Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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26 April 2021

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“Letters in words”


A word in the English language is made up of letters in the alphabet. In the word ‘words’ the letter ‘O’ comes after the letter ‘W’. The letter ‘R’ comes after the letter ‘O’, and the letter ‘D’ comes after the letter ‘R’ and the letter ‘S’ comes last after the letter ‘D’. 

This implies that in the word ‘words’, particular letters in the alphabet come one after the other to form the word ‘words’. Similarly, this is the play of letters to form any word or words in knowledge.

This is why you come to know something has happened only after it happens. You can only imagine what might, could, wish or want to happen before anything does happen.

Man understands  that words are very essential because he believes that without words man would not know who he or others are and would neither be able to recognise his surroundings nor understand an experience. But could this belief be the truth?

Primitive man did not know any word. He nevertheless did come to know a letter and a word. It is obvious that primitive man did come to know a letter and a word  because modern man is learned. If primitive man did not know a letter or a word, then modern man would not be learned

So, it is obvious that primitive man did not make or know a letter. This  implies that life evolved a letter and that knowing the letter happened to primitive man after it happened in the here and now.  

After the first letter evolved in primitive man, it gave way to the second letter to evolve - and so on and so forth for all the letters in the alphabet of a particular language.

Similarly,  life evolved  a word too in the  here and now. This is evident because in a child this is what  happens. It only implies that primitive man did not learn a word. 

As the first word evolved in primitive man in the here and now,  it gave way to the second word to evolve - and so on and so forth - for all the words of a particular language to form knowledge. This is what happens to a primitive child and a modern child as well.

It is important to understand that life makes man learn and understand the letter or a word that evolves in the moment here and now of the mind in life. The individual, however, believes that he or she has recalled the letter or the word from memory or the past to understand it, while that is not the case. Therefore , the belief that the individual learns from and because of his or her past and from and because of his or her memory is not the truth.

The enlightened  have proclaimed that life makes man know what he is meant to know. This implies  that knowing happens in the here and now and not from or because of his past or memory as man believes. 

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2021 

Editor’s Note:
No stone is left unturned in these articles, gifted by an enlightened man, to prove that man is not the doer, has never been, nor will ever be. This is the truth, unassailable both by reason and by logic. Unassailable also by belief. It is so, affirmed by the wise..Thus, no-thing that has existence – neither any part of it, be it ever so discreet – has been gifted by man or woman. The intelligence of life  has created all that has existence for the evolution of man towards self-realisation.
Julian Capper. UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
When we hear a sentence that someone says, we think he or she meant to say this or that and said it at that very moment. What Dr. Shankar goes into step by step in this article is the fact that no whole word, let alone a whole sentence, can be said at the present moment. One learns of the meaning of a word only after all its constituent parts, that is, the individual sounds represented by letters in the alphabet, have come into appearance one by one within a certain period of time, a succession of mental moments. This is also true for everything we say or think ourselves. Even if before uttering the word or words, we have inwardly thought them, which is seldom the case, it is obvious that the words uttered after thinking them are not always exactly the pre-thought words. Thus, we always learn what was said or what has happened only after a time delay. The moment in life does not contain a duration, therefore humans cannot say or think words and thoughts, but they evolve spontaneously as evolution. Thinking, speaking, learning and doing based on our will and choice is one of the most consequential illusions that has evolved in humanity. The consequences for the conditioning of the mind are insurmountable until wisdom happens. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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