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1th December 2014



Essence and Happiness


Man or woman wants to be happy always, but he or she is unable to be happy always. Why is this? Neither did primitive man know what happiness was. Obviously he became happy as life evolved, and primitive man was instinctively happy, and later intuitively happy, but he never knew that he was happy.


As life evolved further and imparted knowledge to man, man knew that he was happy if and when things he liked happened to him. As life evolved and man knew he was a doer, he believed he could do the very things that make him happy.

The modern man believes he will be happy, if circumstances are in control, and if he does his duties efficiently. The modern, spiritual man believes that man or woman should neither have expectations nor desires to be happy. Both believe that, if man or woman is fulfilled and contented, he or she will be happy. But if man is the doer, why is he unable to fulfil, control and maintain his beliefs and be happy every moment of his life, because nobody stops him?


Man is unable because in life man comes to know his circumstances, and what he does for the circumstances, only after the circumstances happen to him and never before they happen. He is certain of the circumstances in the moment with CERTAINTY, only after the circumstances happen and never before. Before the circumstances do happen man knows he should neither expect nor have desire, but he never knows with CERTAINTY the EXACT moment and the EXACT circumstance of the moment that will happen.


Similarly, man is certain of the aliveness (fulfilment, contentment, control, efficiency) in the moment with CERTAINTY, only after they happen and never before they happen. Before the aliveness (fulfilment, contentment, control, efficiency) do happen, man knows what SHOULD and SHOULD NOT happen, but he never knows with CERTAINTY the EXACT moment and the EXACT aliveness of the moment (act, word or thought) that will happen.


This means that life happens and man is not in control of life that will happen. He only believes that life can be controlled and he can be happy. If man or woman understands that life, which the mind comes to know only after it happens, is illusory and not real, he or she will always be happy in life.


The enlightened have realised that what is meant to happen will certainly happen at the precise moment, albeit illusory. They are therefore contented in every moment in life whether they are happy or not, but are only grateful to be alive in the moment.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s note:

Arguably, this is what mankind wants most of all in life – happiness. Within the boundaries of individual sensitivities or tastes, any activity will be undertaken that will assuredly reap a plenteous harvest of happiness. But, as the enlightened reveal, it is neither the acquisition of whatever may be desired, nor the rejection of whatever may not be desired that brings contentment and happiness, but understanding – understanding of the illusory nature of life. In sharing his own profound understanding of illusion with his readers, it is aliveness in life that is the gift of Dr Shankar. Thank you for this.

Julian Capper.UK.


German Translator’s Note:

Everybody thinks that he or she is convinced that life is what you make it. However, if man did not make life happen which ought to be present before the arrival of man, how would he be able to make something in life? A simple and irrefutable insight provided by the sages and in this article, makes the reader understand that being happy is not wrong, however, it is not that man or woman can make him- or herself happy. Happiness is part of life and it is made by life and not by man.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany


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