Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
Published on
The Netherlands
18th July 2013



“this article is a powerful light for every deep-thinking man”


This article challenges the raison d'etre for every man, woman and child. The belief, profoundly unchallenged until now, that I create, I do, I think etc., etc. is the very reason for getting up in the morning. If there is nothing to create, nothing to do, nothing to think (although I cannot help doing that: it just happens), why bother to get up at all? Of course, I cannot help waking up in the morning because that just happens also. I cannot do that, except perhaps by using an alarm clock, which is light too. Do I really want to understand that man does not really create? After all, one of the most remarkable things referred to in this article is the internet and the web. If this was not man's most extraordinary feat of invention, what was? This creation happened too, like the rest. On the other hand, do I want liberation? Surely, that is the very reason why man goes on believing in his own identity so that he or she may free himself or herself from the consequences of that belief. Truly, this article is a powerful light for every deep-thinking man and woman - it is a unique enquiry and a gift from life itself for those who will understand it.

Julian, U.K



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