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Humans perceive their daily life in the world as a reality. This is due to the belief of cause and effect. This belief creates thoughts of actions, which convince man that his day is filled with events and situations. Conclusions about these make way for emotions, which include feelings, such as misery and the quest for happiness, that man experiences. This documentary, based on the books written by Dr. Vijai S. Shankar, crosses the boundaries of mind by stripping away beginnings and endings and the concept of time, thereby exposing the reality of doership as illusory. The documentary unveils time and reality for what they really are, which is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound.

Man expects life to be appealing, exciting and satisfying. This makes man happy. If life is not appealing, he is not happy. Similarly, he views a DVD, reads a book or listens to a CD of the academy just as he views his life: to see whether it appeals, excites or satisfies him. If it does, he is happy; if it does not, he is not happy with it. To every man and woman he or she is the protagonist, the doer, speaker and the thinker. The past, present and future are real to man or woman as is time. Everything in the world, including man and the mind, is real to him. Every day of his life is his story. Similarly, he looks for the story in a DVD, book or CD.

This DVD, every book and CD of the academy is not a story, as life is the protagonist and not man or woman. If you try to look for it, you will not find it. If you try to find it, you will not find the DVD, every book and CD appealing, exciting or satisfying. If you want it to be, then you will not be happy. The DVD is an absolute visual understanding of life. The books and CD’s are an absolute auditory understanding of life. The DVD, every book and CD show that man is not the doer, speaker or the thinker; that the protagonist (Life) is the doer, speaker and the thinker.

Cast: Boxing and Boxer: Boxing represents every action and the boxer depicts every doer in life, because in boxing the mind can recognise a movement of the body as an action, e.g. a punch. In other situations the mind recognises a combination of several movements as an action. It is possible to explain visually an action that is a single movement as illusory, but not many movements as illusory; therefore boxing was chosen.

Coach: The coach represents the mind. He cannot control the actions of the boxer, though he wishes to and thinks he can. This is to show that the mind cannot control life, though it wishes to and thinks it can.

The DVD shows that the ego does not do, speak, taste, smell or think; that the past, present and future are illusory and so is time; that the macro and micro cosmos (LIFE) is energy, which is light. A single viewing will not be enough for the absolute understanding to happen. Watch it many times as this helps the absolute understanding that in the world, life is the protagonist and not man or woman, to cement within you. Finally, the DVD shows that the mind is a delay in life and that life happens in the timeless ‘Now’ and nameless ‘Here’ as a play of light and sound.

Please remember that absolute understanding, which is wisdom, deepens love, meaning love is always present and never lost. That by relative understanding which is knowledge, love is gained or lost. Please read the above explanation many times too, as the mind is conditioned by its beliefs which are superficial understanding, and will reject deep understanding of life as it is.