The mind is a computer that collects knowledge and ‘Life’ is the programmer. When, where and how the first version began cannot be determined for man is not the programmer. The versions to come cannot be determined accurately either. There are many schools, universities and institutions that teach the programmed - rudimentary and sophisticated, and this is knowledge, which maintains the illusory world as proclaimed by the enlightened. An institution that shares an understanding of the illusory world does not exist and is much needed for it would reveal that which is real - the thoughtless and the timeless ‘Now’.


Academy of Advaita


Quod gratis accepistis, gratis datis
What you have received freely, you share freely



Man lives in the duality of what is real and what is merely appearance: what is and what seems to be; what is eternal and unchanging and what is temporary and changing.

The enlightened beings understand and perceive the eternal unchanging 'what is' as the real, whereas man knows only the temporary changing 'what seems to be' and believes it to be real. There is no proof for reality, and there cannot be either, for it is beyond mind, though man constantly strives for it; there is no lack of proof for what is illusory, for it is within the mind, and which man therefore takes to be real. Thus man lives uncertainly in the realms of temporary and change, never quite understanding his or her own essence.

Pure wisdom rather than knowledge is meaningful and far reaching for humanity because it unearths man’s real identity, leaving aside mere artifacts and belief systems that interest the mind and strengthen a false identity.


Academy means a society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its field. The word Academy originated from the Greek word Akademos, the name of the garden where Plato, the Greek philosopher, mathematician and student of Socrates taught. This was the first institution of higher learning in the western world.


Academy refers to a place where knowledge is taught, preserved and built upon. Life has prepared knowledge meticulously and provided means with intelligence far beyond the scope of man. During this development and sophistication of knowledge life has, however, given insights that the knowable is not life. These were the enlightened sages, while the thinkers, scientists and the philosophers were the knowledgeable - and still are.


Academies that promote knowledge are one too many in the world, and the last thing man needs is another. Academies in general explain what is already known and accepted to be real. The academies have the support of the knowledgeable elite who are proof for their authenticity and reality. The proclamation by the enlightened that the world is illusory is neither given a thought nor considered a reality.



An academy that explains the insights of the enlightened sages that the world, man and mind, including time, are illusory does not exist. An academy that releases man from both the temporary joy and temporary anguish of daily life is much needed. An academy that preserves for generations this wisdom of what life is and invites man to live it is what the Academy of Absolute Understanding stands for and is.


As part of their development, men, women and children have been nurtured on the teachings, philosophies, doctrines, dogmas and opinions of holy men, visionaries, philosophers and educationists for countless generations. Peace, happiness and enlightenment have been and still are the rewards most fervently desired, but have not happened. Man has been unwavering in his pursuit of these and has given his life and substance to realise them. He is yet to find happiness or release from the anguish of the life he thinks he experiences on a daily basis.


A moment, which is significant, and the moments that follow become history. One such moment is ‘now’, during which Life, with utter precision, is gifting mankind a profound and unique step in its evolutionary process: ‘Academy of Advaita. This academy will share detailed explanations that every teaching, philosophy, doctrine, dogma and opinion is illusory and they cannot have through them peace, happiness and enlightenment. They need to be illusory as the world is illusory, as proclaimed by the enlightened. Understanding of the illusory nature of the world, man and mind is, therefore, paramount, and would reveal enlightenment and a release from the anguish of daily life.


Very rarely are words of wisdom, directly spoken to mankind, preserved without being filtered through interpreters, translators and sundry interlocutors. The Academy needs to set up a library of books and visual and audio recordings of wise words spoken by Dr Shankar. The Academy needs man-power and modern technology too. The detail and depth of Dr Shankar’s understanding is without precedent - and more will follow. The need and urgency to archive wisdom for humanity cannot be overemphasised.



This is the time and this is the place when life is reaching out for help in order to spread and preserve the revelations of its profound wisdom for mankind. Those blessed with the means can meet the way, the wisdom that flows through Dr Vijai S Shankar. It now needs the support of philanthropy so that the wisdom may flower in the hearts of men and women across the world and for generations to come.