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8 December 2019

Anxiety (10)


If you think very carefully, ponder over it, every word of your new event is nothing but an old word. That old word has created an optical illusion of a new event. How can an old word create a new event? It is impossible. 

All that happens is, you merely recognise old words. That is all. You imagine a new event while life is merely moving. Every day is just moving. The air is moving. The stars are the same; the sun is the same. 

Everything is the same. Same means that simple appearance is the same as words, but they are disappearing and going. Even you are simply the same changing every day. Moving every day. Simply recognising familiar words in the mind in the moment; words that appear as an illusion of sound. 

Thinking new things are happening to you. Nothing. Everything is simply transforming itself and passing by. There is no event. There is no act. There is no new in life. Everything is a transformed, fresh state in every moment. 

Everything is a fresh, transformed state. Your act, visual expression of an event, is a transformed state, meaning an evolved state of a movement which has passed by. The transformed movement appears to you as a new event. 

Even the old was never there in the first place for a new event to be there. If the old event was an optical illusion and you have recognised through your mind a new event now, would not a new event too be an optical illusion? 

Your new event is a transformed (evolved) version of an old, optical movement. Just see how intelligent life is. It is tremendously intelligent. It gives you an illusory, new event. The mind keeps you mesmerised by a new event. 

Look for a new wife. New husband. You will get the same person in a refined way. Whatever you will get in life is just a transformed version of what life already has given you before. This means that you are getting the same.  

Life is a wonderful, optical and auditory illusion of light and sound, which life has created and which you have not understood as yet. The moment you understand that there has neither been an event before, nor will there be an event now or later, you will live without anxiety. 

The moment you understand that everything, which is meant to happen to you, is just a movement in life, you will be wise. When you understand that there are no actions in life, you will be relaxed. 

The action-repetition is the same thing as a thought-repetition. An act which is repeated will never get you enlightenment as long as you think you are doing it. Similarly, a word, which is repeated, will never get you enlightenment as long as you think you are saying it. 

It is amazing to see the brilliance of life, how much it teaches you. How much life exposes its illusions to you. Mind is still blind. Understand that to be anxious is futile. Life makes man anxious so that he may understand what point there is in being anxious when life is just moving. 

The enlightened live life that happens to them without anxiety.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
The perfection of the illusion is a masterpiece; the illusions of life are a matchless masterpiece. There is no name on the canvas, no claimant, no reputation to maintain, no inheritance to pass on. No masterpiece sold to the highest bidder at auction can match the worth of the illusions of life, never mind that the masterpiece is itself illusion. The secret to understanding this, albeit itself illusory, are the revelations of the wise. These revelations are gifted through these articles and elsewhere to mankind. Every man and woman for whom this gift of understanding is realised, if it is meant to be, lives with the brilliance of life and as the brilliance of life. What a wonder!
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
Man's anxiety ends with the deep insight that there are no real actions and words in life, only illusory words in the mind. This is how the wise explain it, as here in this article, in a rational way, justified by logical explanations. Initially, for the seeker of inner peace, this insight into life as a spontaneous movement is a belief, a belief supported by arguments, perhaps a presentiment in certain situations. At this early stage of evolving wisdom, frequent reading of the wise articles on this website is a great support, because the conditioning of the mind to consider actions and words to be real is very strong. Later, when the wisdom has been established in a person, life reveals itself to him or her as it really is, in an unexplained way, without arguments, without logic and without belief: a deep insight into the nature of life and of the illusory mind, which does not need any reasoning, but is spontaneously revealed in every moment. Admiration of the intelligence of life, which makes everything appear deceptively real as an illusion, transforms inner anxiety as unshakable inner peace in every moment of the singular movement of life as it is. This is the gift of wisdom in the article series "Anxiety". 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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