Dr. Shankar is presently busy completing a book titled “The Force of Life”




BOOK REVIEWS: “Evolution of Mind”


A solidly recommended read that shouldn't be missed.

 Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), June 6 2010


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A Primer in How Mind Shapes Our Perception of Reality.

Kinetics Magazine by K. Lawrence, June 14 2010


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Letter to Publicist from Julian Capper


Dear Mari,

Your news, conveyed to me by Diane Izzedin, concerning Dr Shankar’s remarkable book, The Evolution of Mind, has moved me to say these few words.


Complex in that it is not understood, unique in that it is believed to be real,  we experience mind and its range of moods and beliefs; therefore, we are convinced it is real. This conviction empowers mind with the status of man’s super-consultant, illusory though it is.


Dr Shankar’s profound understanding of mind revealed in this book is, on careful and patient reflection, realised to arise from beyond the mind, which is the home of opinion. This book is not the gift of opinion; it is the gift of life itself, expressed through an enlightened being. What a blessing!

Best wishes,

Julian Capper (UK reader)






Director Floris Ramaekers discusses with Dr. Shankar steps of the documentary “Non- Duality ‘ or advaita. Advaita will be explained visually for the first time in history.


Floris and his international team are working hard to complete the film by september.


***The film will be shown during Denekamp-weekend!*** BE THERE!


















Comment: Book ‘Understanding life Air’

 Sigrid, Munich

After the wonderful satsangs in Denekamp reading of the new book AIR happened in a couple of days. It has been swallowed! It became clear that the "others" MIND functions just like mine but existence expresses itself in a variety of stories and the absurdity of the mind goes on and on. What could be seen is that our own mind can never be pleased, so others can never be pleased either - it has to clash!

I appreciate very much the `brutal honesty` in your pointing to the truth. Obviously we have been dreaming from a very long time and the mind is strongly conditioned now. Reading your books over and over again (along with the cd´s, articles and interviews) is enough. No other help will be needed to bring a qualitative change in life. Thank you eternally



Comment: ‘Special Message’

Stavros Vlachos, Munich

Thank you for the notification. Let Dr.Shankar be blessed and take the rest he deserves. He changed the way I see the world, I see myself, so much is the power of the man.




Comment: ‘Special Message’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Dearest Kalpna, Am very touched by your concern about Guruji’s health and pleading for Him to take a break for six months from the monthly Amsterdam satsangs. Very happy that the Denekamp retreats will still go on as usual and we can see Him. I missed you at Denekamp at the book launch of ‘AIR’. What a beautiful, amazing book he has given us.

My heart is with Guruji and with you. Love,



Comment: ‘Special Message’

Sandra, Netherlands

Dear Kalpna, There is not much needed to understand your message and that Guruji is the most important and there is no doubt that what is best for him will be supported. We still have to complete the whole cd series so we will continue to buy them and we know life will show us ways to support the treasure of Guruji's sharing. Also on behalf of Randy, love.



Comment: ‘Special Message’

Paul Dekker, Maastricht

Dear Kalpna, Your mail is clearly and absolutely understood dear Kalpna. Doctor Shankar’s mission was, is and will be unconditionally be supported. Love.



Comment: ‘Special Message’

Dori, Nethelands

Dear Kalpna, I'm happy Guruji's body can have some rest. Yes, he has given us a lot for which we all can be very grateful. He has given also a lot in the form of CD's, books and DVD's and those are always helping us as well.Thanks for your message, Kalpna



Comment: ‘Special Message’

Riet, Maastricht

Dear, dear Kalpna, It may be contradictory but I'm very grateful to you, you asked Guruji and He agreed to stop Amsterdam satsangs for few months. You were not Denekamp last time and it was hard to see Guruji so tired. He was but always compassionate and concerned for us. Regi is wonderful in taking care and you always knows what is best

once Guruji wrote to me ‘"Life knows best what is needed for its manifestation ".never forget these words. Thank you dear Kalpna, your sharing and attention

best wishes to you and family, hope to see you next Denekamp big hug. Yes you are right at home reading and listening and watching let us understand so that all may be closer in Denekamp.



Comment: ‘Special Message’

Barbara, Munich.

Thank you very much for your words! So much sincere. I am sooo happy that you care for Guruji!!! If I understand nothing else, what you write, I understand! I saw Guruji drained out - and nobody wants this. I'm sooo blessed having all Guruji’s books and CDs at home and can read and listen over and over again! My dedication and reverence to Guruji grows along with my understanding life more and more! I'm sooo blessed meeting Guruji and you in my life. Will go on with the acadun-work here in Munich and Germany. Thank you, thank you, thaaaaaank you!!!!! Yours Barbara



 Comment: ‘Special Message’

Julian Capper, UK

Dear Kalpna, I have just received from Rehi your message concerning Vijai’s health.  

How wonderful Life is, through Kalpna, to take such care of its supreme son. The period will be an opportunity for his strength to be restored and for all his devotees to observe life deeply and silently. In our concern for Guruji’s health, we will trust that the balance of Life’s course for all its sons and daughters is in perfect harmony. Should Vijai find himself in England in the near future, and in Kalpna’s car, with Rehii and Karen, or indeed without them, may the M4 guide the car to Winterbourne House, where a great welcome awaits them!



Comment: ‘Special Message’

Regina Brand, Netherlands

Toppy Kalpna. Love Regina

Response Kalpna: YOU ARE THE TOPPY, Reginaaaaaa.  You are the blessed one and we are thankful to you forever for taking such good care of Guruji in a completely selfless manner. You are really the blessed one and we are blessed because of YOU.  No words can describe our gratitude to YOU.  Love, Kalpna xx




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