Evolution of mind



“A process”

Man has always tried to survive in the world from prehistoric times to the present times. A few questions, however, present themselves to the enquiring mind.


What is the mind?

What is man or who is man?

Who made the mind or man?




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The mind has immense knowledge of the world, science, god, religion, everyday life and how to live and behave in a family and society.


#There is knowledge about who man is or what he is, and this knowledge the mind has within it. But how did the mind come to know who man is?


#If God made man, as it is generally believed, who could have seen God make man, except God Himself? And, if so, it could only have been God who could have informed man of his creation. But how could He have informed him and in which language?


#Did man have a mind at the time of his creation?


#How did man find his way from heaven to earth?

#Did God manifest man in heaven and, if the belief is taken to be a fact, then how did man find his way to earth?


#Who made vegetation?

#Who made animals?

#How did animals find their way to earth, if God in heaven created them?

#So how does man go about understanding the world, man and mind?

The logical way would be to understand what the world, man and mind is made up of. Life has granted science for, again, it could not have been man who made science. If he were the one who made science, why could he not make science in its entirety once and for all?





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World is illusory


“World is a play of Light and Sound”




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Comment: CD ‘Position’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Position is bondage. Relaxation is liberation. We are always after position in life. It is the value which attracts the ego to go for it. Position gives rise to value and this value will give rise to ideals. Ideals will get created. Wherever ideals are, ideals can never be met, and ideals will express itself as anger and then it generates more ideals, again more anger. It is all in the cycle of life. The moment you begin to see life as it is, not with any values attached to it, what happens to such a one? He begins to see the invisible. What is meant by that? The way to be relaxed in life is simply to see and understand that which is in life has no value. You have seen without a label. That is called seeing the invisible. The one who sees life without any labels, he will be celebrating life because he will be seeing life. Just the understanding of it you will live without ideals. In the satsang such clarity is given as to once we are relaxed into life it is liberation. Also very much enjoying Kaivalya Gita 1.


Letter to AAU: Re:‘The Power of Illusion’
Sigrid, Germany

Dear Guruji,

Beside listening to the CDs almost every day, reading the book "The Power of Illusion" happened again. It is amazing that this time too the content seems to be totally fresh and new - yet clarity is becoming deeper... Peace is the outcome in recognizing that everything is in its place - there are no mistakes in this wonderful play of life. I remember you telling us: "Read the books over and over again!" I am grateful that reading happened again. With best wishes from my heart.


Conversation: Marcus Stegmaier with a friend (X)

X: I wrote out the question and noticed you didn't recieve it. It was good that you didn't. Smile.

M: Whatever is received, it is received - such is life.

X: Well here it goes again. Feeling that one foot is stuck and the other foot is free. Still getting trapped by the mind in that I am being lived through and not being the doer - I still get frustrated and disappointed that I am being lived a certain way whether I like it or not. Not liking the role. The role is not a likeable character. 

M: For example...? 

X: I am not motivated towards read further…







‘NON-Duality’ first time visually explained



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"Ego forms opinions.

Witnesser forms Understanding."  


Dr. Vijai S Shankar