is illusion. I now have a copy of Evolution Of Mind and I must admit I'm humbled that Dr. Shankar has happened to me. Thank you and the team.




Photo book launch: ‘Air’

Henk and Diane



Comment: Web cast on ‘’

Anil Coumar, Seattle, USA

Communicating with you has been a very frustrating experience. In my experience, I have been unable to have a normal conversation with you. I find your responses unhelpful and even arrogant at times. No wonder there were less than 10 people viewing (from all over the world) your first live web casts this weekend on Nevernothere - probably the lowest number ever. You may brush it off by saying people are not ready for your message or that you don't care. I think people are hungry for a deeper understanding but your demeanor is really a huge turn off. You have no compassion for most people most of the time - at least I have not seen it much. Your first book - illusions of life is well written, but the last book - evolution of mind - I am embarrassed to give it to any of my professional colleagues because it is very poorly written. You repeat yourself endlessly and the whole book is poorly organized and your appear to be rambling throughout the book. I have not been able to read it to the end. There are some good pointers in there, but overall it is very poorly written and organized. I don't know why I am writing this to you. I guess I am frustrated by your unwillingness to help me understand.


Dr.Shankar: Response

If the responses do not equate with beliefs it appears to the mind as being arrogant or unhelpful. This is normal function of the mind. Richard gives the number as 50 on the first day, which according to him is very good. Information from Holland report 14 from Holland itself. You can only speak for yourself and not for others. Yes, you are right, people are not ready to understand, they are comfortable if their beliefs are acknowledged. Shankar cares for all and no one is a turn off for all are an expression of life. Compassion is not a social formality. Compassion arises out of concern for people’s life and not out of feel good factor of the ego. This is your opinion and you are right from where you are and it reflects the understanding that has happened to you or the lack of it. Shankar always means well for all who wish to listen to understand. Shankar does not share to please the ego. What is your proof that Shankar is unwilling to help you understand? Man repeats his spiritual practises daily and embraces the repetition, and objects to repetition of words intended for deeper understanding which he longs for. Hasn't Shankar always responded to you? Shankar will respond only if he is clear of the words that you write and their meaning that you may have for them, so Shankar asks the question again to you which appears as arrogance to you. This is normal. These words are repeated so that you may understand.







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Comment: Book ‘Evolution of Mind’

Sonja, Netherlands.

With great joy I read again in Your book: The Evolution of the Mind. I feel so very privileged to have the opportunity to read this book. This is the best book ever written, a clear and complete frame work or blueprint of the mind and the building blocks of the illusion. It is an invitation to read and discovery to the source of the mind, a straight way back to the roots where it all began. The way in and the way out, like the thread of Ariadne: a passage to ourselves. The pieces of the puzzle falls slowly in to place, the illusion uncovered, the preparation to receive life. It is a pleasure to chew every sentence over and over. To look around in my life and observe what You are explaining is easy to find every moment. It would be strange if after I’ve read the book not to see so many indications and validations of what is written.




Comment: Book ‘Evolution of Mind’

Paul Dekker, Maastricht

Doctor, the book Evolution of Mind is of course an absolute understanding, and therefore it makes it also possible for the relative art of acting to be understood in its absolute. Looking at the evolution of acting the book Evolution of Mind announces the next move life makes in acting. With the book Evolution of Mind it is not only also possible to understand the professional acting vocabulary more profoundly, but the book also adds new inside into acting. Therefore it adds also new words to the professional vocabulary of acting to serve it’s practice and it's purpose for mankind. Already right now many students and many actors of this new generation benefit from these new insides in their art. Humanity, while enjoying tragedy and comedy as audience of life performances and movies, is to come to witness the fruits of this evolution and sophistication of life in the form of the art of acting. The audience’s tears (tragedy) and the audience’s cheers (comedy) will be life’s expression of its optical and auditory illusion. While dwelling in houses audience will happily enjoy the beautiful reality of an illusion, called a drama.


Dr.Shankar: Response

Understand every moment only acting is present that appears real.



Comment: Book ‘Evolution of Mind’

Annie Power, Canada.

I have read a bit of the book already, and am excited to continue. I used to read books as a hobby almost, then it all fell away, and there has not been this kind of excitement to read for a while now. So I am thrilled to have the book. I have also been looking at the DVDs available on the website. I have listened to all of the video clips at least once, some more than once; also the interview by Iain McNay - awesome interview, and of course, the videos on Richard's site. I have also posted an image of the new book on face book a few times, and referred others to NNH for further information. (well, it wasn't ME doing it, but these things were done). Thank you again Diane and Dr. Shankar.










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