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COMMENTS: DVD ‘Non –Duality life as it is

Barbara Lauter, Munich, Germany

The DVD ‘Non-duality Life as it is’ I've got recently is so wonderful that I look at it each day once. The German subtitles are very, very helpful for my understanding. It is explained sooo nicely and together with the pictures the cementing of the understanding so much fun. Thank YOU, thank Floris, Paul, all money donators and all others for the whole "work" so that we can have this super benefit out of it.


Jeremy Labram, London, UK.

The Academy’s DVD, “Non-Duality – Life as it is”, was launched at the recent Denekamp Satsunga.

The film, directed by Floris Ramaekers, had also qualified for a screening at London’s new Open City London Documentary Festival, hosted at London’s University College.  A delegation from the Academy swelled numbers at the occasion and made sure everybody there received cards linking the film to the Academy.

We were greeted with the following programme notes:

“Leave behind the boundaries of your mind, strip away beginnings and endings, escape the concept of time in this beautifully shot documentary that unveils time and reality for what they really are, an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound. We live our lives in terms of cause and effect which fills our days with events and situations. From situations we create the emotions - misery and the quest for happiness.”

The film was followed by two other films providing insights into liberation from mental illness.  The last statement in the final one of these was “get a hold of life and then love life”, which, in a way, powerfully brought the trilogy back to where it started.

As the chief judge has said, “At its best documentary film goes beyond the familiar and the cliché to reveal the mystery, the poetry, the ambiguity beneath.”  Well, my love and thanks to Doctor Shankar, Floris and the team for making the inexplicable ever clearer for one aspirant.

Rebecca Perry, Houston, USA.

If you get a copy of the newly released documentary, Non-Duality, Life As It Is, written by Dr. Shankar, and watch it several times, the possibility is there for you to be transformed. The documentary goes into why, since there is no time, man cannot be the thinker, speaker or doer, that man does not make his life happen- life happens to him, that life is spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable, that life is a singular flow - it will become clear to you that your mind/thoughts do not control your life and your actions. This understanding, once it takes place (and you cannot bring it about since you are not the doer), transforms the ego into the witness and life becomes effortless. None of this means that you walk slightly off the ground, have a smile on your face always and have beatific spiritual visions. You come to understand that you are being lived by existence and trust happens along with patience. The need to have things be the way you want gives way to celebrating life as it unfolds in its intelligent, mysterious manner, which it was doing all along only now you understand that and so you find yourself steady in life, watching in awe the play of light and sound, as it is.
Dive deep into the body of work that life is gifting to us at this moment in the living form of Dr. Shankar. This is by no means a comparison but if you were struck by the living words of other recent sages such as J. Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, etc., then you don’t want to miss out on Dr. Shankar. With the appearance of each sage, the message deepens as life evolves and the mind sophisticates. Illusory does not mean it does not exist, so understanding the illusory is paramount and Dr. Shankar’s deep understanding and sharing of the nature of the illusory, the mind, the ego and the real will change you to some degree, which will be determined by existence and not you. His statement that life is an optical illusion of light and an auditory illusion of sound can be explored in several books and cd’s.



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CD ‘evolution of Mind’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Did thinking happen to man first, or speech happened to him first? Which could it be? In what form has it presented itself in man, speech, actions, and a thought in the mind? Actions, thoughts and speech will disappear from your conviction that you do it. To understand that you will have to be clear within your mind what came first, thinking or speech. He is an enlightened one who is aware upon his complete state, waking state and sleeping state.

Article “Decisions”

Paul Dekker, Netherlands

Did I decided to read Doctor Shankar’s article ‘Decisions’? If I did who then decided to write the article so that I could decide to read it? Both, the writing and the reading of the article, happened spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. Like the article explains clearly: life is a singular flow of optical and auditory illusions of light and sound, and the flow of life does not depend on man’s decisions. Reading the article ‘Decisions’ makes one understand that even not life decides, for like the article also explains clearly: life flows like a river and a river does not decide whether to flow or not. Life just happens!

Monthly satsangs.
Paul Dekker, Netherlands

In Maastricht (The Netherlands) we gather monthly with a group of more then ten people to watch a DVD-satsang from Doctor Shankar. In His sharing Doctor Shankar leaves no ‘leaf’ unturned and no ‘grain’ untouched, but instead He explains each minute detail of life’s appearance to be illusory. Often man says: But, I am different from animal, for I have a mind and animals don’t. By saying so man is convinced to think his mind can decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in life, and animals can’t. Man is different from animal in appearance but not in inability to take decisions. Both, man and animal, are incapable to take decisions in life, for neither of them is the doer. The mind is not in life and life happens without mans mind. Mind thinks of a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, but life happens without a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Besides appearance could then there be a distinct difference between man and animal is the question? Both man and animal get entirely navigated by life, and therefore all ‘yes’ and all ‘no’ are illusory decisions in mans mind. It is a liberating understanding for man to realise, like Doctor Shankar explains, that man as well as animal are both ‘manimals’, and both appear as a reflection of life.


Hiroshi Uphsur, Las Vegas

Marcus, wonderful to hear from you the response of Dr. Shankar sent during this exchange, it has been very helpful. Everyone I have come across is filled with beliefs and opinions and holds to their beliefs, religious or not, for dear life. As Dr.Shankar stated they are very real to them. They will argue and defend their beliefs and attack those who challenge them taking it all personal. When an opportunity arises such has in this case I responded and shared the understanding that life so graciously gave me in reading and listening to Dr. Shankar's cd's. I realize that on the cd's there is an audience who come to hear Dr. Shankar specifically. The audience I face with my understanding of Dr. Shankar is not that. My comments have to deal with friends and strangers whom I will get into conversations and emails concerning the mind and life and what to be aware of. What I have discovered is that the understanding when shared usually will not be received or even understood. It is rare even with those who are in the non duality circles. Those especially will say their is no doer yet they believe they are the doer.They talk both sides out of their mouths. And this is not right or wrong it is just what is happening. They aren't the speaker or doer even though their minds tell them they are.This is not within the grasp of the mind. The understanding comes from outside the mind through the mind. I even have friends that will not have anything to do with me since I have shared by reading Dr. Shankar's material. I recall even Jesus' message got him crucified. His family according to the Scriptures thought he was mad. These friends have expressed difficulties and problems They were facing and the goings on in their lives with me. There was a natural response happening in where I with compassion for them I shared. At the time it seems like there is much appreciation and comfort from what was said, but to find out later their gratitude changed into discomfort and disagreement. They cling to their doership still. Which is right to them that they are living life and not life living them.They believe they are the thinker and they are the speaker. They see themselves as having free will and control of their lives including their mind even though I asked is the time of birth or death under their control? Do they know what their next thought will be or the next sound out of their mouth? So I find myself backing down and letting things be when it seems the conversation is turning on more heat than light.Whatever I have shared seems to go right out the window like they heard what I said, but not listened at all or cause them to inquire as I suggested.At the time everything was fine and then it is like they turned on me. And especially those who label themselves Christians, use the Bible and their interpretation to be the truth and the very Word of God. IF the Bible says it it is so without question. I have brought out that what they call the Word of God is not really. IT is a translation of the original Scriptures. What we possess are translations of the copies. The originals we don't have with us. And it is a fact that the copies or manuscripts have been altered and messed with. Dr. Shankars message is/has been great news. And in receiving this great news there is a tendency to want to share with others. But be alert. IT is not a message that the mind wants to receive unless one is ripe and ready. Thanks, Hiroshi


Belle Bral, Belgium

I had a ' hard' day, ( I 'thought'). By accident, I saw and heard the interview Marcus -Dr. Shankar nr.5(?), and my day changed at once into 'easy'. So grateful and joyful I feel now. Thank you dr. Shankar, thank you Life for brighten my day again.

Larry Anderson, Seatle, USA

If everything in the mind is an illusion, and your teachings are in the mind, then they are also illusion and therefore not reality. Even the concept "existence", being in the mind, is an illusion.
Can you help me with this existential despair I am having? But then whatever you answer and even this email is in the mind and therefor it is an illusion - the one reality I feel is that I am and that life does not need me to understand it and as such life goes on. Thank you.
Response Dr. Shankar

They are not teachings, they are statement that come out of understanding. Understanding that comes from the intellect in the mind leads to knowledge, while that which sprouts forth from intelligence reveals wisdom. Ultimately wisdom too is sound and therefore illusory. The real is pure light.

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" Man is a manifestation of nature


Dr. Vijai S Shankar