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8th September 2013



How my life changed


When I became aware of spirituality in 1970 you literally would have to travel to India to attend a satsang, and for many this would not be easy. Over the last 4 decades I have read many books, listened to many cassette tapes and finally, heard many cd’s and watched many dvd’s. Today you can purchase cd’s and dvd’s or go online and watch and listen to an endless variety of satsangs given by a countless number of people from all nationalities and walks of life and that is just what I did, literally every day. The messages were compelling and left me with a longing to understand the mysterious, exotic message that was being delivered which I just simply could not quite grasp so naturally, I could only keep listening and reading or just give up all together and just get on with day-to-day life with its usual tribulations, to get rid of which I used to listen and read. But for me, life had no flavor without these mysterious pronouncements, so I kept at it, thinking it was me just not quite getting the message, which of course tends to leave anyone feeling very inadequate or thinking they must have plenty of really bad karma to burn off. 


Then about 2 ½ years ago Dr. Shankar’s website with his articles, books, cd’s and dvd’s made their way to me through a casual tuning into and listening to an interview with Dr. Shankar.  Some of the comments he made struck like thunder. Since then, daily listening while in my car has made a profound difference in how I relate to others and carry on in my everyday life, and that is all because of those meticulous details about the evolution of life and sophistication of mind explained in such great depth by Dr. Shankar.  Each listening, whether to the same CD or a new one, takes me deeper and deeper into what he is sharing.  Also, I noticed a repetition with other satsangs that is not present in Dr. Shankar’s satsangs, which for me, makes them fun and enjoyable as well as informative. There is a depth and a richness to what Dr. Shankar shares that dispels the misunderstandings that most of us carry about enlightenment and spirituality. If a message does not offer insights that literally alter your daily life then they are mere balm to soothe you for a short period, but you will require more and more. Satsang with Dr. Shankar is like no other satsang, for the simple reason that he goes into the greatest  detail about the illusory nature of what we know as life and the mind. Other satsangs and books made me feel good while I was listening and reading but once that stopped and daily life was back on, I found I was not changed by what I had heard or read which was very frustrating for they did not change my life. 


There are those who say 'too many words, too much detail', but how can that be valuable if your life has not radically changed to the point where you are free of all delusions, misconceptions and tribulations. For decades no one explained the intricate nature of the illusoriness of what we call life, and now compassionate Life is doing just that through the CD’s, and books of Dr. Shankar. The importance is not the man, Dr. Vijai Shankar, but rather the messenger as Dr. Shankar that Life has so magnanimously sent.  That messenger with his intricate and detailed explanations and his constant reminders to be relative, not mysterious, when delving into understanding life, has changed life for me in the most magnificent way since by now embracing my ordinary everyday life I live a most extraordinary existence. 


Listen, read and have patience. Understanding does not necessarily remove issues you have, such as money, family, health, etc., but once they are seen with clear understanding and not beliefs, they no longer appear as problems and everything falls in place on its own and what is revealed is so sweet you want others to know it too. 

Rebecca Perry



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