Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

24th September 2013



Letter to Marcus AAU:

Thanks. I noticed that others on this subject make a point starting from: ‘that there are no separate individuals’, ‘that there is no separation’. I was puzzled and confused. There is a "me" I would say. The "me" doesn't exist was the reaction from a teacher of non-duality. I felt confused. I guess I didn't get it. The problem was that I thought I was a separate individual, and until that is realized and seen, I thought I would not be liberated or free. So I tried, but trying was preventing me from seeing it, the teacher would respond. I then found Dr. Shankar's website.
Dr. Shankar shows that the world is illusory and in minute detail demonstrates that the mind, thoughts, feelings, and all that arises is illusory. Dr. Shankar doesn't just make statements about illusion, but with much love, concern and patience shows what and why this is so. Just saying the world is an illusion is not helpful by itself. 
Other so- called teachers have used the term illusion, but fail to go into detail in what illusion means and how our thoughts are not real etc. Just saying "there is no self", or "there is no separate me" wasn't helpful in the beginning. Enter Dr. Shankar.
Dr. Shankar in the first cd I listened to says the mind is not synonymous with life. That the mind is sound in which sound is converted into thoughts into meanings and interpretation etc., was and is bringing clarity to my life. Life is a play of light and sound. At first when I read that had me scratching my head. And after hundreds of cd’s and the many books of Dr. Shankar, I no longer scratch my head. Unless it itches of course. Thanks so much.

Hiroshi, USA



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