Thank you so much for the book SPACE & TIME

Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
Published on
The Netherlands
22th August 2013



“Thank you so much for the book SPACE & TIME”


Thank you so much for the book SPACE & TIME which enriches and helps me a lot.

It´s so clearly pointed out that nothing happens in life, but all events happen in the mind. Through thinking we create our own hell and support it as well. Though my ego feels twisted and cooked by existence and my strongly conditioned mind is still doing its job very well there is less identification with the mind and more attention on being alive. Watching life happening brings a great relief that everything is being taken care of.This opens a door to more relaxation and acceptance and eventually surrender and trust may happen. Eternal gratitude and love for you and existence. All you have told us so far about the illusory world gets more and more proofed by observing life dilligently!

Sigrid. Germany



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