What is left after reading these articles?

Sigrid Germany

I enjoy the new articles on the website so much, thanks a lot.

The mind as a master in dividing cannot understand oneness and creates separation. So oneness remains a belief. The article what does oneness mean? explains so beautifully that oneness is present everywhere. Everything in life is energy or light and not separate from God (the real oneness); everything we can see is reflected light (not real) and an illusory oneness.

In what does silence mean? you made it clear once for all.....

the missunderstanding of silence and quietness in the mind believing it to be silence!

What does problems mean? helped me to be even more convinced that life needs not to be solved, it works itself out. Since everything is inherently a wave the solution follows the problem and vise versa. It´s shocking to realize that looking for a solution (what the mind is constantly doing) the foundation for the next problem is established.

What is left after reading these articles?

Trust and patience! Thank you so much again!!!!!!!!!!