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28th June 2014


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Growth is a phenomenon of evolution and science has neither made growth start or progress, nor has it made evolution start or progress. Evolution, growth and movement are inseparable because growth is movement and likewise movement is growth, and both evolve and will continue to do so.
Furthermore, an action is a movement and cannot be separate from the movement. As movement and growth are inseparable, it is only obvious that an action is inseparable from growth and movement. As growth and movement are due to evolution, it is apparent that an action too is dependent on how sophisticated evolution has become, and is not dependent on man to perform an action, though it appears that he or she does an action, while all there is a singular movement of the body. Therefore, the appearance of an action is illusory and not actual. The same principle applies to speaking too. The mouth and the lips move while speaking and speech implies that sound has evolved as words and meanings in speech. Speaking is therefore not an act done by man, though it appears that he or she can speak. Therefore, speaking is illusory and not actual. Similarly, sound has evolved and sophisticated as thoughts and memory in the mind. This implies that thinking happens to man, though it appears that he or she can think. Therefore, thinking is illusory and not actual.
Dr. Vijai S Shankar


30 June 2014

L20: Given that all is illusion, then growth, evolution or expansion is also illusion. 
So we only have illusion to explore. We only have illusion to work with and this our pretence of existence. Given these things are the very fabric of our human delusion of being human. Then I think we can begin to contemplate the delusions of growth, evolution or expansion. 

If the apple tree in my garden bears fruit and I eat the fruit. Then I feel there is a sophisticated continuance of occurrences that make me feel of progression. 

Ergo - if I feel that my mother has evolved into a little old lady then for me only, this evolution appears to have occurred. 
Once again the issue is – the absence of absolute. This moment is our only absolute in the now. 
Speaking is perhaps a good example because words are benign unless another human listens. Two delusions of human must register the illusion. 

The illusion of a meaning is registered within the human delusion. Not an existence or absolute yet never the less an event. 

What about thoughts ……….. are they real illusions ???


AAU: L20, 
Response: Firstly, delusion is an inappropriate word, whereas illusion is the appropriate word, because the illusory does exist every moment, whereas the delusory does not exist every moment. Secondly, evolution, growth and movement too are illusory and the contemplation will happen if it is meant to happen and man cannot make the contemplation happen. It appears that the absolute understanding that the mind is illusory has not happened to you as yet, and only relative knowledge to say that you copy and admit that the mind is illusory has happened to you. It is also the same with you for the topic on the forum ‘Man is conscious…’. 
Response: Primitive man ate fruits from trees as well and this happened to him, just as it happens to modern man too. Modern man claims while primitive man did not and this is sophistication, albeit illusory. 
Response: It also appears that your mother has evolved to whomever the understanding has occurred. 
Response: The absolute is never absent, if it were, the relative would be absent too. Because the absolute is always present the relative too is always present. The absolute and the relative are in the same moment. The absolute reflects the relative in the timeless and thoughtless ‘now’ in life, and the drama that the relative is real in the mind as the now, which is a brief period of illusory time and actual time. 
Response: Even if another person does not listen speaking is real to the speaker and not illusory. Two delusions of human are a delusion and not an illusion. 
Response: Again a delusion is not an illusion. You have to understand how meanings are illusory and how they came about. 
Response: I have repeated many times that the illusoriness of an illusion is real, and that illusions are NOT real. Read wisdom to find out what thoughts are. Read wisdom and not knowledge, wisdom is available to anyone on www.acadun.com. For relative understanding more knowledge IS wisdom. For absolute understanding more knowledge is knowledge but NOT wisdom.


L20: Thanks Gerand, when you said - The absolute and the relative are in the same moment. And It also appears that your mother has evolved to whomever the understanding has occurred. 

As you say -- the momentary appearance of an occurrence is the illusion we call life. The delusion is seeing this as relative or absolute. 
The momentary occurrence of Garand makes him a real illusion. The belief that Gerand has past or future is the delusion. Speaking and action are a delusion we share. 
Gerand’s memories and hopes for the future are the delusions Gerand does not share. 

Like us all ……………. Humans


AAU: L20, 
Response: Delusion is a temporary state of mind due to high fever or a mental state which is temporary and not life long. That the world is real is neither due to fever nor is temporary, so this cannot be delusional. The delusion is therefore neither seeing this as relative nor absolute. The illusion is seeing the relative as real; the absolute can neither be seen nor experienced. If the absolute is known or experienced temporarily that is delusional and not an illusion. When the relative is known and experienced it is illusory and not a delusion. 
Response: the momentary occurrence of Gerard DOES NOT make him a real illusion, because Gerard’s occurrence changes every moment, so in no moment could Gerard’s illusion be real. If the illusion of Gerard were real it would NEVER change after it occurs. 
Response: Beliefs of the past and future, speaking and actions are NEVER temporary; they are present until they are forgotten, therefore they are not delusions but are illusions. Delusions are easily forgotten. The same delusion is never repeated but the same illusion is constantly repeated. A delusion is shared temporarily as real, but an illusion is always shared every moment as real, and that is if the sharing happens. Gerard shares his future and his dreams with his wife, if it happens and if it happens he knows it happens and Gerard does not make the sharing happen. 
Response: Human understanding evolves and sophisticates too.