Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
Published on
The Netherlands
25th September 2013


All the articles are a wakeup call of mammoth proportion

Diane, USA


Blessed is the one who reads all the articles numerous times and then logs onto acadun.com to dig deep and savour all volumes of books CD's and DVD's to fully understand what is stated in   “the articles”. We all want peace and harmony at home and without understanding what is in the mind and understanding how the mind functions it is nearly impossible. Understanding is much needed and wish it for all families around the world. It is priceless what you share and most of all it is complete. May it all be read by many and may they come to recognize the crucial importance that what you share is a true gift for it is complete understanding which will change man and not just a popular general belief which leaves man just the same if not worse. Enjoyed very much reading the article, ‘What does silence mean?’ Thank you Dr. Shankar, for all the articles.


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