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Book launch KG1 Dutch and German





Birthday Dr. Shankar

On 28st November the birthday of Dr. Shankar was celebrated.



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Words are the element AIR. The ballons are filled with air and carry a card with the message LIVE LIFE. NOT THINK LIFE. The ballons were released to the skies to reach humanity the message.




New interview


Dr. Vijai S Shankar Radio interview Good Vibrations Radio Monterey USA

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New CD’s Mystery and Patience


About the CDMystery’


There are no reasons in life because …..

Life is a beautifull mystery because it …..

Every believe will carry a doubt within it.

You cannot know life totally, that’s why ….

Do I know knowledge or do I know a mystery happening as knowledge?

We have indirect experience of life through ….

And much more …


Listen this beautifull CD “Mystery”!! 






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About the CD ‘Patience’;


Patience is the door to meet yourself.

Happinez, a mental notion…

How often do you really know you have a body?

Can the mind recognize a body?

What about pain?


And much more.


Listen to CD “patience” !!





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Comment: New Interview

Anna, Slovania

A new exquisite interview with Dr.Shankar to highly enjoy - thank you Marcus! I can never get enough of Dr. Shankar`s powerful words. It is not only the understanding of this shared truth that is enjoyable, but even his way of presenting it, with a lot of subtle humor and passionate commitment to share his wisdom. Listening to words of wisdom and have fun at the same time is a high-class entertainment.


Response to: Thoughts about Dr.shankar the man by Michael Jeffreys, Los Angeles

Anna, Slovania

Your post about Dr.Shankar was so interesting! I`ve never had the fortune to meet him personally, I only know him through his books and NNH but it is enough to me for agreeing with everything you said about him! A superior intellect, a fully Awakened Sage, a wonderful speaker - I couldn`t have put it in a better way - thank you. For many years Ramesh Balsekar was a "leading star" to me but when I came across Dr. Shankaras teaching I got a much more powerful guide. I didn`t recognize your name at first, but then I remembered having watched your interviews with Peter Dziuban, whom I like very much so I was really happy that you had such a wonderful experience in meeting Dr. Shankar.

Response: Michael Jefferys, Los Angeles to Anna, Slovania

Thank you for your kind comments Anna. Dr. Shankar is pointing out what is merely already the case: There is only LIFE! Like many on this path, I felt this intuitively and intellectually, yet somehow it did not feel quite "there" yet, if you know what I mean. However now, after seeing Dr. Shanker, the argument is over. It is now my experience that ALL is Life. Everything. In fact, I now find myself responding with anything that arises, "Well, that's Life!" Meaning, no thought or feeling or action by myself or others is taken personally, rather, it's just how Life is expressing itself in the moment! Period, no exceptions. And that expression is constantly changing. That is what I mean by, "the argument is over"... whatever appears to happen, appears to happen. And the beauty of this is then you begin to see what Dr. Shankar sees... Life's amazing intelligence. And this can happen the moment the mind's separate, personal "doer" overlay appears to drop away. But how is this possible since ALL is Life and thus is not under your control? This is one of Life's beautiful mysteries... that there is nothing you can "do" and yet if it happens that you are sitting in a room listening to Dr. Shankar or watching one of his videos and he says, "Since the mind's realm is past-future, it can never know the NOW," a shift, an opening up or a direct seeing that who you thought you were actually never existed, can happen. But this is, again, for Life to decide, not an imaginary ego.

Response: Anna to Michael Jeffreys

Your extensive comment to my reply, Michael, has inspired me to say some more about Dr.Shankar`s teaching. I understand what you mean by the feeling of "not being quite there yet", since it is still true in my case. What I mean is that whenever the mind gets lost in the illusion of doership then suffering,unsatisfaction, pride vs guilt or frustration etc. come forth.
When the mind remembers how the force of Life works and gives back the doership to Whom it belongs, then life becomes joyful and peaceful, leaving Life to do Its job. So I try to remember as much as possible during the day to make life easier.It is still an intellectual understanding, but - as you put it - "the argument is over". The understanding is beyond any doubt. It is also great fun to watch Life, as you said, Life`s amazing intelligence in action, understanding that the mind never can catch up It`s singular moment of no time. I am not even quite sure the mind can live in the past-future, since every thought of the future is already in the past, so actually the realm of the mind to me is always in delay the past. And yes, it is a great mystery how this understanduíng can happen, since everything is in the mind yet completely out of the mind`s control. For me this is the most practical and unspiritual "spiritual" teaching I know.

Of course I enjoy watching all the other shows and interviews on NNH, I love them, but Dr.Shankar IS more, much much more. Thank you Michael for having given me the opportunity to tell about Dr.Shankar again.I hope that his new DVD and the book he is still writing will come up soon. Much love to you too.


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“Everywhere is light. Everything is a reflection of light.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar