A deep meaningful question has an answer that points to wisdom which appeals to an evolved understanding. A superficial meaningful question has an answer that gives knowledge that many believe is wisdom but it is not. Wisdom helps humanity to accept life that happens whereas knowledge conditions humanity to accept only life that should and is expected to happen. Deep meaningful questions will be addressed to reveal wisdom.

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Question from New Zealand 29-3-2020
Dear Dr Shankar,
Namaskaram to you.  Quote "Sit back and contemplate the effects of thoughts on humanity, because the effects of corona virus will soon be forgotten, but the effects of thoughts on humans are never forgotten." Unquote. As to your above statement I understand that the effects of Corona Virus will soon be forgotten because it vanishes after some time. Can you elucidate further on your statement "effects of thoughts on humans are never forgotten". Do you mean to say that the said thoughts will continuously evolve further? Appreciate your response. Regards
Answer from Dr Shankar,
The effect of thoughts regarding their behaviour to each other, either good or bad is never forgotten. The thoughts of behaviour evolve further as they are meant to evolve.

Question from New Zealand 28-3-2020
Dear Dr Shankar,
Namaskaram to you. Current so called above mentioned Pandemic clearly establishes that no body is a doer. It is indeed happening. Regards
Answer from Dr Shankar,
Human mind with knowledge is pandemic as well. Thoughts do more damage than virus does to humans. There are nine bacteria and more viruses, which includes the corona virus as well in every human cell. A human body has 50 trillion cells. Therefore a human is more a virus than a human. Life will go the way it is meant to go with respect to bacteria, virus and the human mind with thoughts. Nature unfolds the way it is meant to unfold. The world is fresh every moment; knowledge makes the world look old and new. Wisdom of life brings about a shift in our lives; we are going back to the same world with knowledge. Sit back and contemplate the effects of thoughts on humanity, because the effects of corona virus will soon be forgotten, but the effects of thoughts on humans are never forgotten. Nobody is a doer, speaker or thinker.

Question from New Zealand 16-3-2020
Namaskaram Dr. Shankar.
I am really excited about the Caption on Academy of Advaita "Life's decision unfolds every Moment. The Mind's decision happen in time and not in Life". The above statement truly reflect the essence of Advaita Philosophy in nutshell.
Answer from Dr Shankar,
Life’s decision which unfolds every moment is light and sound. The mind’s decision, which is an illusion of light and sound, happens in numerical duration of time, which is absent in life. This is the essence of advaita in nutshell. The philosophy of advaita is irrefutable wisdom.

Question from India: 9-2-2020
Dear Sir, 
What happens to my body and mind when I die? Regards.
Answer from Dr. Shankar,
Truth is your body and mind will transform into five elements air, water, fire, earth and time/ space when you die. The intelligence in life sophisticates what is transformed. So the five elements will transform as a body and mind. The transformed body and mind, which is now alive will be more sophisticated than the body and mind that was alive before. If you are enlightened when you are alive, then after you die the body and mind will remain as consciousness/atma/soul/ light. You will not be transformed as five elements with a body and mind.

Question from Canada: 4-2-2020
Dear Respected Dr Shankar, Salutations.
I am grateful to your responses to my previous queries. I often wonder as to why many of the enlightened/self-realized persons talk differently; many attached to particular religion, and offer guidance to the seekers/disciples diametrically opposite to each other? Can 'Truth" be spoken in "N" number of ways? Basking under your guidance and blessings. My warm regards.
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Truth is not diametrically opposite to a specific truth. The specific truth is: man is NOT the doer. The truth that man is not the doer can be explained ‘N’ number of ways.

Question from Canada: 30-1-2020
Dear Respected Dr Shankar, Salutations.
Firstly, if a person earnestly aspires to have wisdom of an enlightened person is that an illusion?
Secondly, is he a seeker or a dreamer or the one who is needing some psychological support or none of these? Please bless me. My obeisance and warm regards.
Answer from Dr. Shankar|
Firstly, earnest aspiration to have wisdom of an enlightened person is an illusion, because wisdom of an enlightened one will happen if it is meant to happen and earnest aspiration does not make wisdom or an enlightenment to happen.
Secondly, none of these. Everyone is who he or she is and cannot be other than who he or she is.

Question from Canada: 13-1-2020
Respected Dr.Shankar, Salutations
My question is " Why me or anybody is born ? What am I supposed to do? Is it as simple as stating “Whatever is to happen will happen?" Is source controlling me or the source is inside me or the source is just witnessing me and my actions are my freewill? Request your guidance again. My best regards,
Answer from Dr. Shankar|
Evolution cannot be questioned. You are doing what you are evolved to do, the doing by you, however, in evolution is albeit illusory. Evolution signifies that whatever is meant to happen will happen, albeit illusory. The source is everywhere and as you as well. The source as an illusory individual with wisdom watches the actions and understands that actions are illusions of a singular moving life which will flow as it is are meant to flow and that what is meant to happen, albeit illusory, will happen. The source as an illusory individual with knowledge interprets the singular moving life as real actions, because the individual with knowledge does not understand that life is a singular movement and actions are albeit illusory. The individual with knowledge also does not understand that what is meant to happen will happen because the individual with knowledge believes he is the doer which he is not.

Question from India: 23-12-2019
Dear Sir,
I understand from your articles that daily life happenings (albeit illusory) is manifested by the Intelligent in life. The intelligent in life is Unknown. My question is- can the human know only the manifestation of the Intelligence only or can he know the Intelligence of Life itself. Does "Known comes from unknown" means manifestation of daily life comes from the Intelligence of Life? Is there any source to the Intelligent of life or the Intelligent of Life itself is the source of Life? With regards
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Man cannot know the intelligence in life, because the intelligence in life is consciousness/atma and man cannot know atma. Manifestation of daily life as it is by the intelligence of life which is unknowable. Manifestation of daily life as the known is manifested by the intelligence in life. The unknown too is manifested by the unknowable intelligence in life. The source of intelligence in life is consciousness, meaning the intelligence in life is consciousness/atma.
Consciousness/atma/intelligence in life is unknowable.

Question from USA: 12-12-2019
Dr. Shankar-
It is said quite often in phrases such as, "The Seed Must Die for the Tree to Come", etc etc....I am quite interested in knowing what can take Birth after the Death of a Friend or Family member? Could it be actually another person sometime in the future as the Reincarnation believers say? Could it be a new birth in Understanding of Life for the loved ones left behind? Could it be the birth of courage to continue on in life for those loved ones? Or is it something totally different than one could think? Thank You
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The seed does not die. The seed transforms as a tree which is not identical to the tree that grew up from a seed. Similarly, a friend or family member does not die, he or she transforms as an individual, who is not identical to your present friend or family member, who you believe is dead. Life manifests a different individual and does not reincarnate the same individual. The loved ones left behind can never know the new birth of the transformed individual. Deep understanding that life transforms one form to another form gives courage for the loved ones to continue on in life. This is life that the wise understand.

Question from New Zealand: 7-12-2019
Namaskaram Dr. Shankar.
When everybody attained wisdom or when wisdom happened to everyone what will be the situation to entire humanity? There would not be any more evolution. Play of light and sound will become standstill. Is that your answer?
Please respond. Regards
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Evolution will go on the way it is meant to go on. This signifies that light and sound will not be at a standstill. Humanity will be what it is meant to be at any point in evolution. This is the answer.

Question from India: 24-11-2019
Dear Dr Shankar,
I wanted to understand- if everything is determined by life and we as human beings cannot change anything, as far as life is concerned....then how should we live....is surrendering to life and being a witness is the only choice or that too...witnessing or surrendering will happen, if it is meant to happen. With best regards,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Yes, surrendering and witnessing too will happen if it is meant to happen, because you do not make the moment or the surrendering and witnessing which are in the moment.

Question from Netherlands: 24-11-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Article ‘Radar’ What an important understanding, thank you for sharing.
You write “Therefore, the objects emit radio-waves that are detected by the radar which sends radio-waves to the objects.” Does detecting an object by a human mind means that radio waves which are send by the mind to the objects correspond with the radio waves which are emitted by the object.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Detecting an object by a human mind means that radio-waves sent by the human mind correspond to radio-waves present in life. The human mind thinks of an object and believes that it sees an object present outside. 

Question from India: 18-11-2019
Dear Sir,
I am 61 years old man from India. I am little anxious by nature and whenever I feel anxious , I read your articles which make me calm to some extent.
Now , I have been able to find a matrimonial alliance to my only daughter . However, we are not able to take a final decision as yet. What is the wisdom in this regard so that I can overcome the dilemma in my mind. Kind regards. 
Answer from Dr. Shankar
It is human nature to feel anxious. Anxiety makes you impatient. When you understand that life will happen the way it is meant to happen you will neither be anxious nor impatient in life. You will trust life and be patient in life. Understand that matrimonial alliance for your daughter happened in a precise moment and so too will the final decision happen in the precise moment. Patience and trust in life is vital

Question from Netherlands: 17-10-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Hope you are enjoying a healthy and joy full life. Which explanation give the wise to the today history concerning Nitrogen deposition and CO2 emissions especially in the area we call the Netherlands?  warm regards.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Nitrogen deposition and Co2 emissions  in Netherlands and anywhere in the world in manifested by the intelligence in life.

Question from Canada: 8-10-2019
Respected Dear Dr.Shankar, Please accept my Salutations. Request if you please explain me " Advaita is life as it is , meaning illusory " . I am living in the world of illusion- how illusion can dispel my illusion? How faith and patience can happen in the illusory world of mine? Loving regards
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Illusory means that what exists changes and what exists is temporary. Everything that exists changes and is temporary as well. This makes life as it is illusory, which is advaita. Wisdom which is illusory dispels the illusion that whatever exists is real. Faith and patience too changes and is temporary which make it illusory.

Question from New Zealand: 29-8-2019
Thanks for your response Dr. Shankar.
Do you mean to say that everyone will come to know everything only through the mind and in that context the said instinct is accompanied by the signal hunger from the mind as a thought.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Yes, everyone know only in the mind the instinct as signals of thought. For example the instinct hunger is known as a signal of thought hungry in the mind.

Question from Canada: 28-8-2019
Dear Respected Dr.Shankar,
Please accept my Salutations,
I am grateful to you for your kind response to my queries.
I want to know " What is consciousness ? If there is consciousness then who perceives it " ? One concept is " All there is consciousness "while another concept is " there is no consciousness" ? And then the question remains who is keeping me alive and breathing through me ? Where does the " flame" go when I die ? Finally when some one gets " enlightened" does that mean that some super consciousness takes over him or her and speaks through him/her and guides the humanity? words even spoken by the wise people have multiple meanings; to individual understanding, which happen thorough the filter of intellect of the individual adding more misery. Request your kind response .
With obeisance and warm regards,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Consciousness is light. Consciousness cannot be perceived by any individual, just as a child cannot perceive its own mother’s womb. The concept all there is only consciousness is wisdom. The concept there is no concept too requires consciousness for the individual to be conscious of the concept. Consciousness keeps you alive and breathing. Consciousness does not go anywhere when you die, because there is no place for consciousness to go because consciousness is everywhere. When one gets enlightened the realisation is that consciousness speaks through him and through everyone as well. Consciousness guides humanity as wisdom to trust life every moment. The words of the wise have multiple meanings which point to knowledge and not to wisdom to the one with knowledge. The meanings that point to knowledge increase misery, whereas wisdom keeps humanity patient and with trust in life.

Question from New Zealand: 27-8-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar
Namaskaram to you.
In your many earlier interviews you had conveyed the message that "Always Trust Life". "Mind is illusory"
Can you please clarify the following:
1. How to differentiate the signal or symptoms whether it is from Life or Mind.
For example; If one gets hungry presumably that signal from life.
2. If I want watch a movie that action may be from mind.
Appreciate your detailed explanations. With Kind Regards
Answer from Dr. Shankar
1. To primitive man the signal hunger is from life as instinct and also to modern man the signal hunger is from life as instinct and the instinct is accompanied by the signal hunger from the mind as a thought.
2. If you want to watch a movie, the want is a signal from life as instinct and the signal watch a movie as a thought is from the mind, while watching a movie is signal from life as instinct.

Question from Canada: 26-8-2019
Dear Respected Dr.Shankar, 
Please accept my salutations. Request your guidance on following questions:
1. What is Enlightenment?
2. What will enlightenment do for me for the rest of this life?
3. How will enlightenment help me in daily living?
With obeisance and prostrations,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
1:Enlightenment is a state of self-realisation.
2.Enlightenment makes you to be patient in every moment in life and have trust in life in every moment for the rest of this life. 
3. Enlightenment makes you accept everyone as they are and every situation in the mind as it is in daily living.

Question from India: 25-8-2019
I will be very grateful if Dr Shankar can clarify my lack of understanding this portion of the work. Many thanks in advance
The waking state is said to be a dream because, though actions do not exist in life, yet man claims that he is able to see them, just as he is able to in a dream. He is convinced that actions seen in a dream are not real because they do not exist when he opens his eyes fully in the waking state. But he is nevertheless convinced that actions do exist in the waking state even though he has no proof that he can actually see an action in life. This is indeed 208 perplexing to any sane logic. Such is the force of 'Maya' or illusion that light and sound manifest. The intelligence of life in manifesting an optical and auditory illusion is remarkable. Take the example of a dream, wherein man's eyes are minimally open, but he or she is not aware of it. He sees actions and commentary, which may make sense or not, but nevertheless create situations that may be bizarre or pleasant. The dream-situation disappears as soon as the eyes open fully and the dream is replaced by different situations, which man considers real, just because the situations are familiar. How could the situations seen by partially open eyes be unreal and those seen by fully open eyes be real, when it is the same pair of eyes that sees both? Could the same pair of eyes see false as well as real actions? If so, how could the eyes manage this? How can it be determined which is real, the dream or the waking state? It is important to understand that the dream state happens and is indicative of the beginning of the waking state: it is not in the sleeping state, as it is believed. Since both the dream and the waking state situations happen in the waking state, what could be the criteria to classify the dream as false and the waking state as real? There just cannot be any criteria because actions are illusory both in the dream and in the waking state situations. In both the situations, actions that appear as a dream in the beginning of the waking state are the result of an optical illusion manifested by light of low intensity, and the situations that appear during the remaining of the waking state are a dream too. They are manifested by light of optimum intensity capable of manifesting an optical illusion of actions of convincing reality. So the waking state is a dream too because actions do not exist in life.
If the eyes are made completely shut by appropriate means, will dreams still occur?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Dream will still occur if sleep and dream is meant to occur.

Question from India: 15-8-2019
Article, Intensity of light - "Different" Different intensities of light reflects as diversity both animate and inanimate because  the atoms constitute the animate and inanimate and ATOMS are light is clear. COLOURS , CONSISTENCY are a function of different intensity light is also clear. light and sound exist in the same moment just as particle and wave exist in the same moment. Light  as MOVEMENT and sound as LANGUAGE is a function of intensity of light is also clear. BEHAVIOUR is an interpretation of sound and movement as THOUGHTS. Taste and smell are THOUGHTS too. How are THOUGHTS a intensity of light from a scientific perspective? -  Please do clarify. 
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Thoughts are illusions of subtle sound. Different intensities of sound are an intensity of light. This signifies that thoughts are a function of different intensity of light as sound, just as language is a function of different intensity of light as sound.

Question from Netherlands: 28-7-2019
Dr Shankar,
My question relates to a live-satsang from the past (don’t remember which one), and since I am not sure of my remembrance and understanding, I ask you: the moment human body gets hurt non-deadly or deadly (accident, weapon, etc…), is it life making appear at that very moment an anaesthetical state to man – reason why life is to be considered compassionate, since it does not make man suffer!?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The mind comes to know only after hurt happens and not exactly the moment hurt happens or anything happens.

Question from Netherlands: 28-7-2019
Dr Shankar
Question: Since physical pain is not felt by man during anaesthesia, could this be considered to be proof mind thinks pain and body as such is insensitive!?  Thank You,
Answer from Dr. Shankar 
Pain and thoughts about the senses are thoughts in the mind.

Question from Oman: 23-7-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
I will read the books and I want to collaborate with the academy in any way I can. Thank you for the answer yesterday. But I have to say that I did not understand that man is intermittently thoughtless as an expression of nature. I am thinking of two possibilities;
A-The wise find themselves in periods of no thought and they know explicitly that they are having an experience of no thought. For example a walk in the park when you find your mind totally. Is this what you mean? 
B - A situation, where the wise, even though are not conscious of the intermittent thoughtless periods, wisdom has led them to that understanding that this is they way life works.
Answer from Dr. Shankar 
I will let you know when you can collaborate with the academy just as it was to Marcus.
A: The wise find themselves in periods of no thought and do NOT know explicitly that they are having an experience of no thought, because that experience will be a thought. Point B is true.

Question from Oman: 23-7-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
I would like to ask one last question about thoughtless state to make sure my basis are solid. In your article thoughtless state you write that “man is thoughtless not only intermittently but also between thoughts” It was my understanding that thoughts were intermittent because there is a gap between thoughts. But you do make a distinction
1-  thoughtlessness between thoughts
2- intermittent thoughtlessness.
What would be an example of intermittent thoughlessness that a normal or wise individual may find himself in?
If your schedule allows DR. Shankar, it would be a pleasure to be able to meet you very briefly this coming weekend or early next week. Best Regards
Answer from Dr. Shankar 
A normal individual is thoughtless only between thoughts which he is not aware of. This is 1. A wise individual is aware that he is thoughtless intermittently and is also thoughtless intermittently as an expression in nature by nature, which is the intelligence in the moment and this is before intermittent thoughts appear. This is 2. Did you understand the previous response re:gap?

Question from Oman: 22-7-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
I think I am beginning to understand a little bit better. The gap of timelessness is ever present between two thoughts and it could not be any other way if the magic of life is to happen. Life.With regards to intermittent thinking is it correct to think that while on the surface thoughts appear to be continuous we don’t consciously capture those moments of thoughtlessness because they are short lived?  Best Regards
Answer from Dr. Shankar 
The gap of time is ever present and not timelessness. The gap of time is not only between two thoughts but also between two letters in a word and the gap of time is not numerical duration of time. We don’t consciously capture those moments of thoughtlessness between two thoughts and also between two letters in a word, because they are short lived.

Question from Oman: 20-7-2019
I am very new to Advaita, but I have a deep desire to understand. My question is related to thoughtlessness. I understand the idea of intermittent thought and the gap between thoughts. However, it seems to me the majority of people are not able to catch those moments where there is no thought. People often use the analogy of a movie where the individual frames are moving so fast that we seem to experience a continuous stream of thoughts/images from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. Is it common for people not to be aware of the intermittent nature of thought? Or is there something really wrong with me?  Best Regards.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Nothing is wrong with you. Just as nothing is wrong with anyone in the moment, because everyone is who they are in any moment in life, and cannot be other than who or what they are in any moment in life. Humans are aware of the intermittent thoughts/images, because the intelligence in life has made them to be aware of only the intermittent thoughts/images. To some the intelligence in life has made them to be aware of the gap between intermittent thoughts/images, which is the thoughtless and timeless ‘here and now’ in life, meaning the absence of numerical time duration in the moment which is a thought in the moment in mind. 

Question from Canada: 11-7-2019
My Salutations to Dr.Shankar,
My question is:
1)How are you? How is your health ?
2) What is belief and what is faith? By " a happening" does belief converts to faith which then converts to Trust ? Are Belief , Faith and Trust different types of "props" which get eliminated when a happening happens and all these props get eliminated automatically with only exception that the prop of trust converts to "knowledge or wisdom" as the happening might be ?
With loving regards,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Re1: I am fine as I am. My health is fine as it is.
Re2: Belief is what you understand. Faith is belief that you understand. By a happening belief converts as faith, which is what you believe in. Doubt converts into trust by a happening. When automatically wisdom happens, props are converted into deep trust in life.

Question from India: 1-7-2019
Dear Dr Shankar,
If we do not have any control on what happens in our lives-good, bad or ugly, since we are not the doers, then how are we supposed to view all good, bad and ugly events in our lives. Should we just be a witness or this activity of being a witness or getting involved with the events around us is also not in our control. With best regards. 
Answer from Dr. Shankar
We have no control on how to view the good, bad and ugly events in our lives. We will view the events as we are meant to view, because we do not have any control on what happens in our lives.
Being a witness to any activity or events around us will happen if it is meant to happen, because we do not have any control on what happens in our lives or around us.

Question from Netherlands: 19-6-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
A toddler can’t get enough of fairy tales being read to them over and over again. It insists on reading the same story to it again and again and it does not get bored of it. The child knows that the same fairy tale is being repeatedly read to it, but it does not seem to experience the repetition the way older children and adults experience repetition.
Words are being recognizes in memory in mind and older children and adults do tend to react with reference to past future and cause and effect, hence they get bored when something gets repeated quickly and demand variety. Though memory in a small child recognizes the words too, the child seems to only respond with no reference to past, future of cause and effect by asking to read to same story again. I am not clear about what happens in small child. The article ‘What does memory mean?’ makes it less unclear but not clear. What makes a small child love to hear and ask for the same fairy tale repeatedly? To what responds the child when it repeatedly and happily asks for more?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The child instinctively asks for the fairy tale and not for the same fairy tale. It is an adult who thinks that the child asks for the same fairy tale. The child instinctively enjoys the fairy tale. A child does not know how older children respond to repetition, only an adult knows.
A small child instinctively loves the same fairy tale. A small child does not know it is asking for repetition. A child instinctively responds. An adult responds with reason. Which part of the article ‘What does memory mean?’ is not clear to you?

Question from India: 3-6-2019
Dear Sir,
Some philosophers say that" you are your thoughts. Others say that you are not your thoughts, but you are the witnesser. Which is correct? 
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Philosophers are either full of knowledge or are wise. When philosophers with knowledge say “you are your thoughts” it means to a wise philosopher that you are who you say others are. When philosophers with knowledge say that you are not your thoughts, but you are the witnesser, it means to a wise philosopher that who you really are is not your thoughts, and you are a witnesser to your thoughts.

Question from Canada: 26-5-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Over the years of following what you share, it feels that the understanding is unfolding more and more that what the mind says is real and true is not believed in so much and I thank you for that.  I have shared with you before a fair bit about some of my family's daily life situations. I come from a Russian background where there were some discussions about "negative energies used by some people on others" and I was influenced in that belief to some degree when I was young. By the Grace of God I recovered from that with support from some members in my community. A few months ago one of my family members shared with me the feeling of being "cursed" and that seemed to pass and today again the family member voiced the same concern again telling me that someone told that our family had a "curse" put on. At this time I understand more and more that anything that changes is illusory and not real and I am wondering if you could shed some light on how best I can support my family member with this..... I thank you very much for all your support,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
I understand the love a mother has for her family. The best way to support your family member is firstly, with unconditional love which you have. Secondly, by gently pointing out that neither you make any moment in life nor what is within any moment in life and that you accept whatever happens and is within any moment. Thirdly, gently point that energy is what it is in any moment and no one can make energy to be what it is in any moment or wish it to be. Fourthly, let her know that since man is not the doer in any moment, because he does not make any moment in life to be a doer, no one can put a curse on anyone. Ask the family member to live life that happens and things will be fine one moment.

Question from Canada: 15-5-2019
Dear Dr.Shankar, 
This morning I came upon a quote on the academy's fb page "Knowledge is never ending. Wisdom ends once the puzzle is complete." and I was wondering if you would please say more about that. I very much appreciate all that you share. Regards,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Never ending knowledge is a drama based on judgment and right and wrong. The drama is a puzzle which man tries to solve using knowledge which further strengthens the drama and does not solve the puzzle. Wisdom is not a drama because it is neither based on judgement nor on right and wrong, which solves the puzzle.

Question from USA: 8-5-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Your answer blew my mind away and there was a sense of emptiness. However, it went quickly as it came and “I” am back lost in the contents of the mind. I look forward to reading the articles. Thank you.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Sense of emptiness and its temporary presence is a sign that deep understanding meaning wisdom is happening to you. The articles and its questioning if any, will surely cement wisdom in you.

Question from USA: 6-5-2019
Dear Dr,
I have been pondering the question am I inside my body or my body inside of me for the past few days. Would be very grateful if you could shed some clarity on this.  Thank you for your writings. I came across them accidentally.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
‘am I’ is a thought. This signifies that the question am I inside my body is a thought in the mind. Similarly ‘my body’ is a thought. This also signifies that the pondering or is my body inside me is a thought in the mind. The known is as thoughts in the mind. There are 600 articles in the website. Please feel free to read them and question more, if it happens.

Question from Netherlands: 2-5-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Over the last 7-9 years I lost interest and connection in the world I thought to be the truth. How to deal with a mind that wants to know? Knowing that it is not wisdom or intelligence. For some reason I stick in a pattern and can’t get it rooted out. What is it in my lack of understanding? Thanks in advance. Greetings and a joyful day.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
When knowledge of refutable truth in the world is replaced with wisdom  of irrefutable truth in the world, you will be grateful to be connected with the world and will have interest in every moment that happens no matter what happens, because wisdom reveals that man does not make any moment in life. Wisdom reveals that the moment was in life with vegetation and animals much before man was in the moment. This wisdom signifies that is within the moment is manifested by the intelligence in life and not by man. You will be able to deal with the mind which wants to know when wisdom happens to you that the inherent function of the mind that has evolved is to know. Wisdom reveals that man cannot control evolution and he will come to know what he is meant to know which is either refutable knowledge or irrefutable wisdom and that he will be stuck in a pattern and cannot root the pattern out because man cannot root evolution out. There is nothing lacking in understanding, only wisdom is yet to evolve in understanding. Patience and trust in life is vital.

Question from India: 1-5-2019
Dear Sir,
If thinking, speaking and doing is completely not in our control then what was the logic to create this whole drama of life or is there any logic at all. With best regards.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The deep logic is you will realise who you really are, by deep understanding of the whole drama of life.

Question from Netherlands: 30-4-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar
You write: “there is no relationship between learning and growth because growth happens every moment spontaneously uncontrollably and unpredictably” And: “Learning, albeit illusory, is a movement of sophistication of sound included in the movement of growth where we are” My understanding of what you write is that the fact that growth happens every moment spontaneously uncontrollably and unpredictably is the reason for a relationship between learning and growth to be absent. But I do not understand that, I do not follow the deep logic in your statement. Is it because, though sound is present in light every moment, the sophistication of sound as learning does not happen every moment?  My understanding of the words ‘where we are’ is the moment ‘here and now’ in life, where polarities are one and no polarity can be recognized as two, where we are all the polarities. This is what I understand from the cd Patience. Is that correct?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Your question referred to is “If learning happens where we are, what is the relationship between learning and growth or movement?”  My response was there is no relationship between learning and growth to imply the absence of reason in growth, because there is no reason for growth.
You do not understand the deep logic because deep logic of growth is yet to evolve in you.
Light as a particular sound appears as learning, albeit illusory, and happens at a precise moment and not every moment.
In every moment there is only a single polarity. The CD Patience refers to patience. An enlightened being understands that all polarities are one in living life every moment. The man with knowledge knows that all polarities are one and wants to experience it.

Question from Netherlands: 29-4-2019
Dear Dr. Shankar 
If learning happens where we are, what is the relationship between learning and growth or movement? If an action, albeit illusory, expresses how sophisticated growth or movement have evolved, as you explain in the article Growth, would learning where we are not be the process of sophistication of evolution of growth or movement where we are?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
There is no relationship between learning and growth, because growth happens every moment spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. Learning, albeit illusory, is a movement of sophistication of sound included in the movement of growth where we are. Learning, albeit illusory, happens where we are which has been responded in the previous post.

Question from Netherlands: 28-4-2019
Dear Dr Shankar,
The other day I was talking with my friend about what you have shared in articles Learn 1, 2, 3 and 4. The sharing is wonderful. My friend was listening and said suddenly when I want to stick wallpaper to the wall, have I learned to stick wallpapers to the wall? I just move. And as sticking wallpaper to the wall happens increasingly efficient I appear to learn, but I am not, I am still just moving, but the movement may change to appear increasingly efficient, as if I am learning, which is not true”. I understood what my friend said meant, and the understanding struck me that ‘learning’ is a concept and is known because of ‘unlearning’ in the same moment, and when these ‘two’ cancel each other out so to speak, what remains is just a movement. My friend and I understand that learning never happens where we are, it does happen though but only as a thought where we are not. In life only a movement happens while the mind knows only its thoughts and not movement.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The mind knows that wall paper is stuck on the wall. Learning, albeit illusory, happens where we are and does not happen where we are NOT. The mind interprets the singular movement of life intermittently as real actions, albeit illusory.

Question from Netherlands: 27-4-2019
Dear Dr Shankar,
In a sample of 502,548 internet respondents ranging in age from 10 to 89, researchers examined age differences in aging perceptions (e.g., how old do you feel?) and estimates of the timing of developmental transitions (e.g., when does someone become an older adult?). The study showed that respondents under 20 feel they are older than they actually are, and most respondents above 25 feel they are younger than they actually are.  It is as if age is speeding to be ahead of us first, making us feel we are older than we are, and later, roughly around 25 years of age, the speed of age starts to slow down, making us begin to feel we are younger than we are, and the gap between how old we feel and how old we are widens as we grow older. We want to stay young forever. We do want to become old but nobody wants to be old. Is that it?  And also, when two man whose actual age is 60 meet, though each may feel within he himself is 30 and understand it is the same for the other, when looking at each other or in the mirror, they see someone who is 60.  How come we firmly feel we’re younger than we appear to be when looking in the mirror, even though the body has changed to look old and therefore changed clearly? Is that because the mind is holding on to just one image which it has of ourselves?  And why does life make us firmly feel we are younger than our their actual age is, albeit illusory, but yet, when looking at someone else who is for example 60, though we understand he too may feel he is younger than he actually is, we firmly believe he is 60?  I understand I am not only looking in a mirror when I look in a mirror, because wherever I look I only recognize what is projected from within me. In the mind ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ is manifested and appears real and ‘inner’ refers to me and ‘outer’ to the other. But life could nevertheless have manifested a more realistic notion of age, albeit illusory, but life did not.  Why not?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Life neither manifests a more realistic notion of age nor a real notion of age. Life manifests only an illusory notion of inner and outer age and for understanding to happen that age is a thought which is an illusory reality.

Question from Netherlands: 26-4-2019
Dr. Shankar,
Thoughts, though illusory, keep on visiting man during his waking as well as during his sleeping state. Night dreams/thoughts disappear the moment man wakes up from sleep. Could one understand dreams/thoughts man has during his waking state also disappear the moment he wakes up from the dream he is the doer!?  (my question is related to strongly unpleasant thoughts that keep visiting me while awake). Thank You,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The moment when man wakes up from the dream that he is the doer, he will understand the unpleasant thoughts that keep visiting him including the pleasant thoughts he is not the doer of those illusory thoughts.

Question from India: 22-4-2019 
Dear Sir,
I have been visiting your site since last two years. I understand that man is not a thinker, speaker and doer. What is meant to happen will happen, and there is no good or bad, right or wrong. Further I cannot know the working of Intelligence of life. Under the circumstance, How can I ask you any question, as there cannot be any doubt about anything in life. Thanking you,
Answer from Dr. Shankar,
You can only ask questions about somethings which have doubts in the mind about life and not about anything in life in the mind which has no doubts

Question from Netherlands: 22-4-2019 
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Yes I understand humans experience a jumble of thoughts and recognize them due to memory in the beginning of the waking state. My previous question did not seem to make sense to me. But I forwarded the question because the words ‘they are experiencing loss of memory’ In your response made me wonder whether memory of previous lives could still be functioning in them. But if that was the case you would have explained that, is what I think now.  Humans with late stage dementia can appear sad and depressed, or fearful, aggressive and violent or even only relaxed and happy, yet they do not recognize family, which make it appear as if family can make humans with late stage dementia recognize (remember) people who only exist in their memory and not in life, like in a dream. But I understand, that is not what is happening. Still, humans with late stage dementia seem to express various emotions towards other humans. If they do not remember who humans in front of them are, what makes them unknowingly and without being aware of it, react, for example, aggressively towards them?
Answer from Dr. Shankar,
In the response the words ‘‘they are experiencing loss of memory…’ is followed by the words ‘…and neither know nor are aware of it.’ which makes the complete sentence. If you pick and choose part of a sentence your question will not make sense or wondering about it will make sense.
If memory of previous lives was working they will still not be able to know them because their memory is not working because of loss of it. Even humans with functioning memory are not aware of memory of previous lives.
It is family with memory that thinks and knows that humans with late stage dementia appear sad, depressed, fearful, aggressive, violent and even relaxed and happy and not humans with dementia. Humans with late stage dementia live life as it happens to them and do not recognise what is happening to them. Humans with late stage dementia recognise family members instinctively and not by memory. Humans with late stage dementia are aware that they dream instinctively but do not know what they dream.
Life expresses various emotions, including aggressive reaction towards other humans but humans are not aware that they do. Even in humans with memory, life expresses various emotions but humans with memory merely believe that they express. When wisdom of life cements in the mind, humans will unconditionally love and unconditionally care for humans with late stage dementia but also to humans with memory.

Question from Netherlands: 21-4-2019 
Dear Dr. Shankar,
If humans whose minds are in late stage dementia are experiencing loss of memory and neither know it nor are aware of it, is their experience similar to the experience of humans who are experiencing a jumble of thoughts in the beginning of the waking state prior to recognizing thoughts in memory of what is known to them, such as their bedroom?
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Humans experience a jumble of thoughts and recognise them due to memory in the beginning of the waking state. In late stage dementia neither a jumble of thoughts due to memory nor thoughts due to memory is recognised. Therefore it is not similar experience.

Question from Netherlands: 18-4-2019
Dear Dr Shankar,
What I would like to be more clear about is: what is it that is going on in and is happening to the minds of old people with late stage dementia who do not seem to have a clue about what is happening in and around them? What is their state of mind? Is there something that could be explained about what they are experiencing, know and are aware of?
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
In late stage dementia the mind is in late stage of break-down in mind function of memory. They are experiencing loss of memory and neither know nor are aware of it.

Question from India: 2-4-2019 
Dear Sir,
If an Individual has no control on what he does, speak or think. Why are ultimate scriptures such as "Gita" say that though action is in your control but the results are not in your control.  Additionally, some reader has commented that you had a tremendous insight when your elder brother took you to a tea shop to listen to some conversations. Your hearing the conversations and his comments gave you some phenomenal insights...an you please share them ( f possible)  With best regards. 
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Gita also says ‘Man is not the doer’. This signifies doing, speaking and thinking happen and you do not do them That you do, speak and think is an illusion of the single moving life. The scriptures indicate by stating results are not in your control, so understanding may happen to that you are not a doer and also that life is a singular movement. The phenomenal insight of my brother’s comment was: you are who you think others are.

Question from India: 26-3-2019 
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
The complete stanza is “karmanyaeva adhikaarasthae, maaphalaeshu Kadaachana, maakarma phalahaethoorbhoo , maatho sangasthwo akarmani”.
You take a part of the stanza and this does not give the context. Always the context in complete stanza needs deep understanding. The stanza tells, you (doer of karma )have got only the right to do the karma, but you don't have any right on the result of what you do (karma), meaning you should not dictate the outcome of the karma, because you have been asked not to drive at the karma phalam (fruit), You should not lose interest in doing your work or avoid doing your work. Deep understanding reveals that if you have the right to do, the doing and the done will be right and the result (fruit) will be present as well. But in daily life the result (fruit) may be present or absent. This signifies that what man wants to do, does, and does not do, including the presence and absence of result is included in the singular flow of life and that man is not the doer, which is proclaimed in Bhagavad Gita 3.27.  Wisdom (deep understanding) of the first part of the stanza which you send indicates that man is only moving as he is meant to move in any moment in life.

Question from India: 23-3-2019 
In daily life, some time when I make a mistake, I think that it is a lesson for me and try to be careful so that it should not happen. People generally say that you should learn lesson from your mistakes.  Now my understanding is that the mistake which I made was meant to happen, and if it is meant to happen again , it will happen despite my taking care about it. Is my understanding is right, though my friends do not approve of it. Please reply.
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Mistakes happen precisely in the moment because the moment happens precisely. Even taking care for mistake not to happen also happens precisely, including mistake that happens again. What you learn from mistakes is it will happen if it is meant to happen and that is why mistake happens. People who say you should learn from your mistakes do make mistakes, which means they have not learnt from their mistakes. People can say you should learn from mistakes only if they do not make any mistakes in life.

Question from India: 7-3-2019 
Dear Sir,
You have mentioned somewhere in the website that "Illusion is precise" . Will you please elaborate?  Thanks
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Illusion is precise because the moment in life is precise. The moment in life is neither early nor late. 

Question from India: 7-3-2019 
Dear Sir,
You have mentioned somewhere in the website that "Illusion is precise" . Will you please elaborate?  Thanks
Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.
Illusion is precise because the moment in life is precise. The moment in life is neither early nor late. 

Question from USA: 22-2-2019 
Dear Dr. Shankar, Salutations 
If all the fortunes and misfortunes in this world are attributed to " Karma", what is the role of "God"? How "non-doership" could be viewed from above perspective?  If "Bramha" is just witness and does not induce any action then who does it ? My Regards, 
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Firstly, fortunes and misfortunes in this world are not attributed to Karma, because the first man on earth did not come because of fortunes or misfortunes. Secondly, God has no role. The above perspective is a belief which is not the truth. Non-doership points that karma is what it is: an illusion. Brahma is pure light. An action is an optical and auditory illusion of a singular movement of light and sound. No one does an action. 

Question from Canada: 22-2-2019
Dear Dr.Shankar,
Appreciating all the articles very much. I have read the article "Bliss" a number of times and notice the tendency in the mind to as you say, depend on conditions and techniques when faced with uncomfortable situations and the desire for bliss to be present every moment is there also. Also noticed is when Trust is present [by the grace of God] then the sense of calmness is present and not so much reaction to try to "fix the problem". It's been my understanding up to now that the "reason' for the "lack of bliss" is because what is in front of me is believed to be real. In paragraph 7 it is says." The enlightened believe what is in front of them in any moment and do not believe that what is in front of them could be different from what is in front of them in daily life". I am wondering if you would say more about this please? Thank you so much.
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
What you have noticed about trust is the truth. The reason for lack of bliss is the expectation and the belief that conditions could be and should be different than the conditions that are present. 

Question from India: 15-2-2019 
Dear Sir,
I have been hearing & learning sanskrit on line lectured by Sri. Narasing rao. very interesting the way he teaches with lots of examples. I would like to know the book he refers to while coaching sanskrit and please let me know as to where it is available in Bangalore centres, as I live in Bangalore.  Pl mail me your response regards,
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Please do ask Sri Narasing Rao for the book and where to get it from. He will surely know.

Question from: 7-2-2019 
Dear Dr. Shankar
When you say illusion means static and does not change...can you elaborate on that?  to my present understanding, I would say illusion may be static in relation to illusory  or that because it already is illusion, would that not imply that it is something? again my understanding has always been that the only unchanging reality is the source of all illusion or light ? Thank you
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
The illusion made by man as art is static, until perception of the illusion changes. The illusion manifested by life is illusory meaning the illusion changes though it appears static and real on perception. The something which is an illusion changes every moment meaning it is illusory, though on perception it appears static and real. Light from pure consciousness reflects the illusory, which is perceived as real by humans. Pure consciousness is the reality and the source of light with regards to the illusory. Ultimate reality is pure light or the absolute or God.

Question from: 7-2-2019 
Dear Dr Shankar
I am still digesting what you have said in our previous interaction.  One thing has become clear and that is there is a distinction between illusion and illusory.  thank you for that. I understand that mind, cause and person are illusory.  although not to the degree that you do, for sure.  The mind appears to make up an illusory person that is believed in, and this way of seeing is slowly eroding.
The realm of thought, as you say, is illusory. I understand the words, they have a meaning and I watch how they can influence or not the perception and feelings. It doesn’t appear to be enough to know the seen, as a deeper seeing or seeing itself is wanting to be explored. As you say, wisdom is not enough for the ego..lol  it only wants more...the deeper inquiry I know is the transforming of understanding into the wisdom that you speak. Thank you for everything.
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Illusory means that it changes is temporary and not permanent. Illusion means it is static and does not change. The mind can make up an illusory person who does not exist, but the person who exists is illusory and is made up by the mind. The mind believes the person who exists is real while he is illusory and not real.
Thoughts or words that influence perception inform the perceived as real, while the perceived is illusory and not real. This is what is meant by the words ‘realm of thought’ is illusory. Seeing cannot be explored, the seen can be explored to understand the seen deeply. Deep enquiry leads to the transformation of knowledge into wisdom. 

Question from Canada: 4-2-2019 
Dear Dr Shankar
Thank you for your reflection of words.  As I read the answer a couple things come to mind.  First you say that to see an illusion is impossible because the mind has evolved to only think what is seen is real, so  to be beyond the realm of mind, cause and person, can illusion be seen and understood for what it is and then the question comes is there a difference at this point between understanding and seeing? Would they not be the same?  I know illusion exists in the realm of thought but what keeps me from understanding this deeply in life?  When you say light reflects without cause, i understand this as our deepest truth as causeless being but it appears this understanding is not enough to know it completely. thank you
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
The mind has not evolved to be beyond the realm of mind, cause and reason. Life has evolved wisdom that the mind, cause and person is illusory and not real. You understand that the seen by the seeing is illusory and not real. Understanding and seeing are synonyms to imply that meaning is the same in both. This signifies that the seen by the seeing is understood to be illusory and not real. What keeps you from understanding the illusion deeply is for understanding to happen that the realm of thought is illusory as well. Only the illusory as real is seen in the seeing, The illusory as an illusion is not seen in the seeing. To see an illusion as an illusion is impossible. You can understand the seeing is light and the seen in the seeing is illusory and not real. The deepest truth is, light has no cause. You see day-light completely in front of you including the complete and the incomplete seen in the seeing and this is enough. Wisdom is not enough for the ego, it only wants more. The ego does not understand that wisdom in the moment is enough.

Question from Canada: 2-2-2019 
I read your reply and am pondering my own mechanism in relation to what you have said.  When I look at a cat for example, I can see it without thought but I don’t know that it is an illusion of light and sound until I remember this.  I just see the form.  I remind myself self that nothing in this world is real, or other than illusory, but there is still a question of what is actually missing. Where you say you understand life deeply which sees life clearly as an illusion of light and sound.  In truth nothing is missing yet experience appears to indicate that someone is reaching for something more. 
I cannot put it into words more than that.  I suppose repetition/reflection is clearly the answer to unlock this mystery of illusion. Thank you so much always for your great wisdom and clarity. 
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
To see an illusion is impossible, because the human mind has evolved to only think what is seen is real. You can only understand the real you see is illusory and not real. To see an illusion is someone reaching for something more, which is impossible.
Deep reflection reveals an answer that the mystery of illusion cannot be unlocked, because the inherent characteristic of light to reflect is without cause.

Question from Canada: 2-2-2019 
Hello Dr Shankar
I have just read your article moon and I thought about what you said that man put a form of a word to the light which is consciousness, and so all things in life are light and sound or consciousness. So the giving over to the words made man see an object and in the seeing, he fell asleep to true vision, which I would understand as inner vision, although this understanding is based on words. 
I see there is a gap or something still holding the words and meanings that colour vision or keep it from knowing light of consciousness as it is.
If there is anything that you could add to this understanding, it is always appreciated, you had once said to me to have patience and I wish that I could know life as you see it so very clearly. I thank you very much for your clarity and vision that your share to us all and your great ability to spark us all into a deeper truth of life, with love and appreciation 
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Consciousness meaning light manifested sound as an illusory word to man to indicate a form. Man did not put a form to a word. The illusory words make man think an object as real and believe that he is seeing an object as real. This belief put man to sleep in the waking state, because it is a dream to believe that an object is real. This makes him believe that the object seen is real, while the object seen is an illusion of light, which is deep inner understanding.
Superficial understanding of word as real holds man from deep understanding that words are illusions of sound and that objects seen are illusions of light meaning consciousness. Man cannot know the light of consciousness; he can only understand that light of consciousness reflects illusory objects that are seen. I understand life deeply, which is seeing life clearly as an illusion of light and sound.

Question from India: 23-1-2018
Dear Sir, I just want to understand of Trust and patience in life with the following example.  I am working for a government organisation and liable for transfer from one city to another which is an inconvenience to me. I am not sure when and whether it will happen to me. It depends on several factors.  Now my understanding is if it is meant to happen, it will happen at the precise moment,( i.e. numerical time albeit illusory) despite all logic, guidelines, rules pertaining to transfer. If it is not meant to happen it will not happen and the rules and regulations are only superficial for which a man with understanding will not bother. Regards,
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Firstly, a man with understanding of wisdom is neither bothered nor is concerned about guidelines and rules pertaining to anything including transfers. He merely accepts all of them. A man with understanding of wisdom goes where life takes him. 

Question from USA: 20-1-2018
I was watching a Documentary on a Coptic Hermit Monk living in The Monastery of St. Anthony in the Sinai……He spoke of deep silence and the need to be close to God…..But all the while, I was thinking that why should one go to a place when God or Life is ALL places….I wonder what makes the urge to go to a place where there are NO people virtually and live in a cave in the Desert just like the Desert Fathers did so many Centuries ago? God is everywhere and like you said as well as Ramana Maharshi said—you can go to the most serene place in the world, but if the mind is in agitation where can peace be found? What is this urge to GO to these places in which we think we will find IT???  Hoping All is Well
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The urge happens when deep understanding of life has not cemented that in modern times even a room in NEW YORK is an evolved cave where even God is.

Question from Germany: 19-1-2018
The five elements that appear as the body decompose into five elements.“ Do you mean: The five elements that appear as the body decompose into five elements“? "The ‘I’ is conscious of itself, meaning and not conscious of consciousness.“ Something is missing behind the word “meaning.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Yes the body decomposes to five elements. Nothing is missing behind the word meaning. 

Question from Germany: 18-1-2018
Which power causes the death of the body? I have understood that consciousness, IN the form as well as after the form decomposes into the five elements again, still exists outside of the form. The last sentence of the response I don’t understand: "It means that ‘I’ can neither be consciousness nor conscious of ‘I’.“ What is left then?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
Consciousness does not decompose. The five elements that appear as the body decompose meaning transform as five elements again. The five elements are an illusion of light. Consciousness which is light always exists. The ‘I’ is conscious of itself, meaning and ‘I’ is not conscious of consciousness. Only light is left. The power which causes the death of the body is light, because the body is an illusory reflection of light. Consciousness is reflected light, therefore it exists eternally. The “I” can neither be consciousness nor conscious of consciousness, because the “I” is just sound. The true nature of everything which exists as an illusion, including the ‘I’ as sound is light, which is consciousness. Consciousness meaning light, reflects as an illusory individual meaning illusory body and mind. 

Question from Germany: 17-1-2018
While I am in the form (the body), I am conscious. But when the body goes (dies), consciousness also goes with it. But I still exist. What does this mean? It means, I cannot be consciousness…
Answer from Dr. Shankar
When the body goes, consciousness does not go anywhere. Consciousness is needed to keep the body going till consciousness transforms the body into five elements and consciousness is still needed to keep the five elements going. ‘I’ as a reflection of light as sound  still exists. It means that ‘I’ can neither be consciousness nor conscious of consciousness. 

Question from Germany: 16-1-2018
But I know that I am. Therefore I am conscious of consciousness, isn’t it?
Answer from Dr. Shankar
You are conscious of the words that make you know that you are. Therefore you are conscious that you are and not conscious of consciousness. The baby is not conscious of its mother’s womb, but yet the baby is. Similarly, conscious cannot know the consciousness. You are conscious and not conscious of consciousness.

Question from Germany: 15-1-2018
Consciousness is the deception, because through our senses we experience this illusory world. Truly there is neither consciousness nor unconsciousness, there are no senses and no experiencing. I am timeless, self-shining everlasting presence.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
What we are conscious of as real is the deception. Consciousness is NOT the deception, because we are NOT conscious of consciousness. If consciousness were not present, you will not be able to sense or experience to write “I am timeless, self-shining everlasting presence."

Question from Germany: 14-1-2018
I am not consciousness! I am that which sees the seeing, hears the hearing, tastes the tasting, smells the smelling and touches the touching! I am beyond consciousness and unconsciousness - beyond all opposites.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
The opposites are illusory reflections of consciousness. This signifies that ‘I am’ is consciousness and not beyond all opposites. 

Question from Germany: 13-1-2018
The awareness which is formless and invisible, is the same as the inner light, and therefore my true nature, that which I am? What are thoughts and how do they come? Why does this life happen to us? Awareness could instead just remain in the state of formlessness without manifesting itself?
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Yes, this awareness, the inner light, reflects itself as the illusory world, man and mind and light is everybody’s true nature is. Thoughts are sound. Light reflects as reflected light and light at a lesser speed is sound. In illusory time sound transforms mysteriously as words and meanings in the human mind. In life, which is timeless, words are sound. Therefore life is thoughtless. An illusory life of thoughts happens to us. The mind is conditioned to believe in cause and effect. Cause and effect are only in the mind and not in life. Therefore the question Why does this life happen to us? is based on the illusory function of the mind. Life is as it is, the mind asks why?

Question from Germany: 12-1-2018
Is this light one and the same as the invisible, formless inner witnesser, the awareness of all?
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
The invisible inner light, which is formless, reflects an illusory witnesser with form. 

Question from Germany: 11-1-2018
If the space between the letters is light appearing as paper, isn’t the letters itself light too?
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Letters are light which appears as illusory letters. 

Question from Germany: 10-1-2018
What is light? What is the essence of light? Its property is to reflect, to mirror and thus to create this illusion of "world“. But, what is light? I’m looking forward to read the books I have purchased and will first and foremost concentrate on the space between the letters and try to ponder deeply.
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Light is life. The essence of light is light. Light reflects and mirrors light. A mirror is light. The space between the letters in the book is light which appears as paper. 

Question from USA: 7-1-2018
I have been just trying to let what you wrote me to sink in...about what I do, and how every moment, including at work is not my doing...It is hard but I will continue to let it penetrate.... Hoping all is well
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
The understanding will evolve if you have understood. Patience and trust Life. 

Question from USA: 2-1-2018
Dr. Shankar,
Thank you for the encouraging words...I will keep this in mind as I am at work as I write this until 7pm...Happy New Year....Thank You
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Happy every moment of the New Year. Every moment of the New Year will be happy, no matter how the moment is, when understanding happens that every moment of the New Year cannot be other than what the moment is and the moment has you in the moment.

Question from USA: 1-1-2018
Dr. Shankar - I have been thinking very hard about where in life I am...In my mind I am "only" an Emergency Room Technician...I am continually asked Why don't you go back and finish Nursing School? But I have absolutely NO desire to...Life has me where I am but there is a sense that I have failed...My wife is a Nurse and does not care what I do, she views me in a great way but my view is different...This is the battle....If there is no desire to do other, all should be well in thought but it seems to continue to return to the same thoughts.... Thank You.
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
You are an unique emergency technician, very much needed by life, because nobody else can be like you in the moment to handle any emergency when needed. You are therefore precious.
Life keeps you where you are meant to be. Trust life. If you are meant to go back to finish nursing school you will go back and finish it as well. You have no desire, because it is what it is meant to be. Somebody in your shoes may have failed in the emergency room, while you have succeeded in the moment. The mind believes it knows what is best, but the mind does not understand that life knows better. You have not failed; you have succeeded where someone might have failed.
Your wife is wise. The view that your wife is wise should be yours as well, that is to accept everyone as they are.
The battle is to do something other than what you are doing is impossible, because you cannot be doing anything other than what you are doing in the moment, because you do not make any moment in life. If you were able to make a moment in life the battle would be possible.

Question from USA: 30-12-2017
Dr. Shankar
Very much enjoyed reading your article Moksha.....I will take this thought intensely into my very Hectic days at work in the Emergency Room as it has been getting busier and busier lately.....Hoping you are well! Thank You
Answer from Dr. Shankar.
Very good. Remember the hectic days at work are moments with the busy movement in the moment of work in the ER. The busy movements in the ER will happen as it is meant to happen. You do not make the busy movements at work in the ER; you merely believe that you do.


Question from USA: 27-12-2017

Dr. Shankar-

So you are saying that I am only believing that the ‘’EASY” is Easy and that I believe some ‘’other’’ makes the difficult happen and there is dislike, and unease, and all the rest that comes with that false idea…..Yes it is Easy to Believe it, easy to have Knowledge of it, but Deep Understanding takes Patience and Trust…….Yes, surely……Thank You
Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

What you believe is difficult whether the other makes it or you make it, becomes easy to understand when understanding happens that even the difficult is neither done by you or by another. Therefore, that the difficult is done either by you or by the other is a false idea.


Question from USA: 26-12-2017

That is sometimes a difficult thing, but I understand you...Thank you

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

You write that it is sometimes a difficult thing for you, because you believe it is easy to do something that is easy. When understanding happens to you that even the easy thing you do not do but only believe that you do, will understanding happen to you that even the difficult is easy to understand. It will be easy because of the understanding that the difficult to do happens as well and you do not do it. You merely believe that sometimes it is a difficult thing to do something which is difficult. You also write that you understand the response given to you on the 25th. This is a sign that understanding is happening to you. Patience and trust in life is vital.


Question from USA: 25-12-2017

What is the best way to deal with personalities you come across that you might not particularly get along well with? Thanks

Answer from Dr. Shankar.

When you understand, meaning, when deep understanding happens to you that people are who they are in any moment and they cannot be other than who they are in any moment, you get along well with any personality in any moment. A personality in any moment is not made by man because man does not make any moment in life.


Question from USA: 19-12-2017

Dr. Shankar

Thank you for your response yesterday on moving out "West"...Today I have stayed home from work because of a minor back injury from overuse in my beloved sport of Boxing. I was reading the chapter "Control" in Kaivalya Gita Volume 5 ....Being the athlete and active individual I am used to being, feeling not in "Control" is certainly deepening understanding... Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

Man is not in control of the movement of the body in any moment. Man only believes that he is control over his body. The belief however is not the truth.


Question from USA: 18-12-2017


Hoping all is well with you...

I have been thinking deeply over and over what you wrote me about 2 weeks ago concerning my desire to move out West possibly Nevada from Florida.. You said that I ''believe'' that I want to do that in Summer of 2019...If it is meant to happen it will happen. I agree with you completely...I ''believe'' that I want to do that. But, my thinking is that as all the Sages have so eloquently said over the Centuries, as well as yourself, and I do as well---if there is NO I, NO Doer as Frank, would not the very desire to go out West not be me but the Only Reality which is the Intelligence of Life doing it? There is NO ME, Yes----so what can possibly be going out West?  Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

The intelligence in life moves you every moment. If the movement is meant to happen it will happen and that movement will make your body be in Nevada. An ‘I’ does not make this movement to Nevada. This signifies that an ‘I’ does not make the movement to Nevada. While your body would be going out West, the ‘I’ believes that it is going out west.


Question from New Zealand: 14-12-2017

Thanks for the response Dr.Shankar to my question asked on the 13th. Sub: Beliefs lock the Mind. As to the third line of your reply, Quote ''as the evolutionary process evolves wisdom "Unquote. In this regard my understanding is that the Wisdom can happen spontaneously.

Whereas your reply prompted me to think whether is this a step by step process?

Can you elucidate "what is the evolutionary process evolves"

Appreciate your response.  Regards

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

The evolutionary process that evolves is either continuous or intermittent. Both continuous and intermittent process happen spontaneously. The speed of the continuous spontaneous evolutionary process, however, is slow, intermediate or rapid. Similarly, the speed of the intermittent spontaneous evolutionary process is slow, intermediate or rapid as well. The precise speed of the spontaneous evolutionary process, however, cannot be predicted by the limited mind.


Question from New Zealand: 13-12-2017

Sub: Beliefs Lock the Mind

In this context, my understanding is that through the mind the belief system happens to man. During the evolutionary time belief system lock the mind.

Man may come out of the belief system through Wisdom if that happens.

Is my above statement is correct.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

The belief system evolves through the mind, man neither makes evolution nor belief system to happen. Belief system of knowledge locks the conditioned mind as a process in evolution. As the evolutionary process evolves wisdom, wisdom unlocks the conditioned mind. Man neither makes wisdom nor can unlock the mind. Man comes out of the belief system as a process in evolution.


Question from USA: 8-12-2017

Dr. Shankar

I was reading Kaivalya Gita Volume 5 on page 101 in Religion...I was wondering how the child's mind can understand meanings if all they hear are sounds at first? Do you mean there are meaning inherent from a previous birth or do you mean that they are taught meanings as small children and equate the sounds with those meanings?  Hoping all is well

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Children are neither taught words nor their meaning, both evolve in the child. The parents believe that they teach words and meanings. The parent’s belief, however, is not the truth. The sounds that parents make which are words and meanings coincide with the evolvement of words and meaning in the child.


Question from Netherlands: 2-12-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar

Does direction exist in life? Has life direction at all? Is life directed, if so by who or what? If life is all there is, can and does life direct itself in a certain direction? If life is a flow, does the flow sometimes turn left or right? Does life sometimes make a u-turn? Man thinks that he or she can move his or her body or an object in a certain direction and that he of she can control that direction because he or she can change that direction. The same with thinking; man thinks he or she can stop thinking about something and start thinking about something else; in other words: he or she can determine and change the direction of his or her mental life as well. But is direction or change of direction an actuality in life? If life is a flow without direction, if life is a directionless and also undirected flow, what does that say about direction and control of direction of anything or anybody in daily life of man?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Understand that life is a flow without thoughts.


Question from USA: 1-12-2017

Dr. Shankar

Hoping all is well... Have not written in a while been in the South West USA Nevada on Holiday...I am going to "trust" life and move out here in Summer of 2019 and just stay with my EMS career....it is what it is.....life itself will take me where it will...I love it out here and the Desert appeals to my soul...I will have the trust to follow just that..... Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

If you are meant to move to Nevada it will happen and you do not make the move. You merely believe that you are going to move out to Nevada in summer of 2019.


Question from USA: 30-11-2017

Dr. Shankar

I regard to what I wrote about the mind wandering at work and your reply , I read your article on Satsang and True Company...I never thought of it quite like that...It helped me a great deal... Dr. Shankar. That shows that life is a gift and opportunity for man to understand regardless of whatever happens in the Satsang that is life itself.... Thanks

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. Wisdom is a deeper understanding of knowledge. Life is a gift and opportunity for man to understand deeply the knowledge of whatever happens in life, which is a satsang itself.


Q&A for today.

Question from USA: 29-11-2017

At home No...at work the mind wanders, and imagines, and worries....

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

The mind wanders, imagines and worries at home as well.


Question from USA: 28-11-2017

Dr. Shankar

It's funny how now at work the mind starts its inner games! 

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The mind starts its inner games at home as well


Question from USA: 27-11-2017

Dr. Shankar

It seems to me as a Medical Professional from this video that we should look to treat our Psych Patients in a different manner…Instead of small isolation rooms we should invest in rooms with some kind of sun light, maybe outdoor views to show a bit more compassion for the mental suffering that individuals go through…….

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

Correct. If that kind of correct treatment for psychic patients is meant to happen it will happen and no force on earth can stop it from happening, albeit illusory.


Question from USA: 26-11-2017

Dr. Shankar—

Yes Illusory, actually didn’t mean wrong in the sense of Bad…I continued watching the study and it was 3 days in a white room, with continuous white light, liquid meals and water…..He lost all sense of proper time and was actually 24 hours off…When he realized he was not getting out when he thought, he got annoyed…..And the continuous movement was constant by either exercising with pushups, steps, counting games, playing with the water bottle etc etc…..A singular movement yes….It was quite amazing to watch….I meditated like that for a few years by going into dark closet at home  with ear blockers but never for 3 days——My longest was 6 hours and that was quite difficult…All that time made me see no Frank doing anything but as of cementing that as wisdom not quite yet…..Thanks

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

The meditation in a dark closet was a part of your singular moving body and meditation is neither an exclusive act nor was meditation done by you. Meditation in a closed closet was happening to you so that you may understand that whatever happens to you in daily life is meditation.


Question from USA: 25-11-2017

Dr. Shankar---

I watched an interesting study on the ''need'' for the Human brain to have stimulation and avoidance of Boredom...People were put in a office with a device on a table which was a mini electric shocker...The man touched it and received a mini shock in which he did not like and said He would NOT like to experience again...Then subject was asked to sit in an empty room with only a chair and the shocker on a table...He was being video taped for next 30 minutes...After less than 2 minutes he was restless and eventually touched the shocker to just avoid the ''empty'' time...The study showed that the Human Brain is a sponge that needs to absorb infor and activities to thrive....Proving that the concept of a ''doer'' is WRONG...and the Intelligence of Life always DOES, and always moves in the direction of Sophistication as you always talk about....What ''he'' did not want to do ''he'' eventually did....Amazing....

 Thank You for All the Teachings

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar,

The study proves that the concept of a doer is illusory. The study does not prove that the concept of a doer is wrong. The intelligence in life is not a doer as well. The intelligence in life manifests a singular movement of life, which sophisticates and appears to the human mind that the intelligence of life does. The man did not do, his body is continuously moving and the continuous movement appears as if he did.


Question from USA: 24-11-2017

Dr. Shankar,

I have a question. What do you mean when you write "The Moment which IS can never be known"? Is it possible to understand this in a experiential way with thinking? Can you elaborate a little more please on this?

Hoping all is well- Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

Firstly, please quote where I wrote “The moment which IS can never be known”. Secondly, a moment is either with an illusory thought which is known or a moment is without thought that cannot be known. It cannot be known because there is no thought for it to be known. The moment with experience is either lived without description or the moment with experience is known, because of thinking.


Question from USA: 23-11-2017

Dr. Shankar

It feels to me as all moments I think I have experienced in life are and have always been only one moment as you say a process of transforming energy. 

It feels as if I see this as a rolling sticky ball collecting experiences that never are a "mine", it just Happens and changes and rolls on and on. 

You find yourself as a 10 year old then at 43 you see the whole process but strangely all in one flow or current which is massive and never ending...I don't know if this is correct but thought I would mention this.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The one moment that you have experienced is either with thought or without thought. The moment with thought and without thought roll on and on.

You find yourself a 10 year old and a 43 year old in a moment that is with thought.


Question from USA:22-11-2017

Dr. Shankar

 I surmise deep understanding has Not happened as yet....That saddens me....I am trying....Maybe I should not try anymore...Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

I have reminded many times that patience and trust in life is vital. You are saddened because understanding has not yet happened. When understanding happens that understanding will happen when it is meant to happen, you will not be saddened. Similarly, when understanding happens to you that trying happens and you do not make trying happen, you will not be saddened. You will have patience and trust in life.


Question from USA: 21-11-2017

Dr. Shankar

Hoping all is well!!! I know we have been corresponding for sometime now and I am very grateful for your time and wisdom...But after all these years I still have not stopped a restlessness inside...Your books and words have brought fresh and powerful new Seeing for me, but there is a restlessness that I cannot seem to overcome and I do not know from where it originates??? I also have no more interest in my current EMS career and only wish to do my first interest--art but feel I am too old to foolishly leave my job...How does the restlessness leave?  Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Restlessness originates from the mind and is present when deep understanding of life is not present. The mind has many issues about daily life and when they are not deeply understood restlessness originates. You have yet to understand that you will be doing art if you are meant to do art. Presently EMS career is meant for you and that is what you are meant to do. Restlessness originates because of the lack of understanding that you are meant to do what you are meant to do.


Question from Brazil: 20-11-2017

Dear Vijai, for many situations in life theory and practice can be very distant from each other. As far I can contemplate, a person is always in one of these levels:

level 1- it ignores the best ways to deal with a specific situation

level 2- it has access to the knowledge but still doesn't see them or doesn't understand them.

level 3- it accesses and understand the knowledge but still doesn't accept it.

level 4- it accepts the knowledge/idea/concept in mind as a best rational way to deal with a certain situation. But again, doesn't "live" that knowledge into the heart.

To make it clear, I give an example: a person knows, understands, accepts and is aware that is wrong judge other people. Nevertheless, after meets someone else its mind judges the person (does not matter the reason). Judge is only one aspect of life. The most intriguing thing is how and why a person that reached level 4 still doesn`t fill in its heart (does not live) what it believes and want to put in practice. It is like: why after accept an idea/concept it is still hard to people transfer that idea/concept from mind to heart and how can we do it? Why for some aspects of life the (mind to heart) flows naturally and for others not? and once more, thanks for all your insights.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Your contemplation is proof that what is meant to happen only happens, and that man is not the doer.


Question from Canada: 19-11-2017

Dear Respected Dr. Shankar,

1) In the present world , I find most of the people are after name & fame and seeking money & power under the garb of different labels and on different platforms -political, business or religion . And most of the people ask " what is the use of this spirituality -what benefit does it have?" What is the benefit of Enlightenment ? What is your response to these questions?

 2) I read revelations happened to Mohammed, Jesus and many thus producing words of wisdom for all. Does it mean that revelations do happen to all " wise" persons and thus the words of wisdom are revealed ?

 3) When and how did you know that words spoken through you are only " wisdom " and not just " knowledge" ? 

 I am grateful for your love towards me. Please accept my Salutations,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

1) The benefit of enlightenment is, you live every moment of daily life in peace and with unconditional love, unconditional care, unconditional concern for everyone and everything in daily life.

2) The wise neither write about revelations nor speak of revelations that they had. Wise words happen to the wise spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably.

3) One can never know ‘when’ or ‘how’ wise words are spoken through him or her. While wise words that are spoken spontaneously, uncontrollable and unpredictably through him or her are irrefutable, words of knowledge are refutable.


Question from USA: 18-11-2017

KG 2 TOP OF PAGE 216 Illusions Present but yet Absent" Brick too is just a label in the mind and what it really is is energy, which is nothing but reflected light of the pure energy, which can never be known or experienced, but can only be lived as pure light! Brick too is just a label in the mind and what it really is is energy, which is nothing but reflected light of the pure energy, which can never be known or experienced, but can only be lived as pure light! It is puzzling to me that Dr, Shankar who is aware of every movement His body makes , yet He forgets this movement the body made when writing those words. I would not be surprised if this statement is also questioned -just like my previous statements which were taken verbatum from the CDS and the books. These replies obviously are not coming from Dr. Shankar ,would be my conclusion, because those in the inner circle would have recognized those statements if they truly studied the works and they would have been the first to clarify with Dr. Shankar. I deliberately use the word reply as I truly believe it is not coming from Dr. Shankar otherwise it would have been a response and there would have been no reason for further communication.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Firstly, you write “Dr.Shankar has never stated that pure light can be lived.” Pure energy which can never be known or experienced, but can only be lived as pure light to mean that a brick as a label is lived or understood as wisdom that it is lived as an illusion of consciousness, which in turn is an illusion of pure light. Knowledge takes it literally that pure light is lived, even though I have written “Dr.Shankar has never stated that pure light can be lived.” Secondly, I am not aware of every movement of my body. Every moment that body makes is intermittent knowledge. I understand that my body is constantly moving every moment so I understand that writing too is included in the singular movement. That I forget the movement the body makes when writing words is knowledge and not wisdom. What you write is explained deeply by me and not questioned. Thirdly, inner circle or outer circle is knowledge and not wisdom. Wisdom is life is just a circle, which includes inner and outer circles of knowledge. Those who do not understand wisdom request clarification. Those who understand knowledge merely assume without clarification. Finally, I write all the responses despite a busy day and no one else writes on my behalf. That the responses is not coming from me is an assumption which is neither the truth nor wisdom.


Question from Netherlands: 17-11-2017

Dear Dr Shankar

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing

This I can share to the many please read de books or like me lissen to the cd's

 (if you want truth and no story's or practice or promises) and I don’t have shares in Dr Shankar. This !!! ME Bend for Life as it is and Dr Shankar.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

What you share with many is the greatest gift by life to humanity. The greatest gift to humanity is the flowering of wisdom, which leads to enlightenment.


Question from USA:16-11-2017

Energy, which is nothing but reflected light of the pure energy, which can never be known or experienced, but CAN ONLY BE LIVED AS PURE LIGHT!

The moment with experience is either LIVED WITHOUT DESCRIPTION.

Is it possible for Dr.Shankar to please explain in the simplest of terms and in a complete and detailed manner which can be easily understood by anyone- the above two highlighted statements (by Dr. Shankar).Very many thanks

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Dr.Shankar has never stated that pure light can be lived. He has stated that the enlightened live the moment without describing the moment. The moment with experience is lived, meaning the experience is lived without description. This is as simple as it can be. The understanding of the simple explanation depends on whether wisdom is understood or not.


Question from USA: 15-11-2017

Dr. Shankar,

I have a question. What do you mean when you write "The Moment which IS can never be known"? Is it possible to understand this in a experiential way with thinking? Can you elaborate a little more please on this?

Hoping all is well- Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

Firstly, please quote where I wrote “The moment which IS can never be known”. Secondly, a moment is either with an illusory thought which is known or a moment is without thought that cannot be known. It cannot be known because there is no thought for it to be known. The moment with experience is either lived without description or the moment with experience is known, because of thinking.


Question From Canada: 13-11-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you for all the articles. The one titled ‘True Compassion’ in particular caught my attention at this time... The quote that is up on the website at this time is "Silence is the response in sleeping state". Would you please say more about that?  Thank you again.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The quote on the website reminds us that everyday true compassion is the response to anyone.


Question from USA: 12-11-2017

A humble request to Dr. Shankar,

6. Even though thoughts come and go one after another, yet the thought of pain does not seem to follow this pattern. Is there a thought of a specific food item or substance that can replace the thought of pain at this time- like the thought of millet to remove sickness and disease?.

 7. Papaji (Harilal Poonja) from Lucknow, India, guided many to get a glimpse of their own being- the expression of which falls in line with Dr. Shankar’s- shocked, stunned and bewildered. Has Dr. Shankar’s physical presence enabled anyone this gift of life?.

8. In conclusion I might have used incorrect words to express these thoughts but I am sure Dr. Shankar will understand their import. Very many thanks and my sincere gratitude for your sacrifice in sharing – I hope that day comes that I should remember Dr. Shankar as the ONE who shouted His throat out so that an understanding can happen to us.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

6) The thought of pain comes more frequently than other thoughts. The thought of millet does not remove sickness or disease. The process of millet digestion cleans the body.

7) A glimpse of one’s own being cannot be seen or have a glimpse of it, because one’s own being can neither be seen nor have a glimpse of it, because one own being gives rise to seeing. The seeing cannot see itself. Dr. Shankar’s physical presence only shares wisdom. 

8) Dr. Shankar shares so that deep understanding can happen to anyone anytime.


Question from USA: 11-11-2017

A humble request to Dr. Shankar,

4. When the breath is held thoughts do not arise. Does it happen after a full inhalation, complete exhalation, or natural exhalation- and for how long?.

 5. Is there a specific food item or substance or any form of electricity or magnetism- the thought of which can enable one to raise one’s vibration to attain the speed of light that when one closes one’s eyes one can see the body from within?.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

4) When breath is held thought do rise but not as many. The same applies to after full inhalation or complete exhalation. During natural exhalation thoughts do arise as they are meant to arise.

5)One’s vibration will raise when it is meant to raise. Nothing specific can make a vibration to rise. The body cannot be seen from within. Only a dream is seen within, just as the external is seen from within which signifies that the external seen is a dream. This implies that if the body is seen within it is a dream.


Question from USA: 10-11-2017

A humble request to Dr. Shankar,

2. Is there a thought of a specific food item or substance that would enable one (a) To see the body from within? (b) To stand back and watch the body do an activity such as walking or cycling?.

 3. Where thoughts do not arise, the air has attained a balance. Does this refer to the state of no breathing- the natural pause between inhalation and exhalation?.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

2) a) The body cannot be seen from within.

b) Walking or cycling are illusory thoughts of a singular movement of the body, which unfolds the way it is meant to unfold.

3) Thoughts do not arise in-between thoughts too.


Question from USA: 9-11-2017

A humble request to Dr. Shankar,

1.Pure seeing has no labels. By this do you mean peripheral vision in which the pupils are dilated. If this is the case is there a specific food item or substance that can bring this about- at least long enough for aliveness to reveal itself since awareness is such a powerful force.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

1)Labels are present when pupils are dilated. Wisdom understands labels are illusory. Wisdom happens when it is meant to happen. Wisdom and awareness is not depended on the food that is eaten.


Question from USA: 9-11-2017

Dr. Shankar——

I will continue——reading ‘’Expectations” in Volume 3 of Kaivalya Gita this week…..I will continue…..Thank You for Taking the Time

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar,

Daily life is more than one chapter in a book.


Question from USA: 8-11-2017

Dr. Shankar——

Yes I know it…i feel it inside of me that I NEVER did any thing…….BUT the mind sometimes makes these stories up and I cannot quite get concrete in the Realization of that and it it most frustrating and stressful…..going from Knowledge to Wisdom seems like a great chasm….Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar,

Answer has been given to you previously. Read the articles, read the books, listen to the CD’s available in the academy of advaita to go from knowledge to wisdom,


Question from USA: 7-11-2017

Dr. Shankar

I don't think it is possible to see the horizon, but it would help to see something? Thanks

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

You do see every moment in daily life, even though you neither make the moment nor the seeing.


Question from USA: 5-11-2017

Dr Shankar----

After all this time I feel my understanding of "no doer" has not cemented totally...I no longer have a desire for my career in Emergency Room....it has become very stressful for me and my mind is elsewhere....I know the Intelligence of Life knows what it is doing but it feels very much like a Doer feeling the stress of the current times in career.....I love art and wish to pursue but practical life is also real with a home and the responsibility of finances and leaving current ER job would be wrong...but the intelligence of life has no new thing I see on the horizon.... Thank You.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Is it possible to see the horizon?


Question from New Zealand: 4-11-2017


My understanding the meaning of the word "Prompt' is "without delay" or "Quick" or "Alert". Please clarify further.

As to my earlier query about "Yawning" I would like you to provide me an answer clinically.  I know pretty well that life is causeless and effectless as I have been following you for many many years.  Is yawning occur due to lack of air or oxygen in the human body system so that it automatically inhale air through by yawning. or is it due to tiredness or sleepy symptoms. Please clarify.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar. 

If you know pretty well that life is causeless and effectless, yawning too would be without a cause. If there is no cause for yawning how could yawn be due to a lack of air or oxygen? Life is a singular movement. Interpretations of the singular movement is illusory that keeps the drama of cause and effect alive


Question from New Zealand: 3-11-2017

Namaskaram. I want you to provide me an explanation on "yawning".

What causes Yawning?  In this regard I had already read explanations through many websites. Appreciate your response in this regard.  Thanks

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar,

A cause is absent for anything in life, including for yawning. Yawning is a spontaneous, uncontrollable, and unpredictable deep movement of breathing, just as breathing and any movement in life is spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable movement, including sleep.


Question from Canada: 2-11-2017

Respected Dear Dr.Shankar .

Most humbly I appreciate your below response to my queries. Reference my second query  I offer my apology for improper use of english language, What I wanted to say was that I seek guidance from you but I follow my own instinct as it happens or as I understand . Therefore I would request you to answer to my second question. With regards.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

If your second question is “One of the Popular Indian Guru/Mystic says " As there is a science and technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner wellbeing" ?”. The answer is popular Indian guru/mystic may be either full of knowledge or share wisdom.  Wisdom reveals science has evolved and will continue to evolve. Man has not made science.


Question from Canada: 1-11-2017

Respected Dear Dr.Shankar,

Please accept my Salutations,

(1). I am privileged to get your response to my previous query of Oct 31st. So far I have read almost all the available books of saints, yogis, mystics, thinkers and philosophers of India and the world and I get perplexed and confused the more I read the books and watch and listen to their CD's. All claim (Or their followers claim) to have been "self realised", " Enlightened" but I find their own understanding and guidance is contradicting each other. Many talk in a very clever way and appear to give logical teachings. It is a great circus. Therefore by reading your literature why should I add one more dimension to my state of chaos. Thus I am not following any one. One thing though all agree is that " thy will be done" in a strong measure or in diluted way. I too trust this that "Wisdom- if it is going to happen if it is to happen" - the way it has happened to you like a maverick without any guidance from anyone (not even through your elder brother to you - I think so). Nevertheless, I will keep asking the questions - because these make me restless and I need to find answers -though it may not enlighten me. I feel, I should maintain a link of communication and conversation with the souls who I surely think are in Advanced state of ultimate truth.  Therefore I ask you How to see the " direct light" ?  What needs to be done in my this state of restlessness? 

(2).One of the Popular Indian Guru/Mystic says " As there is a science and technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner wellbeing" ?  What is all this !!? Is this possible from advaita point of view; nay from the understanding of Ultimate truth and reality ??  Please guide me.  Warm regards,

Answer by Dr. Shankar

(1) Firstly, the enlightened neither claim that they are enlightened nor claim that they know enlightenment. Secondly, neither do any of my books claim enlightenment nor knows what enlightenment is. Reading wisdom is not the same as following. You follow knowledge to reach a certain destination, whereas wisdom makes you steady where you are. Thirdly, you asked for elaboration and that is why you were pointed to read elaboration.
Even to the first wise person, wisdom happened without guidance. Wisdom evolves to happen to anyone at any time with or without guidance.

Firstly, direct light is seen by anyone in every moment of daytime even in a restless state, without having to do anything to see light directly. Secondly, if by direct light you mean pure light, the human eye cannot see it, including an eye of the enlightened. Thirdly, even in a state of restlessness things happen and you come to know them only after they happen. Fourthly, you merely believe that you do them.

2) You ask for guidance and at the same time refuse guidance. This implies you defeat your request for guidance.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Canada: 31-10-2017

Respected Dear Dr.Shankar ,

Please accept my Salutations,

I am happy to get and read your response to my previous query.

You said " If man is the doer it would be possible, otherwise it is not possible" . I am not able to comprehend this statement. Is man a doer? Or events happen and there is no doer?  Request your elaboration so that I can understand.


Answerby Dr. Shankar

Have you read the book ‘The illusions of life’? In that book chapter 6 ‘The Illusion of a doer’ elaborates that man is not the doer. If you read all the books, articles, and listened to all the CD’s you will not need any elaboration of any issue in daily life. If you still need, then please ask and I will elaborate further. There is no point in elaborating when it is already elaborated.


Question from India: 29-10-2017

Dear Doctor ji,

I have a personal question for which I need an answer of wisdom. I live in India and I have a daughter of marriageable age and it is my responsibility to get her married. Though we are financially well off, somehow I am not able to get her married so far and it is causing worry and "affecting my daily life". I am even worried about her married life in future as she is very sensitive in nature and she is my only daughter.  Regards,

Answer by Dr. Shankar.

This is a normal question for every father. If a father is the doer it would be possible for him to get his daughter married, otherwise it is not possible. Life will unfold the way it is meant to unfold, spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. By marriage the bride and groom marry each other’s mind as well. Please read the article ‘Worry and Problem’ on the website. Trust and patience in life and deeply understanding the mind is vital.


Question from Canada: 28-10-2017

Respected Dear Dr.Shankar, 

Please accept my salutations,

1) I heard one Guru from India telling " Take life into your hands ; If you have mastery over your life energies 100% - life and destiny will be in your hands " . Is it really possible? Do we shape or control our destinies?  Regards,

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

If man is the doer it would be possible, otherwise it is not possible. Life will unfold the way it is meant to unfold, spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably.


Question from India:26-10-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

It seems odd that the Intelligence of Life - The source of Love and Happiness- would painstakingly at every turn ensure that mankind suffers miserably in sickness and disease, waiting for a Dr Shankar and Dr khadar to share that it needn't be so.

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

The intelligence IN life and not OF life manifests both knowledge and wisdom. Intellect as knowledge through greed makes mankind suffer in sickness and disease. Sickness and disease is normal but both are hastened by greed for money. Intellect as wisdom points to mankind the way out of greed and ill-health and into unconditional love precisely at the right moment.


Question from USA: 25-10-2017

Dr. Shankar

Was thinking deeply on Sound and Silence...In your interview with Richard Miller you mentioned "nature" and why we think going to a silent retreat, or wilderness etc is Silence---and at the same time "nature" is also the bustling Metropolis or the Noisy workplace, or the Mall etc etc...It's ALL nature....Then in its midst of sounds is silence!!! This Silence is NOT the absence of sound as we are mistaken...I feel we can sit in the Heart or Center if all the Sound and still be in Silence where not a thing can disturb---You are the sound, the movement, the horns, the voices--all of it AND still deep Silence....I am beginning to taste this now in life....Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar.

Light is silence and light reflects sound. Sound disturbs and sound as illusory words also disturbs. When you understand that sound and words are illusory you are silent, meaning you do not react.


Question from USA: 24-10-2017

By do not react what do you mean? I am around people all day in Hospital….some are not the friendliest…..Meaning that one cannot be bothered by their actions? Being engaged but also completely at ease? Thank You  

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

The evolved mind is conditioned to various issues in daily life. Deep understanding of your daily life reveals enlightenment. Read the articles what does reaction mean and what does response mean. Listen to the CD’s reaction; response and reaction and response. See DVD’s of the same topics. If you still have questions after that please do ask.


Question from USA: 22-10-2017

Was browsing through old books in my Library...was reading some commentary on Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali---was discussing the nuances of the word "lakshana" or "state" of an object in the mind...saying it Did exist in past, exists in Present and can exist in the future...as you say Life is Eternally Now! It is always now, timeless and thoughtless.....why did they torture themselves with all these commentaries on every single word when Truth is NOW---always......

Hoping all is Well

Answer by Dr. Shankar.

They did not torture themselves. They believed in the superficial truth that had evolved in them. It was nevertheless a belief which was superficial truth but not irrefutable wisdom.


Question from India: 18-10-2017

Dear Doctor,

Recently I bought "Kaivalya Gita-1" through Amazon.in .and I found this book useful. I usually get disturbed when things do not go as I expected. Shall I just watch the disturbance in me or try to focus on something else?  With regards,

Answer by Dr. Shankar.

The evolved mind and memory is vast and conditioned. There are many other issues than disturbance and expectation in the mind as memory. Read all the books and listen to the many CD’s available in the website of the academy of advaita. You will find them useful.


Question from USA: 14-10-2017

My question is, if everything comes from light (sound and all of manifestation) where does this light come from or where did it come from?  I know my consciousness can never experience the Absolute because what I am is prior to consciousness, but I do wonder about that question. Also, light is just a word used to describe something that cannot be described. Words aren't actually what these things are.. Maybe any and all concepts are unnecessary.  Maybe there is no real way you can explain it. What do you say. Thank you.

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

Light comes as a reflection of the absolute or pure light. Consciousness or light cannot experience the absolute or pure light, because the absolute or pure light is prior to consciousness or light. You are a reflection of consciousness or light. This implies that consciousness is prior to ‘I am’.  Light is what you see as light and darkness without the thought or word of light and darkness. Light is what you sense as heat and cold without the thought or word of heat and cold. Light is what you sense as taste and smell without the thought or word of taste and smell. Light is what you hear as sound without the thought or word of music or word.


Question from Netherlands: 12-10-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

I read that cannibalism was widespread in the past among humans in many parts of the world, continuing into the 19th century in some isolated South Pacific cultures, and to the present day in parts of tropical Africa. Nowadays cannibalism is rare in the world as the vast majority of humanity has evolved to consume only animal meat. Does that signify that one day the vast majority of humanity will have evolved to eat only vegetarian food and not animal meat anymore, and that still further down in the process of evolution even vegetarian food will not be eaten anymore by humans? it seems that in a way man goes back: first, man eats man, then he eats what he was before he was man, which is animal, and still later what he was before he was animal, which is vegetation. Will the human body evolve to become a quantum of energy or light that does not require energy which transforms as food as we know it now to sustain itself? Thank you.

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

If man goes back as you say in what he eats, man would need: to eat only matter which was before vegetation; eat only minerals which was before matter; eat only compounds of matter which was before matter; eat only molecules of compounds which was before compounds; eat only atoms of molecules which was before molecules. He is already eating atoms of molecules, but has man become only a quantum of energy as you way he would. Man is already a quantum of energy and does not require becoming a quantum of energy. It is also not possible to find only atoms AS food to eat because there are none. Atoms exist as molecules, compounds, minerals, matter, vegetation, animal and humans. A realisation that man is a quantum of energy has happened to few. They are the enlightened. Therefore man will eat what he is evolved to eat, and whatever food is eaten by man, the food is a form of molecules, compounds, minerals, matter, vegetation and animal. Man realises that he is a quantum of energy as wisdom evolves in man. The realisation is enlightenment. As long as man is with a body the body requires energy as food to sustain the body.


Reply from USA: 8-10-2017

Dr. Shankar—

Thank You…..A acutely strong sense of understanding, which already took birth some some time ago, has evolved again here with reading your answer to my previous question today to a greater, much more refined place. Thank You


Question from USA: 8-10-2017

Dr. Shankar---

 Hoping you are well....I was thinking the last few days about the Human urge to experience ''oneness''....comparing oneness to being under anaesthesia and not knowing at all OR deep dreamless sleep, or bodily death...We cant ever ''experience'' any of this until we awaken from anaesthesia, or deep sleep....Death we will not awaken from so that leaves that easier then the first two. We all try to ruminate on our ideas of oneness but only from a waking perspective.....As you say when true oneness happens you won’t be there to experience it---you will BE it....Why do we still wish to contemplate on trying to know it nevertheless???? Thanks

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Oneness cannot be known, because oneness signifies: the seer, seeing, and the seen are one; the knower, knowing and the known are one; the experiencer, experiencing and the experienced are one. This implies that the enlightened is in oneness eternally: in life, in dream, in deep sleep, in anaesthesia, and in bodily death as well.


Question from India: 7-10-2017

Dear Sir,

How did the Indian sages of ancient time know about accurate movement of planets and Sun( astrology and astronomy) even before the invention of telescope? Can a human being with limited power of five senses and a mind comprehend this without any modern devises at that time? Is there something called super natural power?  Regards,

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The intelligence in life manifests both knowledge and wisdom in ancient times as well as in modern times. Man does not make either knowledge or wisdom in ancient as well as in modern times. The mind is limited in ancient times as well as in modern times. The intelligence in life is light and light is supernatural power.


Question from Netherlands: 6-10-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

I read that scientists believe that cancer cells can become addicted to the cancer drugs that are designed to kill the cancer cells.

And now herethey also inform us that they have uncovered “a pathway that underpins drug addiction in cancer cells”. I do not have the scientific background to understand these scientists properly but it nevertheless makes me wonder how much sense their claim can make. All addictions, albeit illusory, exist solely in the mind as illusory thoughts and not in life where cells evolve as an optical illusion. As far as I understand, a cell which includes a mind does not exist, let alone a cell with an addicted mind. Since the food that man eats transforms as his or her body, it would make more sense to me if scientists were eager to uncover a possible relation between food and cancer. After all, as you have put it: “Man does not eat medicines to get ill-health”. What is the deep understanding which has not happened as yet to the scientists?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Scientists come to know what evolves in them. This implies that scientists cannot uncover anything to know it. Man is not the doer, speaker or thinker. The deep understanding that man is not the doer, speaker and thinker is yet to happen not only to scientists but to man in general.


Question from Netherlands: 5-10-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

What is the function of fibre in food? If I am correct, both food with no fibre in it and food with a lot of fibre in it release glucose, so the release of glucose does not seem to be the function of fibre. If release of glucose were the function of fibre, food with no fibre would not release glucose. How would the intelligence in life as intellect inform as wisdom to man what the function(s) is (are) of high, or as Dr. Khadar puts it, ‘the right amount’ of fibre in food?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Firstly, food with little fibre content releases glucose immediately or quickly, food with high fibre content release glucose slowly. Glucose is released from the fibre content of food by the intelligence in life. Food with no fibre such as sugar releases glucose instantly or immediately. Secondly, ‘how’ or ‘why’ is not applicable to the intelligence in life. Thirdly, Dr. Khadar does not speak of the right amount of fibre in food.


Question from Netherlands: 4-10-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

With reference to article intelligence 3, you explain that a reaction is a movement, either of a body or of thoughts. Furthermore, that body and thoughts move before and after the reaction as well, but that the movement of body or thoughts before and after the reaction are not labelled as a reaction. The thought that occurred to me was that for example the colours red, orange and yellow in a rainbow are sitting next to each other. The point where one colour ends and the other colour begins can be seen. Would it be correct to say that, just as the body and thoughts move before and after the reaction, the colour orange, which sits in between red and yellow, is included in red and yellow as well but is not labelled as orange where red and yellow is seen, and no precise cut-off point between the colours do exist? What do you, in the same article, mean by “Different colours in a petal of a flower are an example of the precision of the intelligence in life.”?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Firstly, besides before and after an action there is movement of the body which are not labelled as an action, there are many movements within an action that are not labelled as an action. Secondly, the exact point where one colour in a rainbow begins and ends cannot be determined. The point where one colour ends and the other begin is an optical illusion. Thirdly, similarly the different colours in a petal have no definite beginning or ending point. The colours in a rainbow and colours on a petal are examples of the intelligence in life


Question from India: 1-10-2017

Dear Sir,

If and when wisdom happens to a man or woman, does he or she feel pride that he or she became wise?  Regards.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

A wise being neither knows that he or she is wise nor does a wise being feel pride.


Question from Netherlands: 28-9-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

The fact that you and Dr. Khadar are together present in the world, each sharing wisdom to help humanity to become completely healthy in his mind and to become completely healthy bodily startles me deeply. Has humanity ever been blessed by life with such an immense opportunity to become healthy totally, to become free of the illnesses of the mind and body? Correct me if I am wrong, Dr. Shankar, but something within tells me that it has not happened before. If that is true, no man, least of all those who have not begun to understand their conditioned mind and body deeply as yet, can begin to comprehend the significance of Dr. Khadar and you being together present in the world, both sharing wisdom with humanity to help humanity to become healthy totally. One day bodily illnesses will be just names of the past and only bodily health remains, just as all the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘should nots’ as knowledge in the mind, the illnesses of the mind, will be just names of the past one day and only trust, patience and gratitude remains. Truly wonderful.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

One day man and woman will not only understand that their body and mind is an illusion of light and sound, they will also understand that the world and whatever the human mind knows is an illusion of light and sound as well.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Netherlands: 27-9-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

If an explanation such as in the article ‘Intelligence 8’ does not help man to understand that the state of the world including the state of his or her own body and mind is, has always been and will always be every moment the reflection of the unbelievable intelligence in life, if such an explanation will not make the sun rise within us as trust, patience and gratitude, what else will?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

The intelligence in life gifts humanity wise messengers and wise messages at the precise moment.


Question from Netherlands: 26-9-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Dr. Khadar has figured out something wonderful. If am correct, the millets he mentions -fox tail, brown top, barnyard, kodo and little millets- are the same in terms of regulation of glucose into the blood stream, but they vary in what they clean in the body. About brown top millet Dr. Khadar says: it cleans the body ‘almost from your hair to your fingernails’, barnyard cleans ‘all your soft parts’, little millets cleans up ‘your gonads’ and kodo cleans up ‘your bone marrow’. He also says about kodo: ‘the essence of your being itself is cleaned up’ and ‘the real energy, the real strength comes from this kodo millet’. And about fox tail he says: ‘almost the complete grain’, ‘as a whole, it gives you well-being’. Would you be so kind to make it more clear which part of the body is being cleaned by which millet? And would you also be so kind to explain the relation between copper and clean water? Thank you

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

Dr. Khadar’s description of each millet indicates which part of the body is cleaned by millet. Copper is the only element whose electrons move in a circular fashion. This circular movement purifies water by enabling impurities to sink to the bottom of the copper vessel.


Question from Netherlands: 25-9-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you for bringing the videos of Dr. Khadar under our attention, I have listened to them the same day and they are wonderful together with your articles! The switching over to eating millets is happening for me. I came across millet bread, which contains millet-flower, among other ingredients such as buckwheat, cornflour, sourdough, linseed, sunflower oil, sea salt and honey. Are millets still beneficial when they are in the form of flour? Can cooked millets be used in an oven-meal or is it better not to expose cooked millets to oven-heat? If it is fine, is there a maximum oven-temperature to which cooked millets should be exposed?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

Buckwheat, corn flour, sourdough and oils are processed foods, especially oils. Linseed and sunflower oil is a notion of those oils and not really those oils. Millets can be formed into flour and are beneficial as millet flour. There is no harm in oven cooked millets.


Question from India: 24-9-2017

Dear Sir,

People often blame me for not putting enough effort when a task is not completed in time . I can't tell them that the task will be completed only when it is meant to because they will not agree and say that unless I put more effort it will never happen. Shall I try to convince them? Regards

Answer from Dr. Shankar

When wisdom happens you will understand that unless wisdom happens to others they will not understand wisdom. When wisdom happens you will neither try nor convince others what wisdom is. When wisdom happens you will understand that no one can be convinced until conviction happens to them.


Question from India: 23-9-2017


In daily life many times we are cheated by known as well as unknown people financially or otherwise.  A feeling of resentment and anger happens and our peace of mind is lost. What is the wisdom view under such circumstances?


Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The wisdom is whatever is meant to happen will happen and no force on earth can stop it and what is not meant to happen will not happen and no force on earth can make it happen.


Question from Brazil: 22-9-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

It is still in my to do list reserve a time to study Dr. Shankar’s writings.

I know from Brazilian spiritualism that we are much more than physical bodies and we have always to move forward to learn more about our spiritual nature. And most important: apply goodness in favour of others.  So I am totally interested in know more "flavours" of the true. Now I register in your mail list and can follow you closer than before. Kind regard.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

We will meet if we are meant to meet. We are more than physical bodies, because every atom of our physical body is light and every atom of our physical body is not physical body. The smart phone is evidence that proves that intelligence including artificial intelligence is light, because every atom of whatever exists including the smart phone is light and every atom of whatever exists including the smart phone is neither everything that exists nor the smart phone.


Question from USA: 21-9-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

The revelation about millet is quite fascinating. Indeed an eye opener for science and medicine. If possible can Dr. Shankar please add a few more details that would help remove the guesswork regarding millets.  How much millet is to be eaten in a day for an average adult? How is the millet to be eaten- soaked, cooked as in parching, boiling, frying etc.? Should anything be added to it such as sugar, spices, milk, dates, raisins etc.? How often in a day should millet be eaten? Can it be added to other foods items such as nuts, grains etc.?

 Forever grateful.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

Millets are to be eaten as every meal. Eat every day, Foxtail millet, brown top millet, kodo millet, barnyard millet and little millet. Do not mix millets. Eat one type every day of the week. No sugar, chocolate or drinks loaded with sugar. Please see the you-tube talk by Dr. Khadar titled: Dr. Khadar on complete health in english Tantva. Also read the article ‘Intelligence 7’ on the website. Ask any question.


Question from India: 20-9-2017

Dear Sir,

I am reading your articles on web one by one. Though they are simple and easy to understand, I feel the necessity of asking questions since the answers confirm the matter already written in the article. Repeated interaction with you may help for deeper understanding in questioner. Sir, Does a man with understanding of wisdom,(wise man) still have greed and jealousy , if he had them before wisdom happens to him?  Regards,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

Questions are always welcomed. A wise man does not have greed or jealousy. A wise one is contended with what life has given him or her. A man could have greed and jealousy before wisdom happens to him.


Question from USA: 20-9-2017

Dr. Shankar—

Oh OK thank you regarding the DVD’s that is great! ……I have a question as well——I used to meditate in my closet in the dark and pretty much no sound….In that place I felt able simply to observe thoughts and then watch them dissipate..when finished they would come back as described by all the enlightened sages…I found it useful for only 1 purpose and that was to get a view from ‘’behind’’ the vortex of thoughts….to see the un-real nature of the things the mind produces…Is it still useful if incorporating the understanding I have received from your books and videos to use that knowledge to understand that quiet area of the mind in a more intricate and deeper way? Or is that simply a way to unwind after a busy day and leave it at that?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

The understanding received from books and videos can be incorporated in any situation in daily life in a deeper way. This deep incorporation unwinds every moment that appears busy and difficult to the conditioned mind.


Question from India: 17-9-2017


I intellectually understand that man cannot be the doer of deeds and whatever is meant to happen in a moment will happen and not meant to happen will not happen. But in actual interaction in daily life, this understanding does not happen and I behave as though I am in control of life. However , after the events or at the end of the day, when I ponder over it, I regret for my so called acts and think that though I have this knowledge, why I acted in a bad way.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

That man is not the doer is easy to understand as knowledge and this knowledge reflects behaviour in daily life that man is in control of life. This knowledge however reflects a quality of speech and actions, which clearly confirm that man is the doer in daily life. But, when wisdom that man is not the doer happens, the wisdom reflects a quality of speech and actions every moment in daily life, which is full of unconditional love, unconditional care and unconditional concern for everyone and everything.


Question from Netherlands: 16-9-2017

Dr. Shankar.

If the information which I have is correct, essential hypertension has no identifiable cause, affecting 95 % of hypertensive human beings. Does this mean that mainstream medicine does not understand as yet that raised blood pressure is due to thickened blood which in turn is due to excess of glucose in the blood? In other words: mainstream medicine does not understand the relation between food and (raised) blood pressure?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

The deep understanding of the relation between glucose and raised blood pressure is yet to happen to mainstream medicine.


Question from USA: 16-9-2017

Dr. Shankar-

You have said that ‘’journey’’ is the Realization that Life is A Singular Movement…..Not a sum of events or an exclusive event….the realization that there is no point to reach….that the destination is the journey, whether in the toilet, at work, etc……i think that is what I have yet to Realize….hence all the uncomfortable feelings at work, or changing work, or changing careers, or anything else…..I need to understand that fully……Thank You

You also said Life Unfolds the Way It Does, NOT the way the mind expects it to Unfold…..I am expecting it to Unfold the way Frank wants it to……..that is very powerful knowledge..that I have yet to Realize.

Answer from Dr. Shankar:

Happy for you that right understanding is happening to you.


Question from USA: 15-9-2017

Dr. Shankar--

Hoping all is well...My question involves a topic I have asked on before and you have graciously answered as well. Regarding certain places in life---job, state currently living in, career etc. I spoke of Nursing School. My desire to do that has gone. I still work in the Emergency Room but as of now that desire is gone. One looks ahead and does not see something else to do. The only other real passions are Art, and Exercise. I know that something Not Meant to Be is exactly correct as I feel that, but the not meant to be is not leaving an alternative to that.... At least I do not see it. Trust in the Intelligence of Life-----is it the intelligence that puts the lack of desire in your life? But what does it do after that? Thank You 

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

When in emergency room did you have an alternative and did the alternative happen? Wait and see whether arts and exercise happen or something else happens. When what is not meant to be is what it is meant to be, it implies that an alternative will be when it is meant to be. You will see the alternative when it is meant to be. The intelligence in life manifests everything, including desire and the lack of it.


Reply from India: 13-9-2017.

Sir, many thanks for the answer to my question on 13-9-2017


Question from India: 13-9-2017


The knowledgeable gurus who preach to people to do sadhanas, who advise people to do spiritual practice, have huge followers and are famous, where as Gurus with wisdom who share understanding of non doer ship have few followers and are usually not popular among people.

Does it mean that people do not like to be told that they are not in control of life events? Regards,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

People do not like to be told that they are not in control of life because they believe that they are in control of life and should be in control of life. This applies to the followers as well as to the knowledgeable gurus. The wisdom of non-doership is yet to happen to people, to the followers and to the knowledgeable gurus as well. Firstly, the wise do not say that they are gurus. Secondly, the wise understand that the understanding of non-doership is yet to happen to people, the followers and the knowledgeable gurus and only the belief that they are the doers and therefore should practise sadhanas has happened to them.


Mail from USA: 11-9-2017

Dr. Shankar, I am currently without Power from the Hurricane. Reading Chapter 12 Certain Uncertainty from the book ‘The Power of Illusion’. I see how everyone wants the "There" to be a place with Power restored and back to normal etc etc.....But happiness is here--now! The Chapter is very powerful and perfect for Today! Hoping all is well.


Question from Canada: 9-9-2017

Respected Dear Dr.Shankar, Salutations to the all pervading wisdom . Please accept it.

1) I am ever grateful to your replies to my questions and I am absorbing them, albeit as knowledge which I trust will convert into "wisdom" at particular time. The seeds of the wisdom will act as "seeds" and turn into banyan tree when it is meant to happen. So I trust. Request and Seek your Blessings : "Sankalpa " for me- the real self - so that "Wisdom" dawns upon me.

2) In Bhagvadgita, Krishna has conveyed to Arjuna all different methods for living life with wisdom and having found Arjuna still ignorant; finally showed him his "Virat Swarupa" and Arjuna got the wisdom ! What does this all mean: why so much time is wasted by Krishna? After all, was Krishna beforehand telling to Arjuna all that was in the realm of "Illusion"( knowledge) and finally disclosed "wisdom" ?!

3) Having read true life stories of great sages/Gurus of recent times- "Shaktipat": the "transmission of the Divine energy" into the deserving disciple: I wish to know how does this could be possible?

4) lastly ( for now !) since "if it is going to happen it will happen" -is asking these questions of any value to me? Will your answers uplift me or anybody so that we are close to the "land of wisdom".... so to say .?! And will not have any queries/questions thereof or doubts? I bow before the almighty

Answer from Dr. Shankar:

1: Trust is vital if it happens. Blessings are always there. There is no need to request or seek blessings.

2. Understand Krishna did not write the Bhagwat Gita. Krishna disclosed the illusory to Arjuna, which was wisdom.

3. Gurus of recent times are either knowledgeable or enlightened. The knowledgeable converse knowledge and not transmit knowledge, while the enlightened share wisdom and do not say that they transmit or convey wisdom. Understand both knowledge and wisdom is divine energy.

4) Asking questions happens to you and you do not ask. You will know the value of asking questions when deep understanding of the answers happen to you. You will only know the uplift after it happens. Similarly, you will know whether you have queries/questions or doubts after they happen or after they do not happen. Patience and trust in life is vital.


Answer from USA : 9-9-2017

Yes, Dr. Shankar, we control nothing.


Question from USA: 7-9-2017

Dr. Shankar——

Hoping all is well….On the verge of a potentially deadly storm here in Florida. I am understanding all the manifestations the Intelligence of Life brings. We are in preparation and whatever is meant is what is meant. Thank You for ALL your kind wisdom….Thank You

Answer from Dr. Shankar:

Man cannot control nature. Nature will unfold the way it is meant to unfold. Man and woman are a part of nature and cannot control his or her life. Man or woman’s life will unfold the way it is meant to unfold.


Question from Canada: 7-9-2017

I am grateful to you for your wise responses to my previous questions. My questions now are :

1) " Patience and Trust in life is paramount " . "Who" will have Patience and Who will show "Trust" in life ? If it is going to happen then it will happen. Is that so ?

2) Are we simply just "Robots" being controlled - moment to moment , by super intelligence ? And the Robot thinks that all the action is done by him/her solely and all the responsibility is his/her ?

3) Is the person- full of wisdom, utilises his/her five senses differently or use these like any other human being thus not getting detected in the common mass of people ? Please accept my salutations.

Answer from Dr. Shankar:

1) The depth of understanding of the mind and life that anyone has will have the depth of patience. He or she will also show trust in life rather than the mind. The depth of understanding will happen if it is meant to happen.

2) We are robots (men or women) controlled in the moment by the mind with the understanding it (man or woman) has for the moment due to their intellect. The robot (man or woman) does not understand that it (man or woman) is neither the doer nor the thinker, which reflects the depth of understanding that the robot (man or woman) has.

3) A person full of wisdom understands that his or her senses function the way they are meant to function, just as it does in any person. He or she understands that they do not use their senses.


Question from USA: 6-9-2017

Dr. Shankar——

The spectacular Intelligence of Life is showing its aspect of Power this week as we here in Florida possibly prepare for a large Hurricane named Irma…..But there is NO worry—this is life itself…will do what is needed to help those in need if it comes here……

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

The intelligence in life besides manifesting hurricane Irma also manifests the preparation and any help that is given before, during and after. Man does not make them at anytime.


Question from USA: 5-9-2017

Dr. Shankar-

Hoping all is well...

I was at the new Hospital Job orientation I told you about. They had a projector and it made me think of the projected Universe of Light from the Intelligence of Life. One cannot see the information on the way to the screen but only once it hits the screen. You have mentioned over and over that pure light is invisible and that is true. The projector is emanating that light, and that information is somehow contained in that light. As we are also a projection, an illusion of light, that means that our projections are also false.....the illusion of light goes on and on.......is this Intelligence that projects the illusionary light in a way giving life to that light, albeit an illusion? Thanks

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:



Question from India: 3-9-2017


I read with interest your answer to a question from Canada regarding importance of Karma. Your answer is so perfect and precise.

I understand when I am not the doer of deeds, then I am not responsible for any karma as well as karma phala. With regards,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

Yes man is not responsible. Life merely flows as a singular movement and there is no distinct cut off point between one action and the next, for karma to be applicable.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Canada: 3-9-2017

Dear Dr.Shankar, Salutations

I am grateful for your kind replies to my questions asked on 1-9-2017 . However , I find that the qusetion #5 as below remains unanswered:

" What is your understanding of "Importance of Karma": (as talked about in almsot all religions and expounded by almost all the "Swamis/monks" in their discourses) - Prarabdha , Sanchita and Kriyamana Karmas and your advice for good karmas ?" Thank you Sir for your time & kindness . Please accept my Salutations.

Answer from Dr. Shankar:

1) The importance of karma is to understand that karma is what life is at any moment and that man cannot make life to be what life is at any moment.

2) The importance of karma is to understand that life manifests a moment and man does not and cannot manifest a moment.

3) The importance of karma is to understand that the first man on earth could not have had prarabdha karma, because he did not have a past.  

4) The importance of karma is to understand that the first man of earth could not have had sanchita karma as prarabdha karma is part of sanchita karma and he could not have had prarabdha karma. 

5) The importance of karma is to understand that the first man on earth could not have had kriyanama karma, because man is not the doer in any moment.

Lastly, I do not give advice.


Question from India: 2-9-2017

Sir, after reading many of your articles on web site, I do not have many questions to ask. However I am curious to know that when wisdom happens to a man and cements in him, whether it will be with him for the rest of his life time? Regards,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Once wisdom cements it will be him or her for the rest of his or her life time.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Canada: 1-9-2017

Dear Dr.Shankar , Salutations.

1) Having gone through your answers to all the queries, I feel that your answers are full of wisdom coming out from that moment but are very difficult to understand. The tone and tenor of the replies is like a highly educated professor answering to kindergarten children. How can we understand?

2) And thus when the wisdom speaks does it not get corrupted and diluted to the receiver? Can ever wisdom be spoken in words and understood thereof?

3) Is the answer to the query is given to generate more questions because the reply given is not understood causing more confusion?

4) Is Astrology a divine science or just a hoax or statistical jugglery?

5) What is your understanding of "Karma": (as talked about in religion and expounded by almost all the "Swamis" in their discourses) - Prarabdha , Sanchita and Kriyamana Karmas and your advice for good karmas ?

May I request your grace to respond to my questions with compassion thus delivering me answers in simple lanuauge so that these could be understood by myself. Please accept my gratitude and love. Salutations.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

1) Humans have done nothing to understand knowledge. Both understanding and knowledge have evolved in humans. Similarly, wisdom too evolves and so also its understanding in humans. It appears difficult for knowledge to understand wisdom; because knowledge does not understand wisdom is understood as understanding of wisdom evolves. Highly educated professor is a concept in knowledge but not in wisdom.

2) Wisdom is misunderstood by knowledge. Wisdom is always spoken in words, and is understood if understanding of wisdom has evolved in those who listen or read.

3) Answer is always given patiently to understand and to question more if answer is not understood.

4) Every science is divine including astrology and statistics. It depends on understanding them as knowledge or as wisdom.

5) The wise always respond with compassion in simple language. The wise, however, though compassion is present in their answers, cannot make anyone to understand. The understanding has to evolve to understand wisdom. So far understanding has evolved in the majority to understand knowledge but not wisdom. Patience and trust in life is paramount.


Question from USA: 31-8-2017

Dr. Shankar

Hoping all is well--I was lying down to sleep with a few things running over and over in my mind. I read your article "Have"....It has made those thoughts of chatter calm down ....Thank You

Answer from Dr. Shankar:

All is well no matter how they are. Listen to the CD’s on the website; they will calm the thoughts of chatter further more.


Reply from Netherlands: 29-8-2017

Thank you, Dr. Shankar for the warm and wise response for my mail on 28-8-2017


Question from Netherlands: 28-8-2017

Heart-to-heart contact in-the-moment.

The eternal NOW. A chance (?) meeting on Friday morning. Check my website on health.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

Numerical time is absent in the moment ‘here and now’, the moment of heart-to heart contact. Therefore the moment of heart to heart contact has no day such as Friday. Sun-light transforms whatever food that enters the body through a series of biochemical evolutionary steps to finally produce glucose. Food either grown or processed also releases glucose but quickly. The intake of food that releases glucose after a series of steps leads to good health. The intake of food that releases glucose quickly leads to ill-health. The intake of food and glucose, are a manifestation by the intelligence in life, and not by the intellect in the mind.


Question from India: 25-8-2017


Please let me know when wisdom happens to a man, does he know whether it is knowledge or wisdom that has happened to him. Regards

Answer from Dr. Shankar:

Good and honest question. Man can never know when knowledge or wisdom happens to him, because primitive man knew knowledge only after it evolved in him and not before knowledge evolved to happen to him. Therefore, modern man knows knowledge or wisdom only after either happens to him. When knowledge happens to man there is doubt, arguments, judgements, impatience and reactions. When wisdom happens everyone is accepted as they are because wisdom understands that no one can be other than who they are. Therefore when wisdom happens there is clarity, patience and unconditional love for everyone and everything.


Question from USA: 23-8-2017

Dr. Shankar--

Hoping all is well. I have continued to think deeply on our previous email. You had wrote that my Father was right in regard to following my heart and that it would never steer in the wrong direction. As regards my direction in life-trust is there and I was thinking that if I say " the intelligence of Life knows what is best for me ", I still could be wrong in the sense that everything being a timeless, thoughtless Now truly means there is No ME to say that...Is it the infinite potential of the Intelligence in Life to manifest these many views such as "my life journey" and also "no me" at the same time? Thank YoU

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar:

The intelligence in life manifests human intellect that produces many views of the journey in life and also a ‘me’ as knowledge, albeit illusory. The intellect also manifests wisdom which indicates that there is no ‘me’ and the intelligence in life manifests a singular flow of the human body as it is meant to flow. Wisdom also indicates the flow will unfold the way it is meant to unfold, albeit illusory.


Answer from USA:

Dr. Shankar, thank You for the answer for my question asked on 19-8-2017. I understand your answer.


Question from USA: 19-8-2017

A colleague I spoke to you previous about now wishes to "save" my soul and everyone is bound for a hell....Don't want to act rudely but any advice on the right words for this person?

Answerfrom Dr.Shankar:

I do not give advice. The right words are: The soul is always in heaven. Superficial understanding of duality by the ego may or may not be hell.

Dr. Shankar


Question from USA: 17-8-2017

Dr. Shankar

I recently told a hospital colleague my decisions on changing jobs and so forth and was given a complete lecture on how my next "move" was all wrong for me. To my comedic amazement. I explained that I know the decision is absolutely correct and I was doing exactly what I was meant to do right at this exact time. The colleague completely did not comprehend this and continued with the "friendly" lecture! My father was correct when he always said follow your heart and you will always be fine...Why cannot someone understand what I was trying to express? Thank You

Answerfrom Dr.Shankar:

Everyone understands what he or she is meant to understand, just as you understood what you were meant to understand. Your father was right.


Question from Canada: 16-8-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you. I couldn't put my finger on the DVD ‘Non-Duality-Life as it is’ then and now it appears that I am understanding it more from a sense of separate individuals [except for the baby] as doers. Now it seems I have more of an understanding that it is the wholeness playing different parts.

Thank you again.

Answerfrom Dr.Shankar:

The understanding that wholeness plays different parts signifies that the different parts are whole as well. Life is a tremendous opportunity to know yourself.


Answer from Canada:

Thank you for the explanation of the DVD ‘Non Duality-Life as it is’ on the website menu bar button 'Film Life as it is'. I'm finding it easier to follow now.


Question from USA: 14-8-2017

Dr. Shankar

In response to my email regarding moving away to California---I guess the intelligence of Life is seeing that my immediate destiny is still in Florida as I was offered a new ER job with another company and accepted...For the time being this is what it is...This is wisdom in the NOW....If it is meant for another time I will flow with that then....Hoping all is well Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Accept whatever happens to you with the understanding that nothing else other than that can happen to you.


Answer from USA.

Thank you for answering my quetion asked on 12-8-2017


Question from USA: 12-8-2017

Dr. Shankar

Hoping all is well. I really enjoyed the movie. It brought many years of Advaita study to a sharper point with simple explanations. The end where it went into the baby's skin to beyond the micro level back again to macro was excellent and in a much better way reminded me of a book I read many years ago but much better! On another subject, a great close friend of mine--Emergency Nurse/Paramedic, his Renal Cancer has spread despite oral chemotherapy. It is now time to stop oral and progress to IV/Port Access chemo. His Time is running out. I must say honestly I am a tad annoyed that "he" most likely will be gone soon. I know the Intelligence of Life is just that--infinite intelligence...Why is there a trace of sadness and annoyance? Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Sadness and annoyance is present when sickness happens to us or to someone who we know. If sadness and annoyance were real we would be sad and annoyed if sickness happens to anyone, but we are not. When we deeply understand sickness as a state of nature, we will be unconditionally compassionate, unconditionally loving and caring, and neither sad nor annoyed.


Question from USA: 11-8-2017

Requesting Dr Shankar

Is it possible to give once and for all - as it is so obvious from the questions and answers- a written running explanation of the DVD -LIFE AS IT IS. I have watched it so many times and still cannot make sense of it. It would be so easy to follow the DVD with a complete explanation. Very many thanks.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

I was patiently waiting for people to ask what they did not understand in the DVD- ‘Non Duality-Life as it is.’ I will certainly send you a written explanation of the DVD in an attachment and also include the explanation in the website menu bar button Film Non-Duality.


Answer from INDIA.

Thank you for the wisdom to my question asked on 5-8-2017


Answer from INDIA:

Thank you for  clarifying my question asked on 6-8-2017


Question from India: 6-8-2017

Dear Sir,

I am a 59 year old man from India. I am glad that I could find this web site. I read many articles from you. I have a personal question. Whenever I come in contact with persons who behave rudely, I get angry and retaliate. If some body insults me, the same reaction happens. I need your advise on this.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Please understand that if you retaliate to another there is no difference between you and the other. Both are the same. Please understand that all are who they are and cannot be other than who they are. This understanding if it cements, you will be compassionate to anyone you meet no matter how they behave.


Question from India: 5-8-2017

Dear and Respected Guruji,


In 2005, a genuine Hindu Monk instructed new types of breathing and postures. This new technique still remains one of the hidden treasures. Yes, this is not disseminated at all. Recently, I have gone through your spiritual and other articles in our web pages. Your writings are superb indeed. Your concepts have indeed captivated me. That's why I like to share my experiences with you. I desire to instruct this new yogic techniques through our academy. I politely propose the following two options:

1) If it is possible for any one of you to come to my home, I will gladly instruct the relevant new techniques.

2) Alternatively, I am prepared to meet you anywhere you like and instruct this package. Please write to me at your earliest possible time. Thank you.

I Remain, Ever yours Spiritually,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Breathing always happens even the breathing techniques happen if they are meant to happen. When understanding happens that breathing and techniques happen, including anything that man does and man does not make any of them happen he or she is enlightened.


Question from India: 4-8-2017

Dear and Respected Guruji,

I do agree and accept this Upadesham, I am following this from this micro second. Thank you. I remain, Ever spiritually yours

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Please understand that the moment in life and in the mind happens faster than a micro second.


Question from India: 3-8-2017

Dear beloved and respected Guruji,

Today is visithikarana, second part. You know more than me that except prayers and meditations, nothing should be exchanged. So, I will end my good news day after tomorrow. Thank you. Ever Spiritually Yours,

Answer from Dr. Shankar

Firstly, every day is today, even tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Secondly, every moment is today, even tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Thirdly, nothing can be exchanged in the moment that anything is, because what is in the moment cannot be other than what it is. Fourthly, understand every moment you are in life is good news.


Question from India: 3-8-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

I am from India and I have been your follower for many years. I have lost my job as a CEO and am unable to get an alternative job, which is creating real hardship for me and my family. Can I do anything about it or I will have to embrace life and let everything unfold, as per life's plan.

With best regards,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Firstly, did you do anything to be a CEO? Understand that the CEO job happened to you. Similarly, the next job will happen to you. Patience and trust in life’s flow is important. Life is like a river, it flows. There are ups and downs in life’s flow just as there are in any flow of the river. Embrace the flow and trust its flow. Secondly, have you read the book ‘The illusions of Life’ in Hindi? The book will help you to trust life’s flow.


Question from USA: 3-8-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

I have read some of your books and watched some videos and listened to some audios. Recently I noticed that I am reluctant to read/watch/listen to your talks. I asked myself why I was being reluctant and this is what I came up with. I am afraid that I might become really lazy and quit my job and sit in a corner if I continue. I know this is a crazy thought, yet it keeps me reluctant to pursue what is being pointed to. I hope you can clarify. Many thanks. 

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Have you become lazy and quite your job? Try to become lazy and find out if become lazy and quit the job? Life flows only in one way and the one way cannot be in another way than the way it is. The ego defends knowledge in many ways. Life is like a river, it has its ups and downs, but it nevertheless flows the way it is meant to flow. The reluctance to wisdom too is in the flow.


Question from USA: 2-8-2017

Dr. Shankar--

I am currently at work in the ER...It is quite right now at 7:40 am and I am reading Illusions of Life page 38 where you wrote " Because man has not yet professed manifestation as an illusion, he is convinced that he should make something of himself".....YES---at work when quiet one looks at others in comparison all day and says they are doing better than me etc....it is a typical cycle of my mind at work....all day! Reading that was very appropriate for this moment!

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Life manifests precisely every moment.


Question from India: 2-8-2017

Dear and Respected Guruji,

I have not met you earlier. I know about you from internet. I will email on tomorrow with some good news. I Remain, Ever Spiritually Yours,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

What in the internet made you to know about me? I await to hear the good news from you.


Question from USA: 1-8-2017

Dr. Shankar

I will let Life take its course, feeling that I am meant to be out West and not in Florida in the future, but we shall see. Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Life will flow its course the way it is meant to flow. Live the life that is flowing for you. Understand the future is not away from you, the future is the life that flows for you every moment.


Question from USA: 31-7-2017

Dr. Shankar

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer me and my many questions….The latest question to you regarding moving has been bothering me for quite some time and I believe has affected my life over the last 1-2 years…..It is still bothering me and is quite a difficult decision that I feel may be correct to move but my trust in life is not where it should be….But I thank you for taking the time…..

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Understand how the move from New York to Florida Happen. You will then understand how the move to California happens, if it is meant to happen. Botheration will be absent if this understanding cements.


Question from USA: 30-7-2017

Dr. Shankar---

I have a possible decision to make regarding moving out of Florida next year to California.....How can I possibly know that I would be making the ''correct'' decision? Is a strong feeling or liking necessarily the right reason to make a decision? Or is that simply the mind imagining? Then again, what would be real anyway? Is the saying we all use, follow your ''heart'' mean anything at all or simply rubbish....Because its not ''my'' heart because I don't do anything.....So is this the intelligence in life's decision? It becomes a little stressful trying to look at every angle when an answer just does not drop out of the sky like we wish it would. Wanted to hear your proper advice....Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

You will come to know whether you have made a correct decision after you have moved to California, if the move happens. You always come to know anything only after it happens. 

A strong feeling, decision and a reason happens, and you do not make it happen. You come to know about them only after they happen.

Well, the imagination too is known only after it happens, and you cannot make imagination to happen.

The illusionary-ness of reality is the reality to humans.

The manifestation is due to the intelligence in life.

Sleep over it and the answer will come.


Question from India: 27-7-2017

Dear and Respected Guruji,


Does Enquiry includes yoga also

Thank you. Yours Sincerely.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Yes, please enquire whether yoga happens to you or do you do yoga.


Question from USA: 26-7-2017

Dr. Shankar—

I was reading and deeply pondering some of the dialogue in Understanding Life: Five Elements, Space and Time…..you said on page 73 -‘’ no matter what the mind ‘’feels’’, observe that you are alive”. Also, on page 75— “ Understand that though the panic has been there for some time in your mind, you are still ALIVE. So the panic has NO POTENCY in it”. This observation is very very subtle, so much so that we tend to overlook that aspect, and that is the most important part of that particular observation…When close to the flame and we instantaneously pull our hand away, it is not any person doing it, it is the Intelligence of Life doing it all….you said it is the source from where you came that gives the command for every moment….I was thinking on that as well and many images came to mind, one was during the Trade Center attack when the people were jumping….In a much DEEPER sense, it was not ‘’them’’ doing anything, but the source directing every action….so one cannot say that it was either bad or good, it was the Flow of life and that has absolutely no label, no definition whatsoever….I am deeply immersed in this though, pondering, and it has much power…

Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Yes, life merely flows, while the mind intermittently labels the flow after the flow has passed.


Question from New Zealand: 25-7-2017

Respected sir, we can't see pure light, only reflected light is visible though illusory. What is the medium on which this pure light is reflected on?


Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

There is no medium on which pure light is reflected. Pure light is the only medium that reflects as consciousness. Consciousness in turn reflects as illusory visible light.


Question from USA; 24-7-2017


Yes, but how does pure light which we can't see make appearances that we can see?

Answer from Dr. Shankar

Pure light reflects reflected light and we see reflected light and think of its illusory appearances as labels in the mind.


Question from USA: 23-7-2017

Dr. Shankar,

Hoping all is well with you. Could you please explain "reflection" more deeply for me? I know what it means BUT, then again I feel as if there is something missing in the reflection of light phrase...All is only light yes...this light is intelligence itself---is the human brain and faculties the prism? I need to wrap around this more deeply...it feels slippery somewhat...Thank you

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Reflection meaning an illusory appearance is an inherent characteristic of light. The prism too is a reflection, meaning an illusory appearance of light.


Question from USA: 22-7-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

You are absolutely correct regarding my lack of wisdom and understanding.  I am an extremely humble practitioner of Surat Shabda Yoga and have been graced with love and devotion to a Perfect Master, Who has taken me in His refuge.  Though my progress is slow, it is abiding.  It will be awhile before I can match your impeccable wisdom, kind Sir.  I congratulate you on your certainty and brilliant elucidations.

Here is an excerpt from the teachings of Seth Shiv Dayal Singh, the august founder of the Radhasoami Faith (1818-1878).  I follow a contemporary living Saint with the same tenets and goal.

“This world is perishable and so also is all that pertains to it.  A wise man is he, who, having realized that it is all transitory and illusory, and consecrated his human form by devoting himself to ‘Bhajan’ and ‘Sumiran’ (aka “Simran” – listening to inner sounds and repetition of the Holy Name of the Supreme Being) and who, taking the fullest advantage of the various faculties which the Supreme Father has graciously endowed him with, has translated the invaluable jewel within him which is Surat (spirit) or the essence of his being, to its original abode."

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar,

A wise one understands that he does not do anything that he does every day. He understands that everything that he does every day happens to him and he does not do it. This is why the world is illusory which includes that man is not the doer. Illusory also means that it is temporary and transitory, meaning it changes. The surat (spirit) is always in its original abode.


Question from USA: 21-7-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

If I understand you correctly, Light and Sound is the great Maker of all. Fantabulous!! Thanks kindly for your time, which I know has been considerable.  I, too, have carefully crafted my emails to you attempting to be clear.  The very best of wishes to you, Sir!

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

You neither understand me nor wisdom correctly as yet. Wisdom points that everything and every living entity is an illusory manifestation of light and sound and not a great maker of all. Wisdom points that sound is an illusory manifestation of light. This signifies that life manifests an illusory world, man and his mind. Your carefully crafted mails are knowledge but not wisdom.


Question from USA: 20-7-2017

My dear Sir,

Respectfully, Sat Shabd originates from above Prakriti or Brahm.  This Shabd is unknown to the Vedas or any other teaching.  Sant Mat is unique and transcends nature.  It exists and has no equal for returning the bedraggled soul Home, past the tyranny of mind and matter. There are regions to attain and cross.  One cannot take a leap, so say the Sat Gurus. But I cannot prove this to you, dear Sir.  The experience is only for those who take the shelter of a Perfect Saint...they are very rare. Wishing you continued love and understanding.

Answer from Dr. Shankar,

Firstly, understand that the soul is never bedraggled, because the soul is light and light is never bedraggled. Secondly, understand that sat gurus (enlightened gurus) neither say that you can take a step nor take a leap, because they understand that you are not a doer and also understand that a step or a leap happens to you and you cannot take either a step or a leap. The sat gurus who say that one cannot take a leap are not sat gurus, they are chit gurus (knowledgeable gurus), because they do not understand that you are not a doer. They believe that you a doer, while you are not. Thirdly, understand that wisdom is neither knowledge nor more knowledge. Wisdom is the understanding that man is not the doer, and that daily life is an illusion of light and sound.


Question from USA:19-7-2017

Dear Sir,

I appreciate your reply and apparent fixity of your knowledge/beliefs.  To me, it seems that you have fixated on laws of nature which apply to the physical universe, while cognition of the internal Sound Current/Nam is wholly a function of the soul.

Man has, indeed, met the soul.  The Soul is man's true being!  But to gain this knowledge of oneself it is imperative to have the association of an Adept of the Sound Current, Who will initiate the student in to the audible life stream which magnetically pulls the soul inwards and upwards during the spiritual practice.

This internal Sound, once again, can be heard with the Master's help and Grace.  It cannot be perceived by ordinary human intelligence, no matter how keen or determined.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Firstly, Understand that what I share is wisdom and neither knowledge nor refutable beliefs. Man too is part of nature and not separate from nature. Secondly, understand that sound is part of nature and so is soul, meaning light.

Thirdly, understand that to do any practise, time is needed, and time is absent in any moment in life.

Fourthly, understand humans have intellect and not intelligence. The intelligence in life has evolved intellect in the human mind. Fifthly, understand that man is not the doer, and the enlightened have declared this.

Sixthly, understand that Naam indicated by Guru Nanak is the timeless and thoughtless ‘Here and Now’


Question from USA: 18-7-2017

Dear Sir,

And a grand illusion at that?  Who is the Author of this miracle existence?  Is it an accident?  Is the perceiver within the body pure or covered by veils of illusion and delusion?  Is there more than "this"?  Who is writing to you?  Who is reading your very kind emails?  Is individual existence terminated in Brahmand, like the dissolving of salt in the ocean?  Are we actors without a goal?  Is knowledge sufficient for satisfying the innermost heart?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Light and sound is the author of this miraculous illusory existence. It is a miracle. The perceiver (the ego) of this miracle is covered by a veil which is the belief that the perceived is real, while it is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound. Anything more too would be an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound. An illusory person is writing to me. The computer and the smart phone is evidence that proves that an illusory person is writing and reading to an illusory person who is responding and reading the mails. Individual existence transforms from one form to another. Salt and the ocean too are transformed forms of energy. We are actors and so too are the goals an illusion of light and sound. Wisdom satisfies the heart.


Question from USA: 17-7-2017

Dear Sir,

It was just a step to look at your website and see the work you are engaged in.  Your description of Light and Sound does not tally with Sant Mat, I am sorry to say.  May I humbly recommend further research on your part?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Every atom of solid, liquid and gas in life is made up of atoms. An atom is energy, and energy is light. This implies that everything, including man is an illusory appearance of light. The human ear receives only sound-waves and sound-waves travel as light-waves through the auditory nerve to the brain where the light-waves as sound are mysteriously transformed as words. Only air comes out of the lungs and not words. Air after it passes through the vocal chords; the atoms in air vibrate as sounds. These sound-waves from the lungs appear as words to the human ear, by the mechanism explained above. The lightning in the sky is followed by thunder, which is sound. This implies that sound is an illusion of light-waves at lesser frequency, meaning speed. Therefore sound does not merge with light. Sound follows light. 


Question from USA: 16-7-2017

Dear Sir - This extract may help in understanding the Sound that is not a product of the 5 tattwas. One should strive to hear the dhunatmak Nam via

 surat (soul).

Answer from Dr. Shankar

Firstly, man has not met the soul to be able to hear sound via the soul. Soul enables man to hear sound. Secondly, light and sound are inseparable just as time and space are inseparable. Man cannot meet time via space or space via time. Similarly, any sound cannot be heard via the surat (soul), because soul is light.


Question from USA: !5-7-2017

Thanks Dr. Shankar.

Blessings In His Name,

Answer by Dr. Shankar,

A name (Nam) is an auditory illusion of sound Shabda. Light and sound is a blessing every moment.

Dr. Shankar


Question from USA: 14-7-2017

Dear Sir,

The "Anahata Shabd" of which I speak is non-atomic, non-molecular, not electric and not chemical.  It is "unstruck" and resounds of Itself.  To perceive It one must withdraw one's attention from the senses and the world, focusing one's attention behind and between the eyebrows, under the guidance of a Perfect Living Master.

Initiation into the Sound Current (Nam Dhan) is the highest of all gifts and will eventually transport the attention to its original Source.  There are many internal barriers, thus the need for competent guidance from start to finish.

You seem to be describing physical phenomena, the propagation of airwaves, and its transmutation to electro-chemical currents within the brain, the mechanics of which are explained by neural science.

This is not the Sound Current extolled by the Saints, as experienced by practitioners of Surat Shabd Yoga.  You may wish with benefit to investigate the term "Shabda". Thanks again for your interest. Blessings to you,

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Sound nevertheless is an illusion of light, and also anyone who focusses is made up of molecules, atoms, and chemicals. Chemicals, molecules and atoms are electric.  The same features are present behind and between the eyebrows.

Sound evolves in human beings as illusory words, for example (Nam) meaning name.  A letter in any language is a phoneme. I am explaining that sound is an illusion of light. Every atom of any saint is light. A saint too is an illusion of light. The sounds that come out of saints is transformed as illusory words. ‘Shabda’ means sound. Sound, however, cannot merge with light, because sound is an illusion of light at different wave-length.


Question from USA: 13-7-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thanks for your brilliant insights and lovely website. I want to ask you if you have heard of Surat Shabda Yoga, the path of merging one's consciousness with the Audible Life Stream, the internal Sound Cuirrent? Your feedback is welcome. Thank you kindly.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The audible life stream is an auditory illusion of consciousness or light. Consciousness is light while the audible life stream is sound. The internal sound current is an illusion of consciousness or light at a lesser frequency. Sound cannot merge with light, because they are different frequencies of light. Please clarify how did you hear of us from Iain McNay's shoe?


Question from Canada: 12-7-2107

Dear Respected Dr. Shankar , S. Namaskar,

Appreciate your quick to the point responses. Thank you very much.

However you last response was not clear to me. Could I know when -all of a sudden - one day you found out in a different state with full clarity of wisdom? For some --they were severely depressed and were sitting in the garden or near a sea-shore and were suddenly swept over by this " calamity" - the full light of wisdom engulfing these. For some -they were having a total death like experience and then returned to the body after some time -totally changed - with full of wisdom. May I request your time , day and the event when you got to your current state?!! Please accept my salutations and Namaskar.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

I can only speak for myself. The moment ‘here and now’ is all there is, and every moment is timeless and thoughtless. Therefore time, day and an event is knowledge that is not true.


Question from USA: 12-7-2017


I was reading an article today. It was about awareness...It said that Awareness vibrates within itself and assumes the form of the finite mind, the finite mind being an "activity" of awareness....It seems to me that this description is not Advaita...It still is dualistic...As we discussed and your question to me was to enquire if it would be possible for anyone to be aware of being aware by themselves...And I would say NO...So how could awareness possibly assume the form of the finite mind?? That sounds ridiculous and makes the Energy of Life no more 1 but 2 ...I feel the articles explanation is incorrect...Would you agree? Thank You Hoping all is well

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar.

Awareness and the mind are always there.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Canada 11-7-2107

Dear Dr Shankar, Please accept my Salutations ,

Appreciate your responses to my queries of dated 30/6/2017 .
1) The more I read your spoken literature and answers to the seekers queries, more confused I get .The communication of the" point" perhaps gets totally diluted. It seems you are in different domain and myself in different; thus your wisdom gets into a " bookish" knowledge for me. Further I wish to know that your answers to my queries are exclusively meant for me (you knowing- my current level of consciousness) or these are applicable for all?
2) How can I " understand " your oft repeated three important words: "Happening" , Light , and Sound. ? Trust Life and be patient -means exactly what? Request your elaboration for me to exactly understand ......at least a single ray of Wisdom which shall bring me out of this tunnel.

2) Sir, I read your responses to the queries of July 1st, 2017( From India )

In this you have said as below:

"Gurus are either knowledgeable or enlightened. To talk about pineal gland/third eye/do mantras too happens to the knowledgeable gurus. They do not know that it is meant to happen to them and they do not do it. The enlightened gurus never ask anybody to do anything. The intelligence in life evolves the understanding through the intellect of either wisdom or knowledge, albeit illusory, in the flow."

You declare that Enlightened Gurus never ask anybody to do anything ?!! I am just shocked to the core. Saints and sages of all stature including Kabir, Nanak , Eknath , Namdev, Tukaram , Ramdas and recently Nisargadatta Maharaj also used to prescribe meditation, Japa, Mantra Chants, Prayers and even gave Mantra Diksha to a few depending upon individual state and level of understanding . He worked individually on each case and that " I Am That" book Q &A cannot be applied en mass -that is what he quipped.

Do you mean to say that all these " Realised" ones were just " Knowledgeable"( Pandits,Scholars,Philosophers) ?? 
3) Most humbly I would request you tell me/us how your transformation from "knowedgeable" Doctor and Scientist in US to one with " full of wisdom" happended. How did you enter " the Kingdom of God"? I have read of many greats who have divulged the particular- incident, happening or transformation . This will surely encourage everyone; at least me; that such a happening is not far away from me ! Thank you very much for your compassion . I bow before you ,S.Namaskar.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

1: The answers are to all who are at your current level of consciousness.

2: Happening means it evolves to be what it is. Light is everywhere, because every atom in every speck of life is light. Sound is light at a lesser frequency.

The book “I am That” applies to those who can understand it. The enlightened gurus when they prescribed knew that prescribing was happening to them and they do not do the prescribing. The “Realised” ones are knowledgeable and wise as well, otherwise they would not be able to live daily life. The knowledgeable are not wise.

3: Wisdom happened and I did not make wisdom to happen. When wisdom happened I also realised that medicine and research too happened to me. Therefore, I cannot say what made medicine, research and wisdom to happen to me.


Question from Canada: 11-7-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you very much for your response and the wisdom of being patient and understanding that this too shall pass as everything does sooner or later. It seems that the impatience in wanting it to pass sooner makes it more difficult.

Again thank you very much.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

You are correct.


Question from India: 11-7-2017

Dear Guruji,

Pranams. When does the Atman enters into human body [Child].

Answer from Dr. Shankar.

Atman is always there in the human sperm and the human ova.


Question from Canada: 10-7-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you for serving humanity by answering our letters. Once again I have a question about experiencing extremely difficult situations, and mentally I understand that they are thoughts in the conditioned mind, but when one is in the midst of intense turmoil in the mind and trust and patience appear to not be there at that time is there any way to be with the experience other than just suffering in it? At such a time it seems not possible to see this as an illusion......

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

It is very difficult for the mind to be with wisdom, when difficult situations both personal and not personal are near the individual. It is easy when they are far away from the individual. When wisdom cements it makes it much easier to live with the difficult situations. Be patient and brave with the understanding that the difficult situations will pass, because what comes by eventually passes by.

Dr. Shankar


Question from USA: 10-7-2017

Dr. Shankar- It would be the same as me trying to prove to you that I have wisdom…How could I really??? You could listen and say Yes I see, but you cant really feel what I feel….It feels something like that. Thanks

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar,

Knowledge does not understand that it cannot explain wisdom. Knowledge can memorize wisdom, but does not understand that it has memorized wisdom as knowledge. Knowledge believes it has wisdom, just as knowledge believes it has knowledge. Wisdom does not believe, it is sure and can prove that it is wisdom by explaining wisdom. Knowledge cannot explain wisdom. So far I have not said yes I see to you. I know that you know everything as knowledge and not as wisdom.

Dr. Shankar


Question from USA: 9-7-2017

Dr. Shankar—

But isn’t the fact that I KNOW that I do nothing wisdom? I know I can't explain that wisdom to another person and expect them to understand that fully…..It is a internal silent wisdom….

How could I explain it the proper way to another? I really know that I DO NOTHING……but at the same time there is this ‘’dual aspect’’, I don't know another way to describe it, that is still operating…..Similar to the phrase “ both sides of a coin” type of thing….It sounds contradictory but it is True for me as of now….

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar,

The fact that you know that you do nothing is knowledge. If the fact were wisdom you would realise it.

You can’t explain to another person because it is knowledge and not wisdom. If it were wisdom you would be able to explain it in the way the other would be able to understand it.

You do know that you DO NOTHING as knowledge. It is easy to know this as knowledge because it is just two words ‘DO’ and ‘NOTHING’. But the two words which is wisdom cannot be explained by knowledge. It can be explained only by wisdom. Wisdom can be borrowed but cannot be explained. The wise know both sides of the coin, one side is wisdom and the other side knowledge. Know you know both sides of the coin as knowledge.


Question from USA: 8-7-2017

Dr. Shankar—When you say ‘’the same power does Nothing at all”, ‘’that anything is done is an illusion in the human mind”, do you mean that our interpretation as it being a ‘’power’’ doing something can NEVER be interpreted any other way because of our limits in understanding being human, how our brains interprets it, how our eyes take in the light and transfer it to our brain for interpretation? So what we ‘’interpret” as a power is a VERY SMALL view of this immensity and that is pretty much all we can envision of it, or vaguely understand it? I feel that I understand the understanding that it is an illusion….I understand the illusion OF the Illusion (I KNOW IT DOES NOTHING) (I KNOW there is NO FRANK doing anything)…..but to describe that is absolutely impossible….and that is the way it is…Is this incorrect or correct? Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The interpretation of the intelligence of life by knowledge is superficial. Wisdom understands deeply the intelligence of life. To describe that Frank does nothing is not possible for the knowledge in Frank. Wisdom if present in Frank could explain that Frank does nothing.


Question from USA: 7-7-2017

Dr. Shankar——

Yes, I agree…..I KNOW that I KNOW there is Not a single thing I or You, or everyone on this planet or any entity in the Universe does by ‘’themselves”…..The same power growing my hair does it all……I wish these ‘’teachers’’ would explain it properly to the people listening to them…..Hoping your day is going well….

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The same power is in your hair as growing hair. The same power does nothing at all. That anything is done is an illusion in the human mind. The same power is in the illusion and in the mind as an illusion and as a mind. The explanation that happens to the teachers is what is meant to happen to them, so that deep understanding of what they teach could happen not only to them but also to those who listen to the teachers.


Question from USA: 6-7-2017

Dr. Shankar

Is the current teaching of "Being Aware that We Are Aware", being taught by some current so-called enlightened individuals, mean anything or is it complete nonsense? Hope all is well.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Enquire whether it is possible for anyone to be aware of being aware by himself, or whether being aware that he or she is aware could happen to anyone by the intelligence in life and not by anyone.


Question from India: 5-7-2017

Dear Sir,

This brings me to the question that cause and effect equation amongst human beings or any living being does not work....it just appears as if some cause/action leads to effect but in reality the flow of life is driving the moment and not a cause leading to an effect. Am I right concluding the above. With best regards.

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Yes, the intelligence in life is flowing the moment and not a cause leading to an effect. This signifies that that cause and effect are the same and not one leading to another. The first seed to cause vegetation cannot be found. This applies to the animal kingdom and human being as well.


Question from India: 4-7-2017

Dear Sir,

Having read your books and gone through your CD's and your answers to my three questions so far, I conclude that we as human beings need not do anything through our self effort (no meditation, no sadhna, no hard work, no mantra, no practices, no austerities, no puja, no self effort ) to improve our current condition. The life will unfold the way it is supposed to unfold. If anything such as meditation, hard work, mantra, sadhna, guru,  accomplishments has to happen they will happen as the life unfolds on its own....we as human beings cannot impact or change the future based on our self effort. With best regards.

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Self-effort, meditation, sadhana, hard work, mantra, practises, austerities, puja happens to us if it is meant to happen to us. It happens so that a deeper understanding could happen to us that we do not do it to make it happen to us. Similarly, our current condition will improve if it is meant to improve, because though we believe that we do self-effort, meditation, sadhana, hard work, mantra, practises, austerities, puja, the current condition may not improve.

We as human beings cannot impact or change the future, which is as the present and not far away from it, because we do not make the moment in the present. The current condition is in the moment in the present, and human beings do not make the moment in life in the present.


Question from India: 3-7-2017

Dear Sir,

When lot of Gurus tell you to control your thoughts or only think positive thoughts.....are thoughts in your control or not....are the thoughts too, are controlled by life. With best regards,

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Thoughts happen in the moment and a moment in life is not controlled by man. A moment in life always existed even before vegetation came into the moment. As the animal kingdom and human beings came after vegetation appeared in the moment, it indicates that man does not make the moment in life. What is in the moment it is manifested as an illusion of light, because it is impossible for the first seed of vegetation to have arisen from vegetation, because vegetation is needed for a seed of vegetation to be. However vegetation came to be in the moment of life. This indicates that the first seed of vegetation was an illusion of light. This signifies that thoughts happen in the moment as a illusion of light. Also the first thought of the day happens to man and man does not make the first thought of the day. Similarly, the rest of the thought for the day happens too and man merely claims that he thinks and can control his thoughts and have positive thoughts. Thoughts, albeit illusory, flow in a precise manner. This precision of the intelligence in life gives the deception that thoughts are controlled by life, because the human mind believes it controls. Thoughts are either positive or negative. Thoughts are what they are meant to be. Therefore, what gurus tell also happens to them and they do not do it, though they believe that they know what to say. What they say reflects the depth of understanding of life and mind that has happened to them, which is obviously very superficial.


Question from India: 2-7-2017

Dear Sir,

My conclusion from your answer on the 1-7-2017 is that life is not in our control and it is illusory....is my understanding correct that life is uncontrollable and illusory. Your aforementioned message is loud and clear. Hence when Ramana Maharishi used to say that do concentration on the right side of the heart  or some gurus talk about the pineal gland/third eye or do a mantra for betterment....it is not in our control to it....it will be the life flow which will decide. Additionally, when astrologers predict the future...that is all shooting in the dark. Last but not the least....is all this an illusion. These questions and their answers are very important to me since I am struggling with them for last 20 years plus. With best regards.

Answer from Dr. Vijai S Shankar

If man were able to make a moment in life, he would be able to control the moment and do anything in the moment. Man cannot make a moment in life, so it is not possible for him to control the moment or do anything in the moment. Illusory means that it changes, and is temporary. Everyone and everything in life changes and is temporary, therefore life which the mind thinks is life is temporary. Real signifies that it is constant, does not change, and is permanent.

Sri Ramana Maharishi never said to do anything. He only used to ask people who visited him to enquire who they are and placed his hand on his right side of chest. People misinterpreted him that he said to concentrate on the right side of the heart.

Gurus are either knowledgeable or enlightened. To talk about pineal gland/third eye/do mantras too happens to the knowledgeable gurus. They do not know that it is meant to happen to them and they do not do it. The enlightened gurus never ask anybody to do anything. The intelligence in life evolves the understanding through the intellect of either wisdom or knowledge, albeit illusory, in the flow.

Astrologers do not know that the future is as the present and not away from the present. This too happens to them to enable them to lead their lives and also give hope to others who visit astrologers. Yes astrology is an illusion, because if astrology were real, only a moment would exist and not the future. The astrologers would then speak only about the moment and not the future.

Understand that the struggling for the last 20 years plus was meant to happen to you and you were not struggling. It only appears to you that you were struggling.

Dr. Shankar


Question from India: 1-7-2017

Dear Sir,

I have been following you for the last ten years. Is my understanding correct....that everything in life is pre determined and we as humans cannot do anything to change it. Also Ramana Maharishi mentions the experience of self in the middle of the heart...is their anything like that which happens ? with best regards.

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Life flows continuously, spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. Therefore there is neither determination nor pre-determination in life. The human mind believes that it does what it is determined to do and when it cannot do what it is determined to do, the human mind believes that life is pre-determined. The human mind does not understand that life is not what the mind thinks, believes and interprets life is. The human mind does not understand that what is meant to happen, albeit illusory, will happen and no force on earth can stop it happen, meaning the flow of life. Humans cannot change what is meant to happen, meaning the flow of life. Sri Ramana Maharishi signified that the heart beats is a flow just as life is a flow and the heart beats do not interpret life, just as life does not interpret life.


Question from Canada: 30-6-2017

Dear Respected Dr. Shankar , Please accept my Salutations .

My questions which still cause confusion and restlessness in me despite reading so much from the literature of different "realised" masters.

1) On one side all focus is on " Karma" and " rebirth" with ample supporting quotes from " Bhagvad Gita" and other Indian Scriptures. On the other side , "Advaita" path declares that " It is all Consciousness and after death the essence merges with the Consciousness" , So there is no " soul" no "Atma" nothing. I request your guidance on this opposite ways of understanding the " truth".

2) I was blessed and got initiated by late spiritual " Realised" Guru ( Shri P.P.Wasudeo Tiwari- whose couple of lectures are on U tube ) long time ago. The "Mantra" and Meditation as instructed by him was done by me for some time and irregularly - I just could not do it beause I was just not very much interested being very young and lust for life took over me - now that I want to know the truth-my master is physically no more to guide me. Many Gurus are there but all appear to me as "phoney" ( A term used by one of the great South Indian Thinker /Philosopher who is no more ). I am sure and convinced ( by inner /gut feeling) that you can now advise me - as to what need to be done to seek and find out the "Ultimate" ? Request your guidance. One more question: In BhagvadGita ...Krishna  used the term " Yog Bhrashta" ... Request you to explain it me,Sir. Thank you for your Grace. Please accept my "Pranam"

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

1) Understand that quotes from Bhagavad Gita nd other Indian Scriptures are either knowledge or wisdom. Consciousness, soul, atma, meaning light is all there is. They are all synonyms and all are eternal and are not nothing.

2) Bhagwat Gita chapter 3 verse 27 declares that man is not the doer. So you were not doing the mantra and meditation, they both were happening to you.

No one is phoney, everyone reflects the understanding that has happened to him or her. There is nothing that needs to be done, all that is needed is deep understanding of life and the mind. There are many meanings to “Yog Bhrashta” no one can know with certainty what Krishna meant,


Question from USA: 28-6-2017

Dr. Shankar-

I will think about what you said this week……Thank You

Answer from Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Understand deeply what was said this week.


Question from USA: 27-6-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar

I would have rather not discovered Ramana Maharshi  or Nisargadatta  Maharaj or your Teachings...It would have been simpler to never to have heard of Advaita and have that interest stoked if you will ....It is quite the play of life isn't it? Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Be grateful to life for gifting you Sri Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Deep understanding of play means an expression of light and sound and not what play means to superficial understanding.


Question from USA: 26-6-2017

Dr. Shankar

Hopefully this stubborn personality will really understand that one day!

Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Deep understanding is independent of any type of personality and not dependent on a particular personality.


Question from USA: 25-6-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar

Restlessness and Boredom......maybe from the sense of Boredom...I will try to be patient Dr. Shankar

Answer from Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Sense of boredom indicates you are not happy with the moment that is as it is. Understand that the moment cannot be other than what it is. Understand that if you try to be patient, you will be impatient and not patient. When you understand that the moment and whatever is in the moment happens by itself, you will be patient.


Question from USA: 24-6-2017


Good Morning---It seems as if I am evolving into a state of restlessness...I understand what we have discussed about the illusory urge to be "other" places, it's better there etc., or "life is boring as is", etc....It is becoming quite stressful and for no good reason because I have all that people would want---since home, health, lovely good person as wife, family is healthy, noble job etc.... but understanding has NOT happened regarding the eternal thought less and timeless NOW...and it's precisely the shallow knowledge of it and the lack of Deep knowledge that is stress, making the blood pressure rise...And there is nothing wrong in my life is the paradox...Does more inquiry clear the way? Or is it not meant at this time to happen? It is quite a horrible internal private feeling that is almost constant, a boredom if you will....Hoping all is well

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

You say it is restlessness and also it is almost boredom, boredom and restlessness is a contradiction. Though it appears it is not meant to happen at this time; it does not however mean that it is never going to happen. Patience is the key.


Question from USA: 22-6-2017


Was pondering a human act today….Crying….Crying cannot be real….Because it reflects a want not met, or a desire not met, or a love lost—all pointing to an illusory I, or Me…..If there was no real I would the human emotion of sadness followed by crying even be real? Was driving today and when I drive I think of different topics and that one came up….Thank You

Answer from Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The real “I” does not exist. An evolved “I” lives the emotions and neither describe them nor finds a reason for the emotion. If you were thinking while driving, enquire who was driving the car.


Question from USA: 21-6-2017

Dr. Shankar——

I am chewing…..and I understand that my whole life of acquired intelligence is absolutely NOTHING compared to what goes on in Silence…My Heart, my Brain, my whole Physiology is functioning at an intelligence beyond comprehension…..I have studied Textbooks 700-800 pages in length, for Nursing school i found Renal Physiology most demanding, and yet it is done by LIFE in absolute silence, absolute darkness, without the need of a Brain, or eyes, or Hands or any ego…..Most amazing….The most brilliant Human is and all we can accomplish, EVER, is not even worth mentioning…LIFE simply does, and transforms, and dies, and lives, spontaneously, endless manifestations——and I have never done a damn thing! and never will…….I will chew more….I don't know why I did not see this in this way all these years……I had intimations but never payed attention to it more fully….I wish I had sooner...Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

You did not see the way you see now all these years, because you have never done anything including the way you saw things all these years. Wisdom happens spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably just as knowledge did. Everything that is meant to happen happens precisely at the precise moment.


Question from USA: 20-6-2017


I was pondering over Kaivalya Gita Volume 6 today and Time....If we look at supposed "distance" in the Universe, the distance and time to our Nearest Star Proxima Centauri is enormous, beyond the conception of the Human brain actually...if we view it in a size way, we would be microscopic in size from that distance,(much smaller actually),and vise-versa..So we are small AND large simultaneously.... (similar to fractals)? just as time is Silence AND Sound simultaneously...But when in deep-dreamless sleep there are NO activities, no time, no anything--then awake and Sound comes, activities come, these ideas of Time and Size come etc...Is Pure Silence the essence of them all then? The silence not having anything to do with sound ..... Hope All is Well

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Sound is an illusion of silence.


Question from USA: 18-6-2017

I also had a quick read of your article "One Way" today at work and it was exactly needed for this particular day.

Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The article is needed for any circumstance and situation in the mind about life.


Question from USA: 17-6-2017

This day is one of those ER work days in which I am having a hard time observing the fake "I" and all it's non-sense.....

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Understand that the “I” is fake meaning illusory and so too is its nonsense fake meaning illusory. The evolved "I" is calm when it rests in the moment, which is without a thought.


Question from USA: 16-6-2017

Dr. Shankar-

Had quite a interesting day yesterday in the ER. Thought of your words and viewed Life transform each moment as Light and Sound in the many dramas of all the so-called individuals who came through, each with their ''own'' situations, sadnesses, smiles, etc....I quite remembered what you wrote in Kaivalya Gita Volume 7, page 181----"That is why every Man or Women has to receive what is in Life so that Understanding may happen".....Most who come through those doors are not ready for the depth of that----and I also knew that lack of understanding was meant for them at that time as well.....I do notice some, on rare occasion, who seem to have a look in their eyes, NO MATTER what is happening in that setting, that indicates they have received AND understood rightly....Thank You and Wishing All is Well-

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Yes, the eyes are the windows that shine the depth of your understanding.


Question from USA: 13-6-2017

Dr. Shankar--

I made an interesting observation last few days. It has to do with Human Being's and Animals. I was driving through heavy traffic and I have noticed over and over how when one wants to move over and puts a signal on, 99% of the time the person behind SPEEDS up to not let ''their'' position get taken. Or, people are always speeding and making the BEST moves for them. I also was observing Lions in Africa after a kill on television. They as well ''position'' near the food that is BEST for them, even to the point of great aggression to Lions of the same family..We are ALL exactly the SAME....Our ''ideas'' of right and wrong, our notions of what is ''moral'' or not are very very wrong....For, as you say quite often, LIFE simply IS-----and it NEVER has anything to do with ''US".....Instead of getting angry at the other driver, we should SEE that it is meant to be this way and it cannot be any other way......I see that....Would you agree as well? Thank You.

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Our ideas of right and wrong, our emotions of what is moral are not wrong. They are not deeply understood. Getting angry is what it is meant to be, just as the lions position is where it is meant to be. When deep understanding of life happens one is calm no matter how life is.


Question from USA: 11-6-2017


Hoping all is well and wishing you a good day…..I don’t feel any questions bubbling the last few days—it has just an emptiness simply observing its own energy……But hope all is well.

Answerfrom Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Energy cannot be observed, because observing is energy and energy cannot observe itself. Emptiness simply observing its own energy is a spiritual belief which is not true. Have you seen the DVD ‘Non-Duality- Life as it is’? It is a visual explanation of life as it is.


Question from USA: 9-6-2017

Dr. Shankar

It is time to throw away the fake cement mixture I believed was real....The tiny regions of space that I inhabit and the solidness that I "believe" defines these regions is incorrect...it is all one great openness that I have been overlooking...I must learn to see in a different way...the cement has not been real cement you are right....Thank You

Answerby Dr.Shankar

The learning and seeing life in the right way too will happen, if it is meant to happen. 


Question from Canada: 5-6-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you for the article "Deconditioned". The sentence "Wisdom helps to accept life as it is in every moment", I have noticed that when there is acceptance in a very difficult situation, there is a sense of peace present. Also when you say that knowledge does not come because of man's hard work and effort, it would seem to apply to wisdom as well?So how does wisdom come? In the past you had mentioned trust and patience and I appreciate that very much and even here I see that I cannot make that happen but at times by some grace it comes.....Thank you .

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Wisdom too just as knowledge comes when it is meant to come by Grace including hard work and effort. They do not due to had work or effort, including by hard work or effort. It is not humans who make anything come or happen, though it appears so to the human mind. Trust and patience too happens when it is meant to happen by Grace.


Question from USA: 4-6-2017

Dr. Shankar

I am clear in the understanding yes....I find it extremely clear, almost a palpable clear view, but it does not cement as of yet.....is that even possible? A clear understanding with a lack of complete concretization? It sounds quite contradictory but I know both are equally true for me as of this point...I have known it like this for quite some time---at least 3-4 years I must say. I have searched for the "viewer", tried to find a "doer"--I know there is none--but the cement refuses to harden. It may sound funny or strange but it is exactly like that.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

If cement refuses to harden it is not cement, meaning it is still superficial knowledge and not wisdom. When deep understanding of knowledge cements, which is wisdom, you begin to live peacefully with life any way it happens every moment.


Question from USA: 3-6-2017

Dr. Shankar

That helped me.........I will continue to observe in this way every moment.......

Thank You, have a good evening

Answerby Dr. Shankar

It is impossible to observe every moment. Observe and understand that it is not only impossible to observer every moment but it is also impossible for the mind to instruct every muscle in the body every moment of daily life and not only during work. But nevertheless daily life including work happens. Are you clear?


Question from Belgium: 2-6-2017

On article 'beliefs'

I understand beliefs as being illusions but why do certain beliefs persist, are being reacted to and make life difficult even though deep down we know they are false? like for example the need to be loved or accepted and many more beliefs that are not easy to approach and even recognize. Can we trace them back by observing the reactions we have to life's situations?

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

Beliefs that persist and reacted to, make life difficult, because we have not understood deeply as yet that life is not controlled by beliefs, and life will unfold the way it is meant to unfold, and man cannot make life to unfold the way we believe life should unfold. We have not understood as yet that love is unconditional and it is wisdom to accept others as they are and not how beliefs expect others should be. But we believe that love and acceptance is conditional, whereas it is not. Similarly we believe that we can trace back by observing reactions to life’s situations, but have not deeply understood as yet that we know the situation in life with certainty only after the situation happens and never before. Once the situation happens we cannot trace it back because it has already happened. The situation will work out the way it is meant to work out and not the way beliefs expect situation to work out. The way situations work out may or may not be what is believed. The important point is: situations work out not because of beliefs.


Question from USA: 2-6-2017

Dr. Shankar—

I have to work but when I get some time I will look into the DVD. I have both I am That, and Who Am I……..They have opened doors in the mind the last few years but some of the locks are stubborn…..”Life Keeps Doing”……the fake “I" wants it its way……It fights ferociously…..Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

When at work, observe that the fake “I” does not inform you how to move every moment of the work. Also understand that many muscles move every moment while working and the fake “I” does not and cannot inform individual muscles every moment of work. The work nevertheless happens. When deep understanding happens that life does not happen the way the fake “I” wants life to happen, the fake “I” as an evolved “I” begins to live peacefully with life the way it happens every moment.


Question from USA: 1-6-2017

Dr. Shankar—

Yes, you are most correct….Very Honest and a Very straightforward to the point individual…I had no choice in life, I am a New York City Italian. I believe the Universe had me born into a Funeral Home Business Owner’s Family to learn the truths of life at a very early age. I must say that after all these years of deep philosophical enquiry and hunger, I find myself, most particularly at work, wanting to Be in another place, asking my wife to move ‘’somewhere’’ else, having some sort of dis-satisifaction of a sort I cannot quite put a finger on—even with the many understandings of life I believe I have gained over the years. It is as if I am missing ‘’something” going on, but there is nothing going on some where else..Always another book on Nisargadatta, absorbing the words, always more Ramana, absorbing the words, but it seems not quite enough.The Universe or Life I know has done what it wants, and life is good, there is this ‘’unknown’’ thing that seems to be there that I cant understand as of yet…Thank You for Your Message

Answer from Dr. Shankar

Both Sri Ramana Maharishi and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj did not write any book in English. Both wrote notes in their vernacular language which is Tamil and Marathi respectively. The only books on their deep understanding of life written in English is ‘Who am I’ written by a close friend of Sri Ramana Maharishi, and ‘I am That’ written by Maurice Frydman a close friend of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Life keeps doing every moment Frank even after you are enlightened. Please listen to the CD ’ups and downs’ or see the DVD ‘ups and downs’.  Life in the 21st century has explained in detail the illusory of the mind and its conditioned beliefs in detail and is recorded in CD’s. Please also let me know your thoughts on DVD ‘Non-Duality- Life as it is’.


Question from USA: 31-5-2017

Thank You Dr. Shankar, will be thinking of this deeply today…

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

You are honest. Honesty opens the door to enlightenment.


Question from USA: 30-5-2017

Dr. Shankar——

Thank You…..”The Day is Always Good”….That is it right there….One can have all this so-called wisdom, thinking one has understood Advaita completely, and one HAS NOT. The day is always good——with Sunshine, with Rain, with Cancer, with the epitome of Health…….always good…I understand that I don't understand that fully yet…I only ‘’thought’’ I did….One can also talk about it, sounding wise to others, teaching it, sounding wise to others——But not actually KNOWING the day is always good…..and there is NOTHING one can do to make it happen either…..Is the realization that one knows that he does Not know anything hold any significance? Thank You

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

When you talk about the day to sound wise to others it is only knowledge and not wisdom. This becomes evident when they have to face the day themselves which they neither like nor accept. Both Sri Ramana Maharishi and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj had cancer. They lived the day. They deeply understood that what the mind thinks of the day is not only illusory but also it cannot make the day to be what it thinks the day is. Realization is the understanding that what one knows is not only illusory but also cannot make what he knows. Honesty opens the door to deep understanding of life and mind.


Question from USA: 28-5-2017

Dr. Shankar——

Hope your day finds you feeling well. I kept in mind your email at work and viewed the day and different interactions with people in a fresh way. I was also thinking of a question and wanted your opinion. Over the years I have done much research on so-called ‘’paranormal’’ phenomena. I surmise growing up in a family of Funeral Directors and owners of a Funeral Home in New York City planted that intrigue in my mind. I can say this from my experience- I have seen a few phenomena in my life that defy normal rational scientific explanation, as well as myself displaying so-called Psychic phenomena to friends and strangers over the many years,(especially after meditation for a long time), that would be impossible to explain otherwise. But, I have always viewed them from the perspective of a Vedanta background. I never for once thought there was any “ FRANK” doing anything….Nor did or do view all these claims of afterlife non-sense as anything REAL….The only Real to me that ever was was the state that You speak of, Nisargadatta Maharaj spoke of, Ramana spoke of.….That place of absolute silence that is Nature or as you say quite often LIFE——similar to being put under Anesthesia for surgery or deep dreamless sleep…That merging place, of no more identity, but just BEING itself...….From that viewpoint, in your opinion, could LIFE manifest these illusory states and phenomena as well and that it is just a normal phenomena in the endless projections of the “ONE”, projecting as endless variety?  Thank You and Hope You Day is Good

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The capacity of the mind to imagine due to knowledge is unimaginable. Deep understanding of life and mind, which is wisdom, reveals that psychic and paranormal phenomenon is normal illusory projection of light. The “ONE” reflects light and its varied endless variety of illusions. The day is always good. To the mind with thoughts the day is either good or not good, albeit illusory.


Question from USA: 27-5-2017

Dr. Shankar----

I also see that there is no ''waiting'' for any of this to happen either....Waiting passively implies a ''will'' and there simply is not any....LIFE or INTELLIGENCE is only there....A ''will'' means an " I "......and I have looked for a long time and '' know " there is no possible way an I is there---BUT----fragments have happened, not that deep deep understanding as yet.....This is another thought I wanted to ask from my first question today....I thank you for your insightful responses...

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The “I” therefore is illusory and not real, which indicates that daily life is illusory and not real. You are always welcome to question and ponder.


Question from USA: 26-5-2017

Dr. Shankar----

Thank You for your response...I have been thinking over it most intensely...You wrote "when deep understanding of meditation, that it is not a particular act,is not done by man happens, it de-conditins the Psyche. Then every action, albeit illusory, will BE meditation and not a particular act." Would you be in agreement with how UG Krishnamurti described it? He wrote " What is there is a calm, smoothly functioning, highly intelligent and responsive Biological Machine, nothing more. One looks for evidence of a self, psyche, or ego: there is only the simple functioning of a sensitive organism." It is this LIFE that make it so is'nt it? And this thing we call LIFE really has NO-Words? This is the state yes? Thank You 

Answer from Dr. Shankar

Yes, life merely flows. Life is timeless and thoughtless. This is the state of life.


Question from Canada: 24-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

In the article ‘Range’ it is said that everyone and everything that is known exists on earth within a range, plants, animals and humans. What about the enlightened beings? Thank you.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

The enlightened beings too exist within range.


Question from USA: 23-5-2017

Dr Shankar---

Read ''opinions''......How do we go from the common conditioning of " there he/she comes, they are etc etc etc"......to absolutely NO opinion anymore of that specific person or any other......It is so pervasive in the Human Psyche that it almost has a life of it's own....No amount of meditation or reading changes that....But an understanding of it in a deep way does.....Where does one go from the wisdom of seeing it and its stupidity to actually BEING that newness of sight? And is there actually a where or how? I know there can't be, but wish to hear your view....

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

There is no ‘how’ to go from common (superficial) conditioning of “there he/she comes etc. Opinions are always there but not deep understanding of opinions. Common conditioning of opinions evolves as wisdom and you neither make common understanding nor deep understanding to happen. So there is no “how’ do we go from common conditioning to deep understanding of persons. Opinions are always there but deep understanding of opinions keeps you at ease in every moment of daily life, because you accept he/she and others as they come and go. The conditioned human psyche is common. Meditation as a particular act done by man does not change the conditioned psyche. When deep understanding of meditation that it is not a particular act, is not done by man happens, it deconditions the psyche. Then every action, albeit illusory, will be meditation and not a particular act. When the wisdom of seeing happens one does not go anywhere. He keeps seeing from wherever he is and being whoever he is. There is actually no a ‘where or how’, it is always here and now as it is


Question from Canada: 21-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, In your last response to me where it says "wisdom does not make a difficult situation easy, which reflects the conditioning of the mind." At this point I understand that to mean that wisdom does not make the situation easy according to the mind’s preference, so is there anything that wisdom can bring to the situation? Thank you for all your responses.

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

When understanding of wisdom cements it deconditions the mind to difficult situations. This is what wisdom brings to difficult situations.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Netherlands: 21=5-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

I understand now why you respond to me by saying that thoughts are indivisibe refers to opposites and also say that thoughts are separate and not indivisible. It confused me at first but now I understand that I had not read the article carefully enough, i.e. without context. You make it clear in article that thoughts are separate and why that is and that thoughts are indivisible refers to opposites. Thank you for your concern and patience. 

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Now you understand that in articles of wisdom the context is questioned if wisdom of any word is not understood. Without patience or concern wisdom cannot be explained to anyone, especially to those who understand only knowledge but not wisdom.


Question from Netherlands: 20-5-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

With reference to your reply on 17-5, I understand and understood that thoughts are indivisible refers to opposites, which is what you explain in the article “Thoughtless State”. That two thoughts appear as one thought, implying that thoughts are indivisible, and that life is known by thoughts that are indivisible, meaning that life is indivisible, is, in the context of the rest of the article, a clarification to me that life is indivisible, even though the mind makes life appear divisible. The same clarification led me to think about the clarification in the context of the other four articles I mentioned, which are The Seen, The Done, The known and The Spoken. I wondered: if seeing, moving, knowing and hearing and listening are identifiable by thoughts, does the fact that thoughts are indivisible indicate that seeing, moving, knowing, and hearing and listening are indivisible as well? I do not think it means that I read the words ‘thoughts are indivisible’ without context (or I am not aware that I do), what I actually wanted and still want to understand is: does the fact that thoughts, which identify functions of instinct and of intellect are indivisible say something about (the functions of) instinct and intellect? If so: what?

Answerfrom Dr. Shankar

Opposites are indivisible and that thoughts are separate is what is meant in the article. Superficial understanding of life reveals that separate thought are indivisible. Separate and indivisible do not mean the same. Life is indivisible, because life is energy and energy is indivisible. Understand that thoughts are separate from the other thought and not indivisible. Understand that seeing, moving, knowing and hearing in life is energy and energy is indivisible. You have not understood that thoughts are separate and not indivisible. Thoughts do not identify the functions of instinct. Intellect superimposes the singular movement of life with intellectual thoughts, and separate intellectual thoughts identify the singular movement of life intellectually. Your question if so what? Refers to what?


Question from Canada: 20-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,
would you please say a little more about what range means from your article Range.  And thank you for reminding me of patience yet again.

AnswerBy Dr. Shankar

Range in the article indicates that everything that exists as thoughts, exist in a variation between lower and upper limits.


Question from Netherlands: 19-5-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

Because of your reply, I would like to ask you two questions. You explained to me in a reply (20 Febr) that man knows because of the function of knowing in intellect, which made me conclude, perhaps wrongly, that man sees because of the function of seeing in intellect and speaks because of the function of hearing and listening in intellect etc. Are seeing, moving, listening and hearing functions in intellect as well, just as knowing is? If seeing, moving, listening and hearing are functions in intellect, just as knowing is, my next question is: are the functions in intellect indivisible?

Answerby Dr Shankar

Seeing, moving, listening and hearing is a function of instinct. What we see, what a movement is, what we listen and hear is a function of the intellect.

Opposites as thoughts is indivisible, and the opposites is a function of intellect.


Question from Canada: 19-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, 

I have some understanding of what is said and thank you,... a question comes...in the range of where I am and the range of where others are the experience I appear to be facing often is being "stuck" in the middle of an extremely intense situation where there are demands and expectations made on me from the "bad" and expectations from the "good".

And I see that in the "bad" there is good and in the good there can be "bad" meaning possibly a lack of understanding and compassion. Also what is seen is that in myself an intense conflict between the  the bad and good is playing out and the need for clarity is there. Thank you for the opportunity to inquire and I am very grateful.

AnswerBy Dr. Shankar

Please understand that compassion is unconditional love, unconditional care and unconditional concern. Everything gets played out precisely as it is meant to get played out, albeit illusory. Wait patiently and things will work out. Wisdom does not make a difficult situation easy, which reflects the conditioning of the mind.


Question from Netherlands: 18-5-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

Because of your reply, I would like to ask you two questions. You explained to me in a reply (20 Febr) that man knows because of the function of knowing in intellect, which made me conclude, perhaps wrongly, that man sees because of the function of seeing in intellect and speaks because of the function of hearing and listening in intellect etc. Are seeing, moving, listening and hearing functions in intellect as well, just as knowing is? If seeing, moving, listening and hearing are functions in intellect, just as knowing is, my next question is: are the functions in intellect indivisible? 

Answerby Dr Shankar

Seeing, moving, listening and hearing is a function of instinct. What we see, what a movement is, what we listen and hear is a function of the intellect.

Opposites as thoughts is indivisible, and the opposites is a function of intellect, 


Question from Canada: 18-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar

In your article titled Range, it is said that it is the bad which teaches anyone to be compassionate and loving to everyone and everything unconditionally. Also it says that when deep understanding happens that the bad only enables you to know what is good, you become compassionate to the bad.  My question is what is compassion really? I am not clear on it as the tendency for me is that to be compassionate is to agree to what the so called other wants from me to fulfil what they believe is a need that conflicts with my need for well-being. An example would be another's extreme demands which then impacts others in a negative way.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Compassion arises when you understand that others are in a range and neither you nor others can change the range to be other than what the range is to anyone.


Question from USA: 18-5-2017

Thank You…"Meant To Happen"….that seems to be the bottom line, the final line…….That is always pointing to absolutely NO DOER….and the conditioned mind, which is meant to be conditioned, sees it and yet at the same exact time does not want to see it that way…and That is meant to be as well……Life or God does what it wishes…….Maybe questioning over and over is not the correct way?  If that is the ultimate reality, the ultimate answer, then I understand BUT have not as yet become merged with that —which would facilitate that deep Trust that I obviously do not not have as yet, No amount of Time or Study can even remotely bring that about either….At least I have understood that this year...…..I understand….Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Life or God manifests what is meant, albeit illusory, and not what life or God wishes. Questioning deeply (if it happens) reveals the understanding that what is meant, albeit illusory, only happens. Deep understanding is not depended, it is independent. It happens in many ways including study or by no particular way. What is meant to happen, albeit illusory, only happens.


Question from Netherlands: 17-5-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

 Thank you for explaining in the article “Thoughtless State” that thoughts are indivisible and not separate, though they appear separate and divisible when they do happen. While re-reading this article I wondered: it has been explained in the articles The Seen, The Known, The Done and The Spoken that there is only seeing, knowing, moving and listening and hearing, which becomes the seen, the known, the done and the spoken respectively when it is identified by a thought. Thoughts however are indivisible as you have explained as well. If it were true that life is divisible, as the mind thinks it is, would it have been possible for indivisible thoughts to identify anything? How could, for example, seeing be identified by a thought as the seen if thoughts are indivisible and seeing is divisible? Would it have been possible for seeing, knowing, moving, listening and hearing to be identified by indivisible thoughts? 

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Read the article ‘Thoughtless State’ and understand the words ‘thoughts are indivisible’ with context. Thoughts are indivisible refers to opposites.


Question from USA: 17-5-2017

Dr. Shankar--

 I have another inquiry....I was reading Kabir in which he wrote: I recited the sacred names, a million times:  performed austerities and penances  But I did not realize myself. when I met the perfect master, Niranjan-the Unblemished

 Instantly I realized the Highest  And abided in the state of non-attention---ALAK.  This work ALAK means the state before conception... You write in Kaivalya Gita Volume 2 page 28-29 " Man is yet to understand that the world gets manifested because of the Known, which is thinking. Hence the world is nothing but a manifestation of thoughts: this is the most profound realization that could happen to man"....I feel profoundly that I do understand this state of Alak as it directly co-incides with this teaching of the Known as simply thoughts, but conversely, I also understand that prior to conception I can not possibly be thinking because there is NO-Thing there, No-Individuality....So then it must only mean that all experience HERE in a body is simply thoughts yes----but we must express and communicate somehow....Our trying to explain, trying to understand must be True/False all at the same time.....This is awfully hard to explain in words but it must be done.... The reality prior to our ''thoughts'' cannot be talked about, so in a sense we have to be all wasting/not-wasting our time?

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

Communication and expression happens to us if it is meant to happen, and we do not make them to happen. Our trying to explain happens to us and we do not try to explain by ourselves, because we do not make the moment in which trying is present, albeit illusory, though it appears that we are trying to explain. Similarly, we cannot try to understand, understanding happens to us if it is meant to happen, because understanding is an inherent characteristic of intellect and man does not control intellect. Whatever is explained is is either true or false. There is nothing that must be done. If it is meant to happen it will happen. The reality prior to our thoughts cannot be talked about. It can only be pointed to. Time is not wasted by anyone, because what is meant to happen only happens.


Response from USA to answer: 17-5-2017

Dr Shankar 

Thank You for the response…..

Answer by Dr. Shankar

Always here to share wisdom with humanity.


Question from USA: 16-5-2017

Dr. Shankar---

 I have been reading your writings on TRUST, what you have written to me regarding Trust, and pondering over it.....I see something quite remarkable all over---All the people who "seem" to know about trust, talk about it, preach about it-----DONT HAVE IT.....The rarity of the complete TRUST we have been talking about-----not many walking the planet have it as yet---they sure act like they do though.....Why is it so rare? Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

The conditioned mind expects, because the mind is conditioned that man and woman are doers and can do and must do the expected. Therefore the conditioned mind superficially understands trust as expectation, which is common and not rare. Deep understanding of trust however is rare, that life flows in only one way and what is meant to happen to an individual only happens, albeit illusory.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Netherlands: 15-5-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

Thank you for the article “Argue”. What does man need to understand to be in harmony with the knowledge he has in his mind? That if he accepts the knowledge he has in his mind unconditionally by understanding that it has evolved in him, and he or anyone else has not made it happen to him, he will accept the knowledge that others speak to argue with him unconditionally as well?

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

He will accept the other how he or she is and would not expect the other to change to how he expects the other to be. This is what the article “Argue” refers to


Reply from Canada to answer: 14-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, 

Thank you thank you for the clarity and love which appear to go together....

The words patience and trust are like a lifeline out of the present situation that appears very difficult for the conditioned mind to face and understand. Lots of appreciation.

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

I understand it is difficult for the conditioned mind to understand when life does not go the way the mind expects life to go. But when it is understood that life flows in only one way and when the way it flows is interpreted by the mind it is comfortable if the interpretation is liked by the mind, but when life does not flow the way the mind interprets, the mind is uncomfortable and finds it difficult to understand life. This is the reason why patience and trust in life and not the mind is vital.


Reply from Canada to answer: 12-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, 

Thank you so so much for the response.

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

Always here to help.


Question from Canada: 11-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar

Over the years I have read and listened to a lot of what you share, pretty much on a daily basis and find it very helpful. As I have shared with you previously, about the extreme dynamics in my family the wisdom that you share has been helpful for some clarity and I can see that more maturity of that is needed. In the past few weeks the events that appear to be happening in "my" daily life have intensified to the point of where some members of my family appear to be in life and death situations to an even more extreme and though some understanding of " man is not the doer, speaker and thinker ," and that what is meant to happen will happen is  there, I am finding that I feel very affected by it all at "the present moment in time". I am asking if you can please help me to further understand how to be with this. I thank you for all your help and the ongoing articles that you share. Thank you again.

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

Death will eventually happen to one and all and no one can determine the exact moment when it will happen to anyone. As regarding life, what is meant to happen only happens, and you know with certainty what happens only after it happens. And whatever happens cannot be changed once it has happened and also it cannot be other than what is meant to happen. So patience and trust in life helps in overcoming any present situation that appears difficult for the conditioned mind to face or understand.


Question from USA: 6-5-2017

Dr. Shankar-

TRUST...thank you for that explanation...There is DEEP understanding here, in this body and mind, but there is also the internal unsatisfactoriness with some aspects of life as we have discussed..Thinking on them still does not make them come clear and yes---that is understood that it is meant to be---but it seems that the fighting with the idea of Trust is also meant to be--and it is obviously...Many many years of study of Advaita, comparitive religions etc......i want to have a garage sale and dispose of all my books...all my useless garbage pile of ''knowledge''...The only words that seem useful still are Your level of explanation and still Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi...The trust in life does get tiring, even though life is not bad.........Does this make sense? Is it possible to get tired of Advaita?

 Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The intelligence in Life manifests everything and evolves everything as well. Therefore life evolves understanding and advaita as well. You have not been exposed to evolved advaita as yet. When you read or listen to advaita that has evolved, trust in life will happen. Start by listening to few CD’s available on life as it is, meaning evolved advaita. They are available in the same website as the Kaivalya Gita. Your conditioned mind will not understand them initially. Listen to them a few times and wisdom of life as it is will happen. This understanding will help you understand daily life deeply. You will not get tired of evolved advaita because advaita is life as it is. 


Question from Netherlands: 5-5-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

How did shame existed in primitive man or how does it still exist in animals? There are for example many animals who need to hide to survive only minimally, whereas other animals have evolved to hide ingeniously to survive. Has the need for vegetation and animals to take shelter and hide to survive evolved in man in what his mind describes as ‘shame’? 

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

Primitive man did not have shame, he lived just as animals did and still do now. The movements of animals to survive are precise and happen due to the intelligence of life and not by animals themselves. Interpretation of animal movements as hiding to survive happens to man due to his intellect, which is superficial understanding. Vegetation and animals do not hide to survive. They survive as they are meant to survive. That they hide to survive is superficial understanding that has happened to man. When the human mind believed that man is a doer shame happened to man, albeit illusory, when he could not do. When deep understanding happens to man that he is not the doer just as vegetation and animals, shame will not happen to him.


Question from USA: 3-5-2017

Dr. Shankar---

Can you elaborate deeply on ''Trust'' in Life possibly?  Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar,

Trust in life happens when you understand that what is meant to happen only happens, albeit illusory, and you neither make anything happen nor a moment in life or a moment in the mind with illusory thought. Trust in life happens when understanding happens that a pre-thought of a particular thought is absent in the mind. Only a particular thought is present and not a pre-thought of it. Thoughts therefore happen and cannot be controlled to happen or not to happen. The thought that is meant to happen only happens.


Question from USA: 2-5-2017

That is funny, I just bought Kaivalya Gita Volume 6 last week and Five Elements Space and Time and did not buy the video….I will look it up and buy it….I KNOW that I cant change what is ‘’meant to be”…I KNOW IT….I know that I know it…..Still———the Manifestation of God as ‘’me’’, ‘’Frank” wants to not like some of it! That is why I describe it as a kind of comedy……That may be the wrong way to describe it, but it keeps coming up as the best word I can find…Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The comedy is meant to happen to you. When deep understanding of life and the mind with thoughts cements the comedy will not happen.


Question from USA: 1-5-2017

Dr. Shankar---

Thank You for your last response, I have been deeply thinking about it---and in thinking about it, where you responded to what I wrote about Maharaj had said about the state ''prior'' to conception----you said it is light and it prevails forever...I very much related that to last year when i underwent 5th Metatarsal surgery...I fractured it running and needed a screw placement..But anyway, going under Anesthesia I was deeply fascinated about NOT being there to experience that....You can compare it to deep sleep but it seems more dramatic because you are actually having something done to ''you'' instead of the easy slipping away in the comfort of ones bed..I understand that is the ONLY state and the ONLY Truth---It was a TIMELESS and THOUGHTLESS infinity that can only be thought of Now being awake....when you ARE it, there are No more words about it.......Also, I have been deeply contemplating the ''meant to be/not meant to be'' topic we discussed. How can i presume to Understand the state prior to consciousness but at the same time still want change of the meant to be??? 

Even though the current meant to be in my life is not a bad thing or things, there is still the slight dissatisfaction with some of them---and I know that feeling about them is meant to be as well....It seems like a comedy sometimes....if that is the right way to express this? I am not quoting word for word from what you wrote but it was something to the effect of " everything right now is EXACTLY correct, if it is wrong then it makes God wrong, and God cannot be wrong...One must trust." 

That is what 99.9 percent of the world is Not prepared to understand...If someone has cancer that means it is EXACTLY CORRECT! That is most difficult for many and requires deep wisdom. I understand this, but nevertheless that other side still remains....

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The state prior to be conscious is light is understood, because every atom of sperm and ova is light. The want to change the meant to be, is that which is meant to be until deep understanding happens that you cannot change what is meant to be.

I wrote that everything right now is exactly what it is meant to be, meaning that it may be either right or wrong, albeit illusory.

If someone has cancer it means that it is meant to be and neither right or wrong. Watch the DVD ‘Non-Duality-Life as it is’ it will help you to understand deeply what is meant to be and the impossibility of want to change.


Question from USA: 28-4-2017

Dr. Shankar---

 Thank You for your last response....I have been and continue to absorb....It made me think of something Nisargadatta Maharaj said in response to a query--"Before Conception, whatever state exists,THAT is your most natural, perfect state, it ALWAYS prevails..When this beingness goes, that state will still be there, it ever prevails".

 I understand that what is meant to be now IS and WILL be....and that is that....All these ''meant to be's, not meant to be's really pertain to this illusion of beingness....they are very strong notions though, but the strength of conviction that they are not true is there as well---and that is Meant to Be Now...the veil shall be rent asunder before the body goes though...-I know this....Thanks

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The state before conception is light and this state prevails for ever. The strong notions of meant to be’s and not meant to be’s are TRUE, but are nevertheless illusory and not real. That they are not true is meant to BE for you now. The veil will be lifted when it is meant to be lifted even when the body is alive. Patience and trust is vital, which will happen if it is meant to happen.


Question from USA: 27-4-2017

Many thanks for the quick response. 

These are Dr. Shankar's own words from the tapes - Man has simply forgotten that there is no mind in the present, that there is no thought in the present. That's all that man has forgotten. How can a thought forget that there is no mind or thought in the present. I promise this will be my final communication. 

Many thanks again.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Firstly, which tapes do you mention and what is the context that these words refer to? Please mention the topics of the tapes. The sentence “Man has simply forgotten that there is no mind in the present, that there is no thought in the present.” to indicate that in the present moment in life there is no thoughts in the mind. The mind in the present in life is without thoughts. Man has forgotten that the mind in life in the present is without thoughts. Thought cannot forget, because forget is a thought and man has forgotten that there is no thought in the mind in the present in life. Is it clear? If not please inform. Please communicate as much as you want.


Question from USA: 26-4-2017

Request to Dr. Shankar ONLY -for clarification. Many thanks.

The illusions of Life

Man wears colored garments to impress others because he thinks he is wearing the colors he likes so much. But the irony is that he has displayed colors he does not like and has impressed others by his dislikes rather than his likes! The paradox is that everyone is doing just the same, displaying their dislikes rather than their likes. Numerous arguments arise out of insisting which color a particular object should be. Illusionary colors become a point of contention.

 Only light and sound exists everywhere. The eyes only receive reflected light rays. The form, shape and color of the light rays are interpreted in the mind as a man. The mind only has thoughts in it. Therefore the thought ‘man’ wears colored garments to impress other thoughts (the mind can only have one thought at a time). Because he (the thought) thinks he (the thought) is wearing the colors the thought likes. The thought (he) has displayed colors the thought does not like and has impressed other thoughts in his own mind- by his dislikes.

The paradox is that all the thoughts (everyone) is doing (happening to the thoughts) just the same. When the word ‘man’ is used, it reverts back to man being real by our conditioning. But if the correct revelation is used consistently it will be difficult to revert to man as being real- meaning if the word ‘man as a thought’ and nothing more- not man as man but man as thought. If the word thought preceded every object, vegetation, animal, and man - such as ‘the thought man, the thought cow, the thought apple etc. This new understanding will help to remove the concept of man being real and will make the illusion easier to understand. The reflected light appearing as the thought ‘man’ in my mind. It may seem long, but it is the truth. The reflected light appearing as the thought ‘cow’ in my mind. The reflected light appearing as the thought ‘apple’ in my mind. Etc.  If every name bears this qualification, maybe we can then say we are only seeing thoughts and nothing more which I understand to be the message of Dr. Shankar

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The message is: We are only thinking thoughts and not seeing thoughts. Both the thinking and the thoughts happen to us and we do not make either happen. We believe the thoughts are the seen and also to be real, while they are illusory. The belief also happens to us.


Question from USA: 25-4-2017

Dr. Shankar----I have a question in regard to ''what is meant to happen will happen---what is meant not to will not happen"....I have worked for almost 13 years in Emergency/Trauma...I grew up in a Funeral Home Family, (owners of)...I have been around death and life and understand both. On page 77 of Kaivalya Gita Volume 6 is written-Man never sees the whole picture right in front of him. But, in life, there is never a discontinuity anywhere.....I never finished Nursing school but have continued to work as a ER Technician but all the while ''ponder'' gong back to school and finally getting my RN degree....I seem not able to go, inside I have a reservation, laziness? 

My wife is a successful Nurse, friends are as well.....The discontinuity I feel has stayed with me regarding this....I definitely try to see the whole picture but cant quite catch it...Could this be the will of the Universe? And must it be fully understood? Is this meant to be this way exactly? I debate many times..... Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Nursing school is not meant to be finished as of now. Working as an ER technician is meant to happen and it is happening. Pondering is meant to happen and it is happening. Not going back to nursing school is meant to happen and it is happening as of now. Laziness is meant to happen and it is happening when it is meant to happen. The mind thinks isolated events and does not understand that there is no discontinuity anywhere. You can never find an actual division between the isolated events of the mind. All this is the big picture of your life as of now. There is no discontinuity anywhere. The discontinuity you feel is meant to happen so that you will understand the big picture of your life. The big picture of your wife and friends is what is happening to them. The big picture of your life is not meant to happen to you as yet just as finishing nursing school is no meant to happen to you as of now. Trying to see the whole picture is meant to happen and it is happening. This is not the will of the universe it is what is meant to happen. Full understanding too will happen when it is meant to happen. This is exactly what it is meant to be as of now to you. Patience and trust in life is vital which will happen too if it is meant to happen.


Question from USA: 19-4-2017

Dr. Shankar—— 

So there is ONLY COSMOS…..And ‘’I” am it…..In the dark room of meditation the illusion of ‘’I”, me, he, she saw itself and then merged back into itself ….That is all it does every second …..The illusion is Reality and reality is the illusion….all the time.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

There is only intelligence. The intelligence appears as the illusory cosmos and the illusory “I”. The illusion appears as the real. The illusoriness of reality is the reality to the human mind.



Question from USA: 18-4-2017

Dr. Shankar---I thank you for the many answers to questions I have put before...I have another I have been thinking over---For 4-5 years I would meditate traditionally but in pitch darkness in my closet--no sound as my ears were covered, no light etc etc....Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi I was fortunate enough to come across in this life time accompanied me internally all hours--more so even in the Dark Depths of the Illusion I called my mind while in Dark retreat so to speak...There teaching was almost as if I could touch it...Your books have also evolved those teachings for me to a greater understanding...That understanding was that even in the DARK, the Illusion of a Mind was seen as Reflections of Light and Sound....that the very understanding with NO Visual or Auditory impetus available WAS/IS the Intelligence of the Universe itself---unseen, unheard but THERE...Is this correct? Thank You 

Answerby Dr. Shankar

What IS: is intelligence of the cosmos itself. The cosmos is a whole harmonious and orderly system that is governed by natural law. The cosmos includes the “universe” which is everything that exists including time and space, matter, and the laws that govern them.


Question from New Zealand: 16-4-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, thank you very much for explaining what contentment is. All these days was of the opinion that contentment is to be developed in life.

Dr Shankar can you please explain how to understand "Temple". Regards
Answerby Dr. Shankar

Man cannot develop anything in life. Everything that exists evolves and developes because of life, including a moment with and what it is meant to be. Man merely claims that he can develop. Growth cannot be developed in life by anyone, growth evolves and developes because of life in the way it is meant to as everyone with and what he is meant to be. Similarly with contentment as well. Where ever you are in life that place is ‘Temple’, because every place is manifested by God. A particular place is called a temple, so that man may understand that any place is also a temple, because God is everywhere. When this understanding happens, you will have the same reverence, love and gratitude to God that you have in a temple, also in any place that you are in life.


Question from New Zealand: 14-4-2017

Dear Regina, can you please ask Dr. Shankar how to understand the word "Contentment" albeit illusory. Please convey my regards to Dr. Shankar. 
Answerby Dr. Shankar

You are contented every moment of your temporary life-time, when trust happens to you that life will happen as it is meant to happen to you and to others, and that you do not make life happen the way it happens to you or to others. Illusory contentment means it is temporary, meaning it lasts until your life-time and not eternal.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Netherlands: 13-4-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

If life gives a moment to itself to be itself, would not life need a moment to give a moment to itself to be itself? Is there a moment at all?
Answerby Dr. Shankar

Life and moment are synonyms. Life is moment and moment is life. Therefore life does not give a moment to itself. If moment was not present life would not be present as well. That you ask a question is proof that life is present and so too the moment is present.


Question from USA: 12-4-2017

Dr. Shankar---

In Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam, the Great disciple of Ramana Maharshi Sri Muruganar is writing about the ''nature'' of the guru---He wrote--"He is the Ancient One who prospers in his powerful natural state of MAUNA, silence---untroubled by questions of ''where'' and ''when"....It made me think of one of your talks when you were discussing how humans have sophisticated to the point where we ALWAYS are saying ''where'' and ''when"...But as you say, it is not a matter of getting to that point of not being troubled---it is a matter of IF it is meant to happen it will, and IF it is not meant to happen right now it wont...No matter way---THAT is still THAT.....I understand this now more fully.... Thank You.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Happy for you.

Dr. Shankar


Question from Netherlands: 8-4-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

 But illusory thought is at quantum level light, right? If so, can we say that the singular intermittent flow of thoughts is not only in the singular constant flow of light but is also a illusory reflection of the singular constant flow of light? Meaning, “intermittent” is an illusory reflection of “constant” and the “gaps” between thoughts would be light as well?  And your explanation regarding “personal” and “impersonal” is applicable to every other duality, isn’t it? For example, in your explanation I could replace “personal” and “impersonal” with “health” and “sickness”, right?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The gap between thoughts is the constant. Health and sickness are personal to superficial understanding, whereas health and sickness is impersonal to deep understanding. Hence you cannot replace personal and impersonal with health and sickness. Duality is real to superficial understanding, whereas duality is illusory to deep understanding.


Question from USA: 7-4-2017

Dr. Shankar---

Thank You for the response to the article " Nature". My wife and I had a very deep long dialogue on that just yesterday...We also talked about world events, and mostly about the events in Aleppo Syria and how that relates to the "intelligence" of nature-- for most that would be hard to put together as relating, but they do as all happenings do....Upon pondering deeper into that relating it to ''light" and ''sound"----there is a inner Knowing if you will, which cannot be truly spoken of, that without the Human eye to take in light---light cannot be either...without the Human ear---sound cannot be either....It to me goes further to a state that you often say CANNOT be spoken of....Ever...beyond ALL our words there is only THAT...ALONE.....Is this correct?  Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Upon deep pondering the intelligence of nature, you and your wife would understand that the nature of intelligence involves the whole and the linear ‘Why and how’ involves the intellect within the mind. The whole does not relate to events, only the linear relates to events. There are no linear answers to ‘why’ or ‘how’ knowledge and wisdom happen, but they nevertheless do happen. It is wise to accept life as it happens, because ‘why’ and ‘how’ everything happens cannot be answered by the intellect within the mind. The mind, however, believes that it has or is able to find real answers to any 'why' or 'how' and this is the illusion which deceives the mind that events are real. This implies that life is without cause or effect as the enlightened have declared, whereas 'how' and 'why' indicate cause and effect, albeit illusory. Light is present even though the blind cannot see light. Sound is present even though the deaf are unable to hear sound. Beyond all illusory words is ‘THAT’.


Question from Netherlands: 6-4-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, 

Thank you for your response on April 3. While reading the paragraph about the big picture in the article “Willpower“ I wondered: if, as you explain, an atom as part of the whole is both negative and positive because both electrons and protons are in a flow in the whole, would not every individual life as part of and included in the singular movement of the entire life be both personal and impersonal because both personal and impersonal are in a flow in the whole which is the singular movement of the entire life?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Every individual life is light as part of the whole life, which is light. Part of light is whole because the whole is light. Part of light is neither personal nor impersonal, just as the whole light is neither personal nor impersonal. Both personal and impersonal are illusory thoughts of individual life as light and it is part of the individual mind and it is whole, because personal and impersonal are illusory thoughts of individual lives as light in all the individual minds which is the whole. Therefore illusory thoughts are a singular intermittent flow in the singular constant flow of light.


Question from USA: 5-4-2017

Hello Dr. Shankar--I was reading your article "Nature".....In it you mentioned that Evolution has come along to a point that the Human Mind has developed to where it now has the ability to think about the why, and the how, and the when etc...Whereas the Intelligence in Nature does some things, as say Blossom a flower, and NOT blossom a flower....That the intelligence in nature is looking out for everything....Why is the understanding of this so RARE among humans in the world? Why so few walking the earth today who ABSOLUTELY do not worry about anything...We have seen a few in history, but the vast majority of the people walking the planet are far from this.....It is easy to read and think over, BUT quite entirely another thing to ''BE".... Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The word evolution has not been mentioned in the article ‘nature’. The intelligence of nature is mentioned. The mind does not have the ability to make neither evolution nor the intelligence in nature. The article indicates that what is meant to happen will happen in nature and to man and what is not meant to happen will not happen in nature and to man as well. Therefore we cannot enquire ‘why’ is deep understanding of nature RARE among humans in nature. It is RARE because it is meant to be RARE in nature. Few on earth in nature do not worry about anything, because trust in life has happened to them, which was meant to happen. To the vast majority of people walking the planet it is not meant to happen to them as yet and we cannot ask ‘why’ it has not happened to the vast majority. To ’BE’ in nature with trust will happen when it is meant to happen in nature.


Question from Netherlands: 3-4-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

If I understand scientific information correctly, the charge of the positively charged atomic nucleus and the charge of the negatively charged electron cloud around the nucleus are equal. (I hope I have formulated it correctly.) Therefore every single atom is neutral as a whole. That seems significant. Sounds as if life in its smallest form is a testimony of precision and perfect equilibrium. If this is significant, would you be so kind to explain why?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

That a single atom has no electrical charge and is neutral as a whole is a theoretical knowledge and not wisdom, because an atom is whole only in relation with every other atom in the whole which is wisdom. A whole is both positive and negative in a flow and this is wisdom. Therefore every atom as a part of the whole is both negative and positive, because both electrons and protons are in a flow in the whole. When an atom is either positive or negative in the flow can never be determined with any accuracy. This is a testimony of precision and perfect equilibrium of life.


Question from Netherlands: 30-3-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, In your article ‘Has and Got’ you state: “You can neither choose in the moment nor could you have willpower in the moment, because you cannot choose to make a moment; you need the moment for the choice to be present. Therefore, a moment happens without choice or willpower.”

I grappled with this statement. Thoughts would appear in my mind like ‘I understand that I cannot choose to make a moment, but why does that mean that I cannot choose in the moment?’ ‘Just because I am unable to choose to make a moment, does not necessarily mean that I am unable to choose in a moment.’ ‘Why can’t I make a choice in a moment which life makes for me?’ ‘I mean, I am alive in life even though I cannot choose to make life.’ Which was to my surprise followed by the thought: ‘Oh, I cannot choose to be alive either.’ To me that was an eye-opener which gave meaning to your above mentioned statement. I cannot choose in life, because I can neither choose to make life, nor can I choose to be alive in life. Similarly, I cannot choose in the moment, because I can neither choose to make a moment, nor can I choose to be alive in the moment. If I can neither make a moment, nor choose to be alive in the moment, it must mean that ‘my’ choices in the moment happen to me spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. Would you please be so kind to comment?

Answer by Dr. Shankar

If you can neither make a moment nor choose to be alive in the moment it means that your choices in the moment happen to you and you make neither the choice nor the moment. Similarly, you do not have will-power to either choose or to make anything in the moment. Everything happens in the moment, albeit illusory.


Question from USA: 29-3-2017

Dr. Shankar-- I have been deeply pondering over the last answers you gave to me....It may sound crazy to the rest of the world, but it is my understanding then that if all ''illusionary" events are happening exactly the way they are meant to happen, then all the activities of the "illusionary" world and universe are just rightly so? 

Is that the right way to put it? Even if most are seeing the events in the world as "BAD" suck as war, death, etc etc....

It is just exactly so...If there is only 1 source, then this source or God or whatever it is just "Does" but also "Does Not".....all at the same illusionary moment that happens always NOW.... Is this correct understanding? Going in the direction of correct understanding? Thank You  

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The correct way to put it is: all the illusory activities in the illusory world and universe are just what it is meant to be.

The correct understanding is: The source does not do anything, so the question of ‘does’ and ‘does not’ is not applicable to the source. The ‘does’ that happens always NOW is an illusion of a singular movement of the source. The big picture is: the entire manifested life is a singular movement and every personal life is included in this singular movement of entire life. This implies that neither is every personal life separate from other lives nor is any action in personal life separate from another action nor is it actual.

Dr. Shankar


Reply from USA for the answer; 28-3-2017

Thank you sir.

Answerby Dr. Shankar.

You are always welcome. I am your friend.


Question from USA: 27-3-2017

Dr.Shankar Can we then say this body that I am temporarily called is EXACTLY where it is supposed to be in this illusory manifestation we call "reality", doing exactly whatever it is supposed to be doing at this exact illusory time and illusory place? Thank You 

AnswerBy Dr. Shankar,

What you write is correct until the word “reality”. The sentence following it should be: doing exactly whatever it is supposed to be doing, albeit illusory, at this exact illusory numerical time and illusory place. Regards


Question from USA: 26-3-2017

Dr. Shankar--- Thank You.....I will think about what you have written for a few days...What is odd is that the terms what is ''meant" to happen will happen I know is true....I say it myself, BUT there is an underlying aspect of me that gets, ''annoyed" at even that! Not that you say it, but it is just a true saying----and my ego does not want to wait for things, it wants it now without the aspect of ''meant to" or not....it is quite a battler, this ego....a fake entity, but still tenacious...the greatest fighter in history....does not throw in the towel that easily!

Answerby Dr.Shankar

If annoyance happens for the truth that you say, it means that you have neither understood deeply the truth in what you say nor has the deep understanding cemented in you. You will not be annoyed if the truth is understood deeply and is cemented. The ego does not understand that it is only in the now anything happens if it is meant to happen. This again indicates that you have not deeply understood what ‘meant’ means.


Question from USA: 25-3-2017

Dr. Shankar-- After my last entry I read Essence and Patience----after all my years of enquiry, study, Advaita, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi-----I STILL have no patience....It is as if the Universe made this illusionary person with NO PATIENCE...Hence the saying, '' I am what I am".......when I am told to have more patience, my inner core fights.....it is a good idea to have patience, but I don't think it is my nature....Even being a student of non-duality all this time....Maybe I am the inpatient aspect of the ALL.... Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

In essence and patience I wrote: “Man becomes patient not by choice, effort or practice. He becomes patient when he understands that life will happen in only one way, including the corresponding thought and feeling, and not in the way his mind expects life to happen.” I do not tell anyone to have neither patience nor more patience. You have no patience implies that patience has not happened to you as yet. You are what you are meant to be in every moment and that is you are not patient in the moment and that is your present nature.  Your inner core does not fight; it is only your ego that fights, because the ego does not wish to be told to have more patience. The ego also does not know that it cannot bring in patience. You are yet to be patient in every moment of life and patience in every moment of life will happen to you if it is meant to happen. Understand that you cannot be a student of non-duality, because a student implies the presence of a teacher, a teacher and a student is duality and not non-duality. You are a temporary impatient aspect of consciousness for the moment and not of ALL. All is the absolute and the absolute has no attributes such as impatience.


Question from USA: 24-3-2017

Dr. Shankar--- You wrote that the Source is an unreal void...Thoughts are Present and yet Not Present...There is the knowing of this, BUT say you are not getting enough hours at your job---you become annoyed...There is annoyance and not annoyance....I know there is no ''HOW", but where comes the stabilization in that particular kind of scenario? One can contemplate all day, meditate, have a Understanding, a deep knowing, BUT the anxiety and annoyance of everyday life still makes its way in....It is quite frustrating....Can that mean I have Understanding AND No understanding at the same time? When does the experimental knowing of that stabilize?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

I also wrote “The source is an unreal void, meaning an unphysical void, which reflects an unreal, future and unreal things, meaning illusory things. If by unreal void you mean consciousness then you are correct, because consciousness by itself is empty meaning void”  Please write the complete context or sentence and not parts of either. Part of a sentence or context does not bring in clarity.

Thoughts are present and yet not present, meaning only sound is present that appears as thoughts that are present.

Understand that annoyance happens to you and you do not make annoyance happen to you, because no one wants annoyance or wishes for it. Therefore, understand you get annoyed and that is what is meant to happen to you at that particular moment. The understanding too may or may not happen to you. The annoyance nevertheless is there and yet not present, because it is illusory just as thoughts are illusory. Illusory also means it is temporary and not permanent. You write” There is annoyance and not annoyance....” This is incorrect because annoyance, albeit illusory is present and it is illusory annoyance. The correct sentence would be there is annoyance and yet it is not.

The stabilization comes when deep understanding happens to you that the scenario (re: annoyance) though present, it is illusory and not real.

Deep understanding that neither contemplation nor meditation can stop them coming in, and deep understanding that they will come if they are meant to come, and deep understanding that they are illusory and not real, frustration will not come. Frustration cones because you believe it is real.

Real means that it is permanent and will not change. Therefore if frustration were real you will only be frustrated every moment of life. But everything in life changes and is not permanent. This indicates that annoyance is illusory and not real.

It means you only have superficial understanding and no deep understanding as yet. When you deeply understand you will know that when you have understanding to have no understanding at the same time is impossible. Deep understanding of the known stabilizes when it is meant to stabilize.


Question from New Zealand: 22-3-2017

How to understand Sadhana?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Sadhana means disciplined and dedicated practice or learning, especially in spirituality or religion. Sadhana may or may not happen. Why and how, albeit illusory, sadhana does happen cannot be really determined, because life is a singular flow of energy. An illusion at quantum level is light and displays illusory reality, for example sadhana, on perception.


Question from USA: 21-3-2017

Dr. Shankar--- You asked me what the ''source" of non-sensical thinking is? I enquire and find nothing that could be mind...I enquire again and still find, after all the ideas, notions, conditionings, opinions are looked at that they are false..I see that there is not a thing there. But, there still must have been a clinging, a conditioning , a false ego that wants to have this un-real contentment.. But as to give it a solidity, a shape, a color---that cannot be done. I have a saying I use quite often--I always say I expect others to view the world as I do, but I know they do not do this most of the time...I hung on to that for a long time but released that outlook and saw the falsity of that....I see now that the ''source'' is an unreal void striving for unreal future and unreal ''things''....the realization of that seems more important that identifying what it is.....

Answer Dr.  Shankar

If you see, meaning you understand that there is not a thing there which could be mind, it implies that the mind is an imagination of the human intellect. The mind is an imagination that does not physically exist, and so too are thoughts an imagination of the human intellect, which does not physically exist. But thoughts nevertheless exist and their existence is therefore illusory and not physically present, meaning thoughts are present and yet not present. Similarly, the mind is illusory, meaning it is present and yet not present. That which is physically present is illusory as well, because illusion at the quantum level is light and displays properties of physical reality on perception in the illusory mind.

A false ego wants real contentment but does not understand that if it were false the contentment would be false as well, and so too solidity, shape, and colour. Solidity, shape and colour are all illusions of light. Light cannot be done by the ego.

Views of the world that anyone has, may or may not be similar with the views that others have. If the views are similar it is well and good, and if the views are not similar, it is well and good as well, because the views of everyone has evolved in them and they do not make the views in their mind, because man can neither make the illusory mind nor an illusory view.

Please understand that you can neither hold onto nor release the thought in the mind, which is not present but yet present, because both the thought and the mind happen before you can make them happen. Understand that the thought in the mind clung to you as long as it was meant to and similarly the thought released itself when it was meant to release, but the ego believes that it clung onto and released the thought. Understanding of the falsity of expecting others to view the world as you do, happened to you and you did not make that understanding happen to you, because understanding is an inherent characteristic of intellect and you do not control intellect.

The source is an unreal void, meaning an unphysical void, which reflects an unreal, future and unreal things, meaning illusory things. If by unreal void you mean consciousness then you are correct, because consciousness by itself is empty meaning void. Consciousness is light and void as well, because light is void meaning empty. Light reflects illusory (unreal) future and “things” as well. The realization that consciousness reflects an illusory world, man and mind, is more important than identifying what consciousness meaning ‘it’ is, because ‘it’ meaning consciousness cannot be identified.


Question from USA: 20-3-2017

Dr. Shankar--- Was deeply pondering the Chapter "LABELS", in Kaivalya Gita Volume 2....You were discussing labels, pigeonholes, and discontentment. On pg. 18 you wrote, " What does man mean by a nice job?"----I read and simply laughed hysterically! After many years of ''discontentment"----and by NO MEANS did I have any reason for discontentment, (new home, good Emergency Job etc. etc...), there was an underlying sense of this discontentment----No meditation solved it, I could not find the source...I always told my wife lets move out West to Arizona for the mountains, to California for the Scenery, etc.etc....But after pondering "LABELS", I have found that source of nonsensical thinking......I have found it---Thank You  

Answerby Dr.  Shankar

Happy for you that you have found the source of nonsensical thinking, may I ask you what the source of nonsensical thinking is, please? It is wise to accept your wife, everyone and everything as they are in every moment of daily life, and not expect them to be what you expect they should be. You will not be discontented in daily life.


Question from USA: 19-3-2017

 Dr.Shankar-- I see what you mean now......ahha.....I understand... Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Happy that deep understanding of a spiritual belief is happening to you now.

Dr. Shankar


Question from USA: 18-3-2017

Dr. Shankar-- The Way it is Meant to Go-------Ramana Maharshi said the same over and over....The Gita said it thousands of years ago......IT doing what IT wishes to do...and there is NO-ONE doing anything....Yes, that full understanding has matured greatly in this fictitious Me.... Regards  

Answer by Dr. Shankar

Neither is NO-ONE doing or wishing nor is IT doing what IT wishes to do. IT merely is. Doing and wishing by anyone is an optical and auditory illusion of consciousness as light and sound, including everyone and everything. The full understanding that has matured greatly in fictitious you, is a spiritual belief, but it is not the truth. Regards


Question from USA: 17-3-2017

Dr. Shankar---Thank You for you answers and for taking the time....The Illusion of “me” is at that ledge of not wanting to now anymore.....I understand totally.....May your life go well!!!

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Thank you for writing your questions, which happened to you, just as writing the answers to your questions happened to me. Not wanting to question is also happening to you now. This is total understanding. Similarly, my life will go the way it is meant to go. 


Question from USA: 14-3-2017

Dr. Shanker---Thank You. I absolutely DO understand...Deep down I fully Realize...When I enquire into what I was Before I was born I fully assimilate that this "I Am" was not....BUT----you have to at least give me some lee-way here...The auditory illusions of light and sound that consciousness has projected as " Frank ", or ''others'' or ''animals" or any kind of life animate or inanimate through the whole of illusionary evolution for this temporary physical illusionary manifestation that we can call life on earth, life in the Universe, life in the Multi-Verses etc etc, still wants to know why the Pure Light of the Absolute which CANNOT be explained, pondered, thought about--- It simply wants to know , as the illusionary aspect of itself, aspect of itself ( because how can it be other than itself in some way if it is ALL there is) WHY it operates the way it does? So I am asking you as GOD to GOD why do I do the things that I do the way I do them? So as Absolute light, absolute illusionary Noumenon, I KNOW I CANNOT KNOW MYSELF---but HERE, in Illusionary manifestation, it still wants to KNOW here in this Illusion too! If that makes no sense I apologize, but I understand what I am writing even if I cannot convey it properly....Thank You.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

If you understand absolutely you are in freedom and there is no question of giving some or any leeway. 

The illusory ‘I’ has evolved to know: that is its function. When the illusory ‘I’ evolves further it understands absolutely the known and lives in freedom.

As an illusory reflection of light and sound, meaning God, to another illusory reflection labelled as you: you do not do anything the way you do. Doing and the way of doing is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound in the form of thoughts of a singular moving body called you.

You can understand, if understanding happens that you are an illusory reflection of consciousness. Understand that you are neither as absolute light nor as absolute illusory Noumenon. You are as a relative auditory and optical illusory phenomenon of consciousness.

The illusory you always will want to know until deep understanding of the mind happens, when you will no longer want to know. You begin to live with whatever you may know. If understanding is deep you will convey whatever you know properly.


Question from USA: 13-3-2017

Dr. Shankar---Thank You...I DO Understand what you are saying....Words again-- Noumenon and Phenomenon, Un-Manifest/Manifest....

What this phenomena called in this lifetime as "Frank" does know is that the Silent Absolute in its infinite potentiality expresses itself as a "Frank" 

who likes to use words and question, who goes to deep dreamless sleep and then disappears back to potentiality, wakes up again to see a Rose, to see Life , and Death and Smiles and Cries, an Insect, a Sunrise, looks at the Universe through a telescope, saves a life in the Emergency Room in my job etc etc etc....What this phenomena called Frank knows is that it does not really concern itself with book knowledge anymore, although it still loves books...It is all most laughable! 

The deep silence is the Truth, but there is also Noise in this manifestation and that is LIFE doing what it wishes....

And I am not concerned anymore, nor have I been for a while!.....Laughable.....Thank You.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Words are illusions of phenomenon sound. Sound is an illusion of phenomenon light. Noumenon is the absolute and light and sound are phenomenon of consciousness. Un-manifest is consciousness or light and sound and manifest is the illusory world, man and mind. I am sure you follow.

You who do know is an illusory phenomenon of light and sound and so too what you know is an illusory phenomenon of light and sound. What you do not understand as yet to know is: The silent absolute reflects consciousness and its infinite potentiality to express itself as an illusory phenomenon of light and sound called you.

Book knowledge is to be concerned about by phenomenon of light and sound called you, for phenomenon you to be able to save a life in Emergency Room etc, etc, etc.

Deep silence is the truth IN this manifestation, and the truth in manifestation is consciousness. Noise in this manifestation is sound, which is an illusion of deep silence, consciousness or light.

Be concerned about the illusory phenomena of life, because it helps to save a life, and talk to Shankar. Life is a precious mystery of light and sound.


Question from USA: 12-3-2017

Dr. Shankar- Thank You for the Second response...So we can both agree that the ''eternal state'' prevails in spite of ALL happenings? It is really not a ''state'' but as I said before I have to use my language to communicate this as best I can...I suspect the greatest communication we can have is that SILENCE we are talking about? This silence has been with me always but I never realized it fully until 9 years ago...It then took on a very deep significance and I find it NEVER comes or goes from me, not in waking, not in sleep---it just IS always present, always there, in work, in good, in bad---and it is just the way it is and will always be so---I know that is what I am-----but as I said it is extremely difficult to convey to others----so I usually do not even try to---Is this an accurate description? Thank You.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

All happenings prevail as illusory reflection of consciousness. Consciousness is a reflection of the eternal state, which can neither be known to be described nor experienced. Language and communication in the best way too are an illusory expression of consciousness. The smart phone and the computer are proof that language and communication are illusory.

Silence is not talked about but only understood. Silence is consciousness which reflects the illusory talking about anything including silence, which cannot be talked about.

Silence, meaning consciousness can never be found especially in deep sleep. Silence is understood to be always present in waking or sleeping states and reflects illusory work, and illusory duality such as good, bad, in waking and sleeping states.

It is not difficult to convey silence, it is impossible to convey silence. Silence cannot be conveyed, because silence is consciousness and consciousness is everywhere. Silence cannot be explained either, because any explanation contains words, and words are sounds and not silence. This implies that a letter or a word in an explanation is an auditory illusion of sound. Therefore anything seen and explained is an optical illusion of light and auditory illusion of sound respectively. The smart phone and the computer are proof that daily life is an optical and auditory illusion. Is this understood by you? If not please inform and will explain further.


Question from USA: 11-3-2017

Dr. Shankar

Thank you for your response-You said the Absolute cannot be known or experienced and I understand that--You wrote in Kaivalya Gita Volume 2 page 28-29 that the ''world'' gets manifested because of the known, which is thinking. Hence the world is nothing but a manifestation of thoughts...and on pg 29 you said deep sleep is timeless and thoughtless which is man's true state...( To me, it has to manifest from ''something"--although I know that ''something'' is not knowable from an Ultimate perspective) Language here is the problem. But, for speaking and communicating purposes in our bodies on a Relative level can we say we have had a taste of the Absolute here in relative terms?( but I fully understand the implications of '' we can never know or experience it" as per what you said)...Because how can we possibly experience deep dreamless sleep? That is impossible and I know this here and now while awake and I am fully at peace with that...That is the silence I am talking about...Is this view remotely close to correct? Thank You Sir, Frank F.

Answer by Dr. Shankar

The manifested world is in the form of thoughts; Kaivalya Gita 2 indicates just that in page 28-29.  Page 29 states that silence is man’s true state to indicate that silence is consciousness. Deep sleep state is a manifestation of consciousness. We can say we have a taste of consciousness here, and the taste is the relative illusory terms of this and that. The deep dreamless sleep is silence, just as any feeling lived and not thought of as this and that is silence. You are welcome to question deeper.


Question from USA: 10-3-2017

Dr. Shankar- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj of Mumbai spoke of the ''ABSOLUTE"....To me the Absolute simply signifies what Maharaj was before he was born, what I was Before I was born---and not a thing we say about it now really has any meaning----words for it are only metaphors, only superficial language ---we try to speak of something that always was before there was any language....So to me god or whatever we wish to call it is ultimately a great deep silence but not of the ears....This is my feeling...What are your views on Maharaj and the Absolute-----Thank You

Answerby Dr. Shankar

You were not the ABSOLUTE before you were born. You were an illusory manifestation of Absolute as consciousness before you were born. You are an illusory manifestation of consciousness after you are born. The absolute can neither be known nor experienced. Words and metaphors only point to the absolute and do not describe about it. Deep silence is, God, Light, or Consciousness. A feeling is either lived or thought of as this and that. A feeling lived and not thought of as this and that is silence. I have no views on Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the Absolute.


Question from Netherlands: 26-2-2017

Dear Dr Shankar, 

In the book Evolution of Mind you explain the process whereby we recognize, for example, written words when light-waves from the words which have entered our eyes transform as sound-waves and match the sound-waves of the words which are already present in our minds. I want to be sure about what you mean by the following. In the article The Seen, when you say “only seeing”, do you mean only visual recognition of form, shape and colour? And when you say “the seen is identified by a thought”, do you mean that form, shape and colour is mentally recognized as a label?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Light-waves from the words enter the pupil and remain as light-waves and are not transformed as sound-waves, because the optic nerve conveys light-waves and not sound-waves. Light-waves match each other in memory.

Only seeing implies pure seeing but not this and that. Identified by a thought implies that form, shape, colour and name are thoughts and a thought is a label recognized in memory.


Question from Netherlands: 20-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

In the article ‘The Known’, to what are you referring to with the word ‘knowing’?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Knowing is an inherent characteristic function of intellect by which humans come to know knowledge. The known therefore is due to knowing. For example you know computer because of the function of knowing in intellect. If the function of knowing were not present in the intellect, humans would not know knowledge. Knowing per se is neither this nor that; it is an inherent characteristic function of intellect to know.


Question from Netherlands: 19-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Referring to your response from 18 february, when man lacks awareness of the fact that knowledge of the moment in the mind in the form of thoughts is illusory, it means that intellect has evolved superficial understanding in him or her rather than deep understanding?  And the evolvement of any degree of understanding in a human being is irrespective of the amount of knowledge that has happened to him or her? 

I mean, he or she may be very knowledgeable, yet be unaware of the illusory nature of knowledge in the form of thoughts? And when little knowledge has happened to someone, it is not a hindrance for deep understanding and awareness to happen to him or her?

Answer by Dr. Shankar

Knowledge depends upon the degree of understanding that has evolved in him or her. This implies that any degree of understanding reflects the knowledge that he or she has. Therefore, knowledge depends upon the understanding that has evolved to him or her, which indicates that knowledge is depended upon understanding whereas understanding is not depended upon knowledge.

Deep understanding and its awareness to him or her is independent and not dependent on anything, least of all to the quantity of knowledge.


Question from Netherlands: 18-2-2017

Dear Dr Shankar,

A question that keeps my mind busy is: what is the relationship between intellect and awareness? Does awareness evolves intellect (and thereby understanding)?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The relationship between intellect and awareness is: intellect enables humans to be aware of knowledge and the moment. Intellect evolves deep understanding and thereby awareness of the fact that knowledge of the moment in the mind in the form of thoughts is illusory. Also, intellect evolves deep understanding and awareness of the fact that illusory numerical time and illusory thoughts are absent in any moment of life. 


Question from Netherlands: 17-2-2017

If understood well Dr. Shankar’s oeuvre states life to be light, and as such to be a play of light and sound. But, how then is one to understand the use of the word ‘light’ twice, in particular since sound, again if understood well, also is light – how come twice the use of the word 'light', in this context!?

Answerby Dr. Shankar

It is deep understanding of light that reveals sound to be an illusion of light to indicate that light is transformed as sound heard by the human ear.


Reply from Germany: 15-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Marcus gave me some good support and I currently read again your book "Evolution of Mind" and I am impressed again....have read it years ago and was impressed - than forgot all again and fall back into braining - and now come back in tasting the truth you shared...your DVD "Self Inquiry" I found again is great as well.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Happy for you that braining to wisdom is happening now to you. Wisdom understands and accepts life as it flows and neither choses nor judges, whereas so far only braining of knowledge was happening to you and knowledge judges and chooses.


Question from Germany: 14-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

thank you that you are so patient with me - meanwhile I stay in contact with Marcus as well...My main problem as I recognize it for myself with your uttering is that the responses seem to be very stereotype and with less compassion to the asking content while I  assume a deep compassion on your side anyway.

May be the stereotype responses are meant to feed the stereotype mind...

Regarding order-disorder I understand that you grasp them either to be not absolute because they change into each other permanently. So they are part of a reflection of one source you call light. 

You tell thoughts are in mind and mind is not in life: I do not grasp clearly the relation ship between the source (life) and the reflection (mind). 

But the reflection seems to be under some laws and seems to develop to some higher state. In your book Evolution of Mind it is mentioned that evolution points to higher degrees whereas we lately agreed that there could be devolution as well?

regarding violence of human parts against each other: you stated that violence occurs even in an orderly society whereas I would argument the other way around: if violence shows up in society it is a sign of existing disorder and could be intentionally be changed to order by psychological work on the parts of society by itself - provided the parts see the need itself what clearly is the main problem that they do not.

A colleague of me, a mother, lately lost her 20 years old oldest son studying medicine who commits suicide because in the 3rd semester failed some examination. Should something like that not be avoidable if society takes a better direction as to focus on achievement? regarding causality I agree a first cause could not be given. If causality is only part of a reflection of life and not of life itself and the reflection like its source is eternal as well my mind has some problems of cource claiming causality further on to be real and still don't knowing the first cause...

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Yes I do have deep compassion not only for you but for everyone. Stereotype wise answers are with deep insight into stereotype knowledge.

Not only do order and disorder change or may not change, they are nevertheless illusory, including their separation, and are what they are and cannot be other than what they are. Man does not bring about order or disorder; though to the stereotype superficial knowledge man is responsible for order or disorder and can change them too. Order and disorder nevertheless is an illusory manifestation of light and as light is continuous there is no separation in light. Therefore only different intensities in light display illusory order and disorder including illusory separation between order and disorder. 

The relationship between life and mind is: Life and mind are together. Thoughts in the mind however are a delay in life. Life is ahead of the thoughts in the mind. Is it clear? Because thoughts in the mind know what has happened in life with certainty only after it happens and never before it happens, meaning the exact moment of happening.

Evolution is present because of devolution, to mean what devolves evolves and what evolves devolves as well. If they do not, life would be static without progression.

Violence in orderly or disorderly society is known only after they happen. If violence could be intentionally changed to order they could be prevented intentionally as well. But what has happened cannot be changed, only thoughts to change it happens and this gives a deception that the violence that happens in disorderly societies is a sign of existing disorder that can be changed to order, and that parts of the society do not see the disorder. The problem is society does not understand the mind deeply.

I am sorry for your colleague. Society surely focuses on achievement and safety. But both achievement and failure do happen, including their consequences. Life is dual in the mind with superficial understanding. The opposites in dualities are needed to convey meaning to achievement and failure. Deep understanding of the mind reveals that what is meant to happen will happen is albeit illusory and no reason can be attributed to whatever that happens.

Neither can the first cause be given nor the first effect. If the first cause or effect cannot be known, how could it be possible to determine what is the cause and what is the effect? It is impossible. This is why the wise have pointed that there is no cause or effect in life. Life is what it is and whatever the mind says about what it is as thoughts, it is albeit illusory.


Question from Germany: 13-2-2017

Dear Dr.Shankar,

The example of the boys and the schoolmaster was assumed to be a closed system called school class which follows some purpose. Because of that the systems shows intentional relationships between the parts which constitute it and which have different levels as well.The system aims "teaching" and therefore puts this different levels together intentional. In this regard the parts of the system are clearly distinct and follow different functions to accomplish a greater task. 

The whole system suffers disorder when the schoolmaster is absent. Why does it suffer and is not happy to see the boys doing their own thing? Because the system "school class" strives for some order in the lower level to be achieved with the help of the higher level. So the whole Distribution of the same energy/light in the system with the teacher present is focussed or concentrated on some aim of the system as a whole. Without that teacher being present this aim gets lost because the focused energy of the boys is released. So it needs some effort - done by the boys and controlled by the schoolmaster - to focus energy on some aim of the system for which it is meant to exist for. 

Same with humanity as part of life which can be assumed to be a system as well. If you instead grasp life as some aimless "process" and not as a purposeful system this manifests exactly what the example points to: you have to consider that you yourself are a part of a released lower level as well not being aware of the higher level aims. 

There are and have been teachers in humanity as well knowing the aim of the system life very well. They may differ between avoidable, necessary and not avoidable suffering: getting a victim of an earthquake may be not avoidable, but getting a victim of some violence by some other human parts may be avoidable if the system is not in disorder. There are clearly sufferings in humanity that could be avoided.

To deepen the examples and bring the focus in the direction of causality, which is denied by you too, let us assume some idea "house".  

An Idea is a thought and as such claimed by you to be an illusion as well. But still please be patient and follow the following: 

If some human in history once got the idea to make a "house" this was a spontaneous, unpredictable event in his brain - but my be not for the higher level parts of the system to which he and his brain is a part of. Now he started in time and space to take bricks and put them together until the house manifests in the observation of his five senses and equals his idea. We have the terms "idea" - "house" - "bricks". "Bricks" itself could be described in that manner too and so forth. So causality does not need time but some intention.

The "Idea" is assumed to be invisible by our senses which I agree are building some illusionary reality within time and space.

But her the invisible - the idea -  is the cause of the illusionary visible. For the materialist the bricks are the cause, means the things that constitutes the whole and nothing else.

Ideas - thoughts are not in time and space, why? Because one thought can not be left or right, above or under another thought. So the possibility of space as a residence for thought is discarded - remains time.

Time as interpreted by Einstein is nothing other than an additional space dimension - so time as a residence for thought is discarded as well.

No we come to the famous "moments" and the adjured flow of moments that should manifest time which could be measured scientifically until some degree. This argumentation of some order of moments that manifests time is obsolete as well because synchronism of time is relative as well. Because of that to declare instead one single eternal moment is obsolete as well. What remains? Thoughts beyond time and space. 

There is a greater evidence for thoughts/ideas to be the source of all than anything else. Anything else could be trusted as illusion - I agree.

Answerby Dr.Shankar

To knowledge it appears that parts of a system are clearly distinct from each other and follow different functions to accomplish a task great or big. But to wisdom it is clear that every speck of a system is not distinct from any other part of the system or from other systems as well, because every speck of a system or systems is energy and in energy there is no distinct separation. Energy is continuous with varied intensities in them that project different illusory systems and their parts.

Understand that any disorder is part of order and vice versa. And they are in order when it is meant to be and vice versa. If disorder were real there would only be disorder and not order and vice versa. Is it clear?

Purpose and aim, albeit illusory, are included in the singular flow of life, but as thoughts in the mind but the mind with its thoughts is not life.

There will be teacher as well as few wise in humanity, teachers understand that the aim of life is what the mind says, but do not understand that what will happen only happens, while the wise know that life is without aim or purpose and life will flow the way it is meant to flow. Even if the system is IN order there is victim of violence, because violence happens even in orderly society. 

I have not denied causality. I have pointed that causality is illusory because it is impossible to find the first. Is it clear? 

Understand that intention too has evolved and too thoughts which are ideas of house, bricks etc. man has not made them because he cannot control evolution. is it clear?

Every thought and idea is invisible.

Again it is impossible to determine the first cause or the first effect.

For anything to exist time is needed, and without time and space nothing can exist. Therefore thought exists in illusory time and space.

To Einstein time and space are inseparable.

Understand that time is not measured in life but only defined as thoughts in the mind. Moments do not manifest time, a moment is time but not numerical time with numerical duration. Numerical time is relative and not eternity.

The question is what is the source of thoughts/ideas. Understand that thoughts are illusions of subtle sound, because a spoken thought is an illusion of sound. I agree that everything that is known exists as thoughts.


Question from Germany: 12-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, 

...you are just waiting patiently until it is meant to happen within the process of life that the illusory reflection of light named Dr. Vijai Shankar will vanish? 

..meanwhile - if it is meant to happen as well - you feel illusory compassion about other illusory reflections of light experiencing pain, violence and all illusory events human reflections of light really would not prefer to experience at all?

.. and in addition meanwhile - but only if it is meant to happen -  you find illusory consolation in the illusion that in the reflection  of life pain will change to joy and vice versa if it is meant to happen, because pain only is minimum of joy?

...and last but not least: this all is called the wisdom and understanding of unconditional and impersonal love - cumulating in absolute understanding?

I apologize in advance if it is meant to happen that you feel offended by the lines which to write happens to me spontaneous, unpredictable and uncontrollable in that one and only single Moment in the flow of life.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

The illusory reflection of light named Dr.Vijai Shankar or anyone does not vanish. The illusory reflection either transforms as another or remains as light which is intelligence.

To prefer or not to prefer experiences including the experiences also happen if they are meant to happen. Surely, I do feel compassion, albeit illusory, to those who experience an illusory experience of pain and violence. Daily life has a variety of experiences and they are not up to choice, they happen as they are meant to happen, albeit illusory.

Yes, change and consolation will happen if it is meant to happen, and I too am not free of illusory pain and discomfort either.

Absolute understanding culminates to reveal wisdom and unconditional love. Wisdom and unconditional love is always impersonal. Let me assure you that I am not offended by anything that you or anyone who writes. Therefore, there is no need for an apology. You are always welcome.


Question from Germany: 11-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar

I put some lines in here of Dr. Nicoll's book "Living Time" for you to get a taste. It relates to levels of consciousness what you have denied to exist at all - but please take a short time: from Nicoll "Living Time" chapter QUALITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

"What evidence is there, from the psychological side, about levels of consciousness in man? What does neurological teaching say?

In the teaching about the nervous system, Hughlings Jackson, the forerunner of English neurology, conceived it as an integrated system of nervous levels, in which the higher holds the lower in check. We must understand the nervous system in not one thing, of one composition, uniformity. It is a structure of different groupings of nerve-cells, fitted together and linked up on the principle of scale, and apparently presided over by the cortex of the brain, which itself shows different strata or levels of nerve-cells.

Jackson taught that if the action of the higher level in the nervous system is weakened the activity of a lower level is released. A lower function takes the place of a higher function. The main point he emphasised was that we could never understand the action of the nervous system, psychological considered, unless we took into review this factor of release, because many symptoms of disordered nervous functions consist in phenomena of release. It is necessary to understand clearly what that meant. Imagine a schoolmaster in charge of a class of boys, and suppose that the schoolmaster represents a higher level, the boys a lower, and that the whole class constitutes an "integrated system" which works in a certain way. If the schoolmaster goes to sleep, the lower level is "released" - that is, the boys begin to behave as they like, and the system now works in quite a different way.

This is due not merely to the fact that the schoolmaster is asleep (which Jackson would have called a negative factor - that is, it does not itself give rise to any manifestations of symptoms) but rather to the release of the boys from control, with resulting disorder. In other words, if a higher level of the nervous system is not working, its absence of function cannot be discerned in itself. It will only be the released activity of the lower level that will be manifested and this only can be studied. The function of the higher level will merely be absent and it will be impossible to deduce its nature because we will only be able to perceive and study the released activities of a lower level. Suppose that the schoolmaster becomes invisible when he falls asleep and we know nothing about the proper working of a class. We see only a number of boys in a state of disorder. We can deduce nothing about the proper working of the class from this disorder. It will remain unknown to us.

In the absence of higher function lower function necessarily appears, and this latter is of different order. The higher function cannot be deduced from the lower. If we think of the question from the standpoint of levels of consciousness, then beneath our ordinary level exists a lower level, of another order.

When the level of ordinary consciousness is disturbed, Jackson observed that there is often a marked rise of dream-like states, which he ascribed to the release of activities of a lower level.....We have no right to believe that our ordinary level of consciousness is the highest form of consciousness, or the sole mode of experience possible to man. We cannot say that the range of the internal experience of oneself is necessarily limited either to dream-states or to ordinary consciousness. We have to consider the possibility, not only that there is a level above our ordinary level of consciousness, to which we are only occasionally awakened, but that our ordinary consciousness becomes integrated into a larger System when this happens. From this point of view our ordinary consciousness would have to be regarded as a release phenomena. We have to study ourselves from the angle of being disintegrated and not integrated individuals." 

Answer by Dr. Shankar

I have not denied levels of consciousness. I point that the state of being conscious reflects the level of consciousness. The levels of consciousness may be being conscious of either levels of knowledge or a steady state of deepening wisdom.

Wisdom which is in-depth understanding of knowledge is yet to happen to Jackson, because he does not know that the entire body is one single unit (whole) and different units of the body are not an actuality, because there is no distinct actual division between one unit and the next.

The activity of the boys is disorderly only to an adult, which reflects the level of consciousness in the adult, but it is orderly to the boys.

The higher function is known after it evolves and never before it has evolved. Similarly the lower function as well. Every level of being conscious reflects the level of consciousness.

Disintegration is part of integration, because a part of the whole is whole, just as the whole is whole. Knowledge divides the whole or single unit and compares, whereas wisdom understands that the whole or a single unit can neither be divided nor compared.



Question from Germany: 10-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, thanks for your response and of course the content was expected by me.... as you may expect the content of my Response now:

My understanding between the lines of Dr. Nicoll is, that he never would claim any ownership of what he utters in his writings. As a honest human he follows the saying that first was recorded by Christ "...yet not My will, but Yours will done!". As I responded to you earlier: most human will do the other way around and will offend again the commandment "you should not steal" which means: "MY will has to happen not YOURs".

Here we met something that will not match right away in your strict black and white distinction "doing" vs. "happening".

But the saying indicates that there should be kind of two wills being possible in life between one needs to choose. I know you in turn will insist that two wills in life are impossible - but who really knows? 

Apropos "Christ": he is a metapher for the "new" man, the "vertical" man, the man who is "in the will of life" s to say. So "Christ" stands for a prototyp of man expected from evolution but yet not realized.

.....but I insist too: there is no automatic in that special case; we surley have enough automatic all the way in all other cases: biology, science, chemistry etc. but not regarding the development of man. 

Regarding collapsing: evolution can be devolution as well: it needs not to get more complex, it can regress. This is said to have been happened once a time in the past. If you look at the archeologic investigations of old Egypt then you may be astonished to find primitive clay vases in neighbourhood of alabaster stone amphorae carved with tools not known in that particular era. 

I am not sure that life is NOT in need of anything: if we are part of life, and we are because humanity is part of life, than our needs may be life needs as well.

Answer by Dr. Shankar

Wisdom reveals that God is not a person with a will. To knowledge God is a person with a will.

Doing indicates a doer while happening implies a process.

A wise one with deep understanding realises that even a single will and choice is illusory and not real.

Nothing can be expected from evolution, because the one including his expectation is an illusion in the evolution. 

The development of man includes his biology and as you say biology is autonomous, so is development of any biology.

Regression transforms as progression and vice versa, just as construction and destruction. Archaeological investigations are proof of evolution and evidence that man is no the doer.

Wisdom reveals that we are as an illusion IN life; and our needs are of the illusory mind IN life. Mind however is NOT life. Therefore the needs are mind’s and NOT life’s. To knowledge however life has needs. 


Question from Germany: 9-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Regarding Dr. Nicoll and his writings I feel not comfortable and ripened

enough to hand to you kind of second hand information about him; all I can say from my standpoint is that he impressed me just enough as you do as well

to categorize him like I categorize you as having a deep understanding of life

to be honoured and well respected - as far as one who has not an understanding

like the ones he categorized could possible facilitate that at all. Anyway categorizing is questionable as is organizing some kind of checklist to

peg somebody as something. So I really cannot deal with some statement or quotation in his writings telling clearly that all he wrote has happened to him - but between the lines when reading his books you would be able to get some own answers I think. 

So one has to be opened enough to risk a reading which may be at the end

be categorizes as not worthy for oneself or humanity. The latter I personally would not take in account at all. But I can assure you: the risk tends to zero.  

My only answer about him on that is that he is one of the rare "vertical" human beings whereas most humans are only "horizontal" in their being, meaning most are considered to live their life in time and space, from moment to moment, recognized by the 5 senses, not being aware that the senses build up some fine virtual reality or illusion to settle more or less comfortable in. With "vertical" I would define something beyond time and space. 

In the quoted book he clearly distinguishes between the invisible and the visible man can recognize and how both correlates with each other. The working hypothesis of the so called Fourth Way Teaching is, that man/humanity sleeps even in the wake state - that sounds not far away from the investigated results of Advaita I think. In addition it is told that one has to awake from that state and for that some effort is needed. From that point the teaching differs from yours: it would be better to be awaken and it would take some efforts to get there. If humanity attends that new state - it is told that this was already achieved some time in the past but was lost afterwards until today (see the mythos of the Tower of Babylon) - it would be better for humanity whereas life itself does not need that as it does not need humanity or anything else. The latter is some awkward finding of that teaching. This clearly implies that automatic evolution only reaches at some point where one needs some effort to reach beyond otherwise it will collapse again. 

Sleeping humanity has no other choice as to be violent and self-destructive. But there are options. Dr. Shankar, do you now the movie "Matrix" from the late 90th? It shows humanity to be governed by their own inventions. The robots keep man asleep to take their life force as energy for their own and simulate them a comfortable life as an illusion until some sleeping humans awake from that hypnosis and began some revolution. Dr. Shankar: you again can map all I said so far to "what happens still happens - life is an eternal flow, unpredictable, uncontrollable and spontaneous" but it may not be sufficient enough for humanity whereas it will be sufficient enough for life.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Thank you for writing. Awaiting your reply patiently.

What is the understanding you get while reading between lines of Dr. Nicoll’s book ?

Vertical indicates depth of understanding of the known which reveals wisdom.

If he indicates that effort is needed to awaken from the dream of the waking state, then surely the book is no better than the rest that are available in the market, because even effort in the waking state would be a dream and humans do not make a dream. A dream happens to humans and so too effort happens to humans in the waking state and they do make effort to happen. Evolution is automatic and this implies that even effort is automatic and evolution does not collapse.

Sleeping humanity is peaceful and constructive as well, besides being violent and destructive, because daily life is based on duality, albeit illusory, and duality is needed for the dream of the waking state to go on for humanity. Duality, albeit illusory, is part of the automatic evolutionary process.

Re: Matrix: Humanity is IN life and that what happens is what is meant to happen, albeit illusory, is enough for humanity IN life. Life is not in NEED of anything to happen.


Question from Germany: 8-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

I always appreciate your response - thanks a lot for that.

Thanks for the email of Markus as well - he seems to live near me (Stuttgart); maybe I will contact him even I don't think that any lack of my understanding is caused by foreign language issues.

I don't want to waste your time with my requests at all. But maybe I was not able to transmit my point of view to you which is pragmatic and practical and less philosophical. 

My pondering about suffering of human beings is driven by the opinion, that most isn't a necessary suffering like pain and illness - most is "self-made" like wrong expectations on external events, wrong assumptions about other people.... which leads to crime,  violence and war. Those are psychological issues which could me managed better even when one relate to it as illusionary.

The philosophical answer: you only have to wait long enough and suffering will change to joy and vice versa has some empirical evidence but may be not sufficient enough. 

It is stated and observed that external events may be recognized differently in human beings and depending on their current state of being it may lead to suffering or indifference. In this case looking for possibilities to change one inner state seems to be legitimated enough. 

To understand my point of view better - if you are interested - I recommend a book by a psychiatrist and Fourth Way Adept (Gurdjieff, Ouspensky) named Dr. Maurice Nicoll who gives other views on time and causality as scientific interpretations. He even raises importance of thinking whereas what is called our normal life and perceived by our 5 senses is mostly Illusion. So it may be the other way around as you stated so oft:  "Live life - don't think life"

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Yes, Marcus lives in Stuttgart. I did not say that you lack understanding. I only stated that vernacular mother tongue language facilitates in-depth right understanding (wisdom).

Let me assure you that you do not waste my time at all by your requests. I welcome them very much.

Pragmatic and practical are illusory and not an actuality in life, they are an actuality only as thoughts in the illusory mind and any thought is an illusion of sound. This in-depth right understanding (wisdom) is nevertheless philosophical and therefore it is not superficial right understanding (knowledge) which is also philosophical.

Nothing is self-made to in-depth right understanding (wisdom). To superficial right understanding (knowledge), expectations right or wrong, albeit illusory, are self-made, which is not the truth. The psychological issues to in-depth right understanding (wisdom) get managed by life the way it is meant to and not by man, but superficial right understanding (knowledge) believes that psychological issues are managed by man. This is not the truth.

The philosophical answer that suffering will change to joy and vice versa if you wait long enough is superficial right understanding (knowledge) may not be sufficient enough, because knowledge believes that joy or suffering is self-made. But in-depth right understanding (wisdom) reveals that joy or suffering will unfold the way it is meant to unfold is sufficient enough, because man does not make either suffering or joy to come or to go.

To look for possibilities to change the inner state is legitimate to superficial right understanding (knowledge), because of the belief that man is the doer, which is not the truth. To in-depth right understanding (wisdom) the current inner state of being at any point in life is manifested by life and not by man. Therefore the current state of inner being at any point in life cannot be changed by man. The current state of being is what it is at any point of life, which is the truth.

In the book does Dr. Maurice indicate that thinking, the writing happened to him and that the thinking, writing including the author, causality and scientific and non-scientific interpretations are illusory? Is so then it is book worth reading to all humanity. Please let me know if he does mention. If he does not, it is a book not worth reading. Awaiting your reply patiently.


Question from Germany: 7-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, I agree that knowledge differs from wisdom/understanding..

if knowledge meets the right understanding I would call it wisdom. 

Opposite to you I assume that wisdom is part of other teachings as well...the point is that man needs a ripened being to transform knowledge into wisdom.

The initial point of a human being to ask such questions is suffering - that is not an existential question for a monkey I think. So it is well done for a monkey to not meditate or solve mathematical problems. 

I don't agree that numerical time is absent in life - time can be transformed in space vice versa. Therefore the concept if doing is not bound on time.

If so the concepts of "happening" or "doing" are tantamount and again don't solve the human questions. But only when it comes to psychology both concepts may effect the habits of an ego: the doing may lead to arrogance whereas happening may lead to thankfulness. Most suffering is psychological and here we start.

Answer by Dr. Shankar

In-depth right understanding is wisdom, while superficial right understanding is knowledge.

When any teaching is understood deeply, the teachings reveal wisdom. In this sense wisdom is part of other teachings as well. Life is energy and energy transforms itself, therefore a ripened being is a transformation of energy. This implies that a ripened being does not transform knowledge into wisdom, life as a ripened being transforms knowledge into wisdom at the precise moment. The ripened being understands this and neither takes credit nor claims to be a ripened being.

A human being asks a question even when he is not suffering as well. The monkey does not ask an existential question or any question because questioning does not happen to a monkey and the monkey does not do anything for questions NOT to happen. Similarly, man does not do anything for any type of question to happen to him. Therefore, questions including meditation and solving mathematical problems happen to man if they are meant to happen as features in the process of evolution of a human being.

A moment is followed by the next moment according to knowledge. The smallest unit of time according to knowledge is a zepto second, which is one trillionth of a billionth of a second. Knowledge can neither recognise nor experience a zepto second. Knowledge knows that a moment in life happens faster than a zepto second which cannot be measured. Therefore wisdom implies that numerical time is absent in life and a moment in life is eternal which implies that a moment in life is not followed by the next moment. Time and space are together and any transformation involves both of them together. Doing is bound in illusory time, because knowledge requires duration of numerical time to do anything. Wisdom reveals that doing is an evolved singular movement and the doing is not separate from another doing. Therefore to wisdom doing is illusory and not an actuality. Therefore, the concept of illusory doing is bound by illusory time.

The concepts of happening or doing are illusory, which may or may not be tantamount. The ‘happening’ or ‘doing’ may or may not solve illusory human questions. What is meant to happen will happen in life, because life is energy and humans cannot control energy, because humans are an illusory manifestation of energy themselves.

The doing may lead to either arrogance or thankfulness, just as happening may lead to either arrogance or thankfulness. Both arrogance and thankfulness is known psychologically, which affects the ego. Both suffering and not suffering is psychological and which stared first can never be determined.


Question from Germany: 6-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar, thanks a lot for responding....as you may know I own a couple of books and DVd’s from you and have read and watched them as well. 

Of course I own and have read a lot more of literature from wise man all over the world, like Advaita, Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo, Fourth Way by Gurdjieff, Zen Buddhism, Christian mystic, Jewish Kabbalah and Islamic Sufi mystic as well. So it all culminates into one question: is there anything to do? ADVAITA: No, Rest of wisdom: YES.

This is exactly what drives me a lifelong: YES or NO.

As you mentioned the new founding’s by modern scientists about the nature of our universe combining Einstein’s Relativity with Planck’s Quantum Physics culminating in the super string theory and some interpreting of the CMB by holographic principles, it all may point to some kind of a spread illusion we are part of but it tells nothing about the correlations and relationships of the parts either in the underlying reality (so to say 2 dimensional area) and as well in the 3 dimensional time space phenomena we experience which you would call "reflected light".

At least there has to be a correlation if not causation between the underlying 2-dimension reality (A) and the projected 3-dimensional Illusion (B). The Question is: if (A) projects (B) is it possible that (B) has significant influence on (A) as well.

A photon will spread as two parts with each part showing opposed spins - if you eather change the spin of one the other will instantly change as well: for me this manifests a basic finding of causality in Quantum Physics: cause and effect; this may some consolation for Einstein uttering the sentence while confronted with Quantum Physics: "God does not throw the cubes".

But any existence of some correlation or stronger causation could not manifest properties like unpredictable, spontaneous, and uncontrollable. There are laws as well because a projection like the illusive 3d World, which shows clearly laws and is projected from a 2d world should give evidence of laws there as well - that is part of the laws of projection.

But most important: the absent of laws will provide chaos and a spontaneous organization out of chaos seems to be implausible: the question is: how much disorder in the micro-cosmos is accepted to build an order in macro-cosmos and vice versa? But there is evidence that both should be present - organisation (laws, systems, subordination etc.) as well as disorder (chaos).

There has to be some force to preserve organisation before chaos - and it needs some force changing chaos in some organisation. This is observed very well. These forces have to be based in information as well - and information in turn shows some immanent laws (Entropy) - all this does not point to an underlying unpredictable, spontaneous flow of life.

Psychological I agree with you: to have no expectations leads to respect which in turn will develop more "goodness".  But that does not mean that expectations have to be discarded by assuming and introducing the attribute of unpredictable in what life shows. 

Your understanding may be psychological helpful for people of the west who were overwhelmed in taking responsibility for everyone and everything - but it would be psychological harmful for people of the east taking everything that happen, as given as it is. 

If there is nothing to teach and nothing to learn because all happens spontaneous this will harm any system. And if the projected reality shows teachings and learnings than there is evidence that the source shows it as well.

"Live Life - don't think life" raises the question: where should be thinking be involved anyway - illusionary or not.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

re: Question: Is there anything to do? The answer Advaita: no, means that what needs to be done gets done and you do not do it, but believe that you do it and must do it, which is the understanding that has evolved to happen to you. Rest of wisdom: Yes, means it is knowledge and not wisdom, man cannot do for many reasons, and one of them is: numerical time is absent in life and man needs numerical time to do anything. Secondly, everything happens in the moment and man does not make the moment.

YES and NO is duality and they are not separate from each other. They are interdependent for their meaning. Without one the other cannot exist. Duality is therefore illusory and needed to superficially understand the drama of life. 

2 dimensional area is holographic just as 3 dimensional experience of time space phenomenon is.

Both 2 and 3 dimensions are holographic and there is no distinct division between them.

A photon’s spread as two parts would be photons as well and their spin would be holographic as well. Cause and effect are the same and not separate from each other just as YES and NO. God does not throw the cubes implies that what is meant to happen will only happen and laws are included in what happens, albeit illusory. 

Disorder (chaos) too is due to its own laws, systems and subordination etc., as well. Order and chaos are nevertheless holographic and makes it complete, and the hologram (Life) would be incomplete if either was absent, to imply that they are meant to be where they are meant to be. The same force that preserves organisation preserves chaos as well. The monkey did not speak the truth to become man. Similarly when man understands that absolute truth can neither be known nor experienced, he will realise that life is as it is and neither this or that. The monkey did not meditate or practise spiritual techniques to become man. When man perceives that the ego can neither meditate nor practise he understand that life is as it is, and neither this or that.

Entropy is spontaneous, unpredictable and uncontrollable. The exact moment of entropy cannot be determined by the human mind.

When no expectation is total, goodness is neither more nor less. Both good and bad are respected and accepted as they are. In which case you will neither discard nor assume anything.  

Harm will happen if it is meant to happen, whether in the east, west, north, or south, war is an example.

I have not said that there is nothing to teach and nothing to learn, because teaching and learning will happen when and where it is meant to happen, and man does not make either to happen, though it appears to the human mind that he does make both happen. Life makes teaching and learning to happen, precisely where it is meant to happen.

Thinking is involved in the illusory mind as an illusion and not as a reality or actuality in life.


Question from Germany: 3-2-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar,

I am very pleased to hear that you are well. My family is well as well and my junior son does well in studying law, the older in studying architecture.

Regarding your response:

The point of matter within the concept of  life as a single FLOW  is the concept of a “doer” or many “doers”.  Even a “doer” still can do things that are spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable – so the concept of a personal “doer” may not contradict the concept of an impersonal FLOW from which he is a part of. 

A cell could be unaware to be part of an organ, an organ could be unaware to be part of a body, a body may be unaware of some governing consciousness etc.. So we have clearly structures of subordinations, of superior and inferior. To declare the absolute (most superior)  as “impersonal” is a concept as any concept and it is not logical at all because of the similarity of phenomena. It is the other way around: in case of the cell, organ and body one has to consider some type of consciousness for them as well.

If one consider a wise man as one, who knows that the first man could not have human parents, this statement follows clearly the law of causality which on the other side is negated when it comes to the “doer” which in turn has to claim some causality to be true – this seems to be contradictable.

I agree that thoughts come into mind spontaneously and unpredictably – I don’t agree that catching such a thought or not and ponder about or not does not need a “doer”. 

But the response of a “doer” may be mechanically as done by a robot which in that case would equal the absence of a “doer” – but there is some choice to react not mechanically. 

I agree: most reactions of man on earth are mechanically and could be treated as absence of a doer. This would paint the image of a world suffering the same problems on and on away from goodness. 

But that is not the whole picture.  So the world is governed by man and not by God which is a profound cause for the prayer: “Your will be done,  on earth as it is in heaven” because it is not done on earth so far. Sleeping man is described by “earth” and awaked man by “heaven”.

Unconditional love does not mean to be indifferent towards the loss of goodness. I mean wickedness is not the opposite of goodness – it is the loss of goodness: the target is missed, called sin. 

So there are targets and aims as there are subordinate structures and associated laws as well. One can’t deny the existence of structures and laws even an illusion has to show them as well as the underlying reality.  

If it is mentioned that man evolves too as an enlightened being that could not be automatically as reality shows: there may be exceptions getting it by accident (but we don’t know what was really done by the individual at hand in the past), but most have to work on.

In sleeping state man has no real will and one can consider the “doer” to be absent. But in waking state that should not be the case.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Your family being well and sons doing well was meant to happen and is happening, but it appears as though that their doing well is done by them. They do not do because the moment in life or in the mind is not made by man.

Regarding your reply

The concept of a personal “doer” does not contradict the understanding that life is a singular movement (flow) when it is understood that it only appears that a doer still can do things, but since everything happens spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably, a personal “doer” does not do. If this is what you mean, you have understood well.

The absolute is understood as the maximum intensity of the flow of life and not superior to other intensities of the flow and so too none are inferior. A intensity of the flow is what it is meant to be. Therefore it is either maximum or minimum. 

The law of causality does not exist, because everything that exists does not have a cause, just as man is not caused by human parents. What could matter, fire, air, water and earth could be caused from? There is no cause for them. They are all illusions of light, which has no cause either.

Catching or not catching, and pondering or not too happens spontaneously, uncontrollably, unpredictably and unexpectedly. Even the expected happens unexpectedly. But man believes that is the doer and that the expected happens expectedly, but does not understand that he does not make the moment in which everything happens including the expected that happens unexpectedly.

Even the choice to react and the reaction happens spontaneously, uncontrollably, unpredictably and unexpectedly.

The world enjoys on and on from goodness as well. The duality of good and bad are not separate from each other, though they appear to be. 

The world is neither governed by man nor by God. Your will refers to light and not to man and light is present everywhere on earth. Every moment to an awakened man is heaven, and heaven is not a place far away from him to him.

Indifference towards anything is a condition as well, and is not applicable to unconditional love. Kindness, virtuous, good or good/goodness is the opposite of wickedness. Wickedness is not the loss of goodness but the absence of badness which is sin. The target which is missed is there is no absence of bad or sin from good, bad or sin is present when you think of good or goodness, because without the presence of what bad means, the good cannot have meaning.

Targets and aims are present where they are meant to be present, and this includes laws. They are all nevertheless illusory and not real, because aims and targets not only may or may not be fulfilled they nevertheless do change and are not permanent.

The accidently too happens automatically, while man believes he got it accidently by his efforts or has to work for it. An enlightened however does not know that he is enlightened.

Because man believes he has free will in the waking state, he is said to be asleep even in the waking state.


Question from Germany: 1-2-2017

It is a long time ago we hear from another - hope you are well....“Life is a singular, spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable impersonal flow”.Does this mean: there is nothing to learn in life about life and from life? Otherwise: who should learn in life? 
“Man is not the doer and the thinker”. This again implies: nothing to learn – this in turn implies: nothing to teach….etc.etc.. OK – I agree when it comes to the overall observed and accustomed behavior where each individual claims to have some real reward or on the other side would deny any blame - that situation is typically mentioned in the ten commandments of Holy Bible as well: “you shalt not steal” which should not be taken literally but in a deeper meaning: you should not ascribe positive effects to your personal proud and give all blame to God – this would be a theft against God. But anyway on the other side the ”impersonal” manifests in “personal beings” as well. Should that really be treated only as an arbitrary effect or an illusion given by an impersonal flow called life? 
 There happens some kind of evolution in life when it comes to phenomena observed in life – you mentioned it in your many books. But it is obvious that a special kind of evolution is still missed: the evolution of man.  OK - one can consider that man is ripened in some way regarding educational issues etc.. But should that be trusted as a real human development? I think not. Why does man take no real efforts in changing himself and because of that refusal is doing the same things over centuries over and over again?  When we look at what man achieves at end over centuries it seems not to be driven by any real evolution which is clearly shown in his relationships: external fighting in his relations, between nations etc.. In outer stuff like technical progress he expands more and more but he stuck in his self being. He acts like a robot – in that regard you are right: he is not the doer! But is he forced to do so? I think not.
 Man does not change because he thinks he can’t. In that regard the statement “man is not the doer” is awkward.  On the other side because man thinks he is conscious he does not strive for consciousness and stays asleep. Ancient wise man told that the birth of man is not finished when he is born as a child of his parents. This only describes the first birth – and for most this accomplished the last birth as well which one takes into the grave at end. 
But the wise man speak of some rebirth or “new birth” which should be accomplished in this current life of man and they show evidence that he currently is asleep and needs to be awaken. This is the meaning in holy scriptures when it comes to the distinction between “earth” and “heaven”. That has nothing to do with morals and efforts in outer behavior which should be judged by anyone.  So again: is man the doer? – currently and until today he is not because he is still asleep even in his wake state. Should he stick to this state? Hopefully not. Some effort is requested to be a ripened participant of life and in life. Evolution of man needs some conscious effort by each individual - otherwise: “man is kept not to be the doer and not to be the thinker”. Best way to keep a prisoner in prison is to let him think he is not. 

Answer by Shankar

The thing to learn in life about life and from life is that life is a singular, spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable impersonal movement THAT FLOWS”. Everyone in life needs to learn this in life, because this understanding reveals unconditional love, which your son points to.

That man is not the doer and the thinker implies that thinking, learning, and teaching happen and man does not make them happen. The holy bible does not mention that reward or denying blame happen to man and man does not make them to happen.
When you are not proud of positive effects, you would neither blame God nor anyone. If you do it implies that you are not completely free of pride in positive effects that you may have. The impersonal flow is a singular movement and therefore any action is illusory and not real. Evolution of man is not missed, it is mentioned that man evolves too as an enlightened being. Education too has evolved and that development is true and illusory. That man does not take any effect in changing himself is proof that change happens if it is meant to happen and man cannot make change happen. Man is not forced to do anything because he does not do anything. His external relationships do happen and so too technical progress, because man does not make the moment in life in which they all happen. 
The thinking that he can’t change also happens and man does not make the thinking happen. Understand the first thought of the day happens to humans and so too the thoughts for rest of the day. Humans merely believe that they think, but do not understand that thinking happens to them. Therefore the statement that man is not the doer is wisdom and wisdom is never awkward. Striving for consciousness too happens when understanding happens that being conscious is not consciousness. He is asleep as long as he thinks that he can think and do. A wise man is he who understands that the first human child on earth was born not out of human parents. This implies that the wise understands that man is not the doer.

Evolution does not need any conscious effort by an individual, because the conscious individual and effort are a result of evolution. When understanding evolves to happen that the prison, meaning thought, is illusory man is free. Substantial evidence’ has been found that everything we see and feel may in fact be part of a vast illusion, according to a new study from a group of theoretical physicists and astrophysicists. Writing in the journal Physical Review Letters, scientists in Canada, Italy and the UK came to this conclusion while studying irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) - the so-called ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang. 


Question from Canada: 1-2- 2017

Dear Respected Dr. Shankar, Sashtang Namaskar, I am obliged to get your answers to my queries. In continuation I request your guidance and answers to my following queries of inner quest:
1) You stated that "The difference is in the level of the state of consciousness that we each are in." .... Then please guide me how could I come to the level of your consciousness ? How did you arrive at your current state of consciousness? 2) Are we pre-programmed living organisms ? 
3) If everything is "happening " then everything is " Destiny" and then what am I supposed to do ? And if I is the "mind" then how is it not controlled by the " Destiny" ?
4) Beloved Nisargadatta Maharaj is no more( So to ask him) but he used to say " have earnestness " or " Purify by meditation " to different visitors . My questionis " how to have "that earnestness" if every thing happens and there is no doer ? 
5) Life is light and sound : This is the ultimate understanding . How to arrive at this ? How to know and understand what your are trying to tell and guide me/us? 
6) All great sages --e.g, Adi Shankarcharya have spoken a lot in praise of gods and Goddesses  and have even advised Mantra's for different purpose ( Ref: "Soundarya Lahiri ") ----And he also advocated that this is all illusion ( Bramham Satyam-Jagat Mithhya ) ...then why all these praise , texts and shlokas ? Why all these riruals ? 
With folded hands I request your response to my these questions arising from my heart. May I bow unto your feet and pray for your grace to " have the understanding" which is worth and ultimate. 

Please accept my Pranam, Affectionately. 

Answerby Dr. Shankar

You are wellcome anytime. Read the books and listen to the CD’s on the website academy of advaita.

1:There is no ‘how’ to reach a level in consciousness. I did not do anything to arrive in the level that I am. I am in the level that happened to me. The level happens if it is meant to happen.
2.The programing happens every moment to every organism. The moment in life is not preprogrammed. The moment is etenally always present.
3.Your doing too is part of the destiny and it will flow the way it is meant to flow. The ilusory mind flows in the moment the way it is meant to flow. There is no question of control. 
4. Nisargadata used to say so that people could understand that it is possible only if it is meant to be possible. Everythin happens and so will earnestness if it is meant to happen.
5.Life is light and sound only in every moment. You needed not have to arrive to this. All that is needed is the understanding and the understandng too will happen if it is meant to happen.
6.Illusory does not mean it does not exist. The illusory will happen if it is meant to happen, which includes praise of gods and goddesses and recital of mantras for different purpose. Sri Adi Shankaracharys understood everything in life is a reflection of God or godessess (meaning light) and mantras as an illusion of sound. 
Trust and patience in life is the grace.


Question from Canada: 5-1-2017

Dear Dr. Shankar ,  Please accept my salutations. I have been communicating with you on and off .  My questions are:
1) What is " life" ? 
2) If Life is a path then does it mean- a mere existence of the living organism is all that is going on and all is well - nothing needed ? 
3) What is enlightenment ? How does it happen ? 
4) Is a living Guru needed to understand the purpose of life - if I state that way?  
5) Am I in the same "state of existence" and understand -  as you are ? If not then what is the difference? 
6) Can we (You and me) communicate without words to make me understand the "wisdom" ?

Answerby Shankar

Sorry for the delay. Your question was lost in the mail and has surfaced now.
1. Life is light and sound
2. An illusory existence of an illusory organism goes on as it is meant to go on. Everything which is needed happens if it is meant to happen, albeit illusory.
3. Enlightenment is light and it happens mysteriously.
4. A living guru will happen if it is meant to happen and he will explain that life has no purpose, but the purpose we have of life is to understand that what the mind believes life is, is illusory and not real.
5. The difference is in the level of the state of consciousness that we each are in.
6. Words albeit illusory are need to communicate if the level of state of consciousness is not the same,


Question from USA: 30-1-2017

There are no questions. Words happen here to express the gratitude. You are always with us. Your words arrive like lightening. That is why there are no questions. You killed all my questions when you talked about death. .... Death is a thought for those who think they are living and death is absence of thought when one is dead. All thoughts based on fear or desire are felt within but they come from the Life (ie consciousness) to make the illusion appear as real.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Happy that you understand the mind deeply.

Question from Chennai: 30-1-2017

What is a moment? (Kindly answer this question without comparing or referring to TIME). If there are multiple moments, how is one different from another? 
Answerto question by Dr. Shankar

A moment is eternal in life, but to the mind a moment is an instance. Many moments are many instances to the mind.

Question from Netherlands: 30-1-2017

In what way can Life, as a mystery, be understood by man, who is included in the mystery, to be a mystery, since Life, in particular its appearance as man, among everything else in Life, is a mystery!? Or in a platitude way of asking: life, a mystery and remains a mystery, in ‘what’ way can it’s mystery be considered!? Even more ordinary: if a mystery, 'why', 'what for', or in 'which way', is a mystery its own mystery!? And really ordinary put: 'How' come the mystery to be and to 'what' extent!? 

Answerby Shankar

Life is not understood by man as a mystery but what the mind thinks and believes about life is understood to be illusory and the illusory is a mystery. Morally life cannot be considered as a mystery. Life is understood TO Be mysterious. ‘Why’, ‘what for’, and ‘which way’ is not applicable to a mystery, because they are mysterious by themselves. The mystery is a mystery because it is a mystery and ‘How’ and to ‘what’ extent is not applicable to a mystery. They are applicable to whatever is difficult which is misunderstood to be a mystery.


Question from Germany: 5-1-2017

Dear ladies and gentlemen

What if everything is just an illusion from the author of the books? And we believe in the illusion of the writer. What do I get when I believe what is reading in the books? To this day I have read nothing that strengthens me and is a guide for life.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

When you understand that everything is illusory and that an illusion is precise, you will understand that whatever is meant to happen will happen. By this understanding arguments, blaming, doubt, anger etc., subsides, and is replaced by unconditional love, trust and patience, by which you remain calm and peaceful in life. 


Question from New Zealand: 15-12-2016

Can you also please clarify for me from Dr. Shankar the following query. "When man can neither control time and space nor the evolution what might be the reason for different intuitiveness and intellect in human beings". Convey my regards to Dr. Shankar.

Answerby Dr. Shankar

Life evolves intuitiveness and intellect in different intensities in all living beings, including humans.

Reply from New Zealand.

Thanks for the clarification