Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

26 November 2019

Anxiety (3)


Impatience in the mind is a very beautiful phenomenon by the intelligence in life. Once you understand the impatience of the mind, it is a relaxation in life. You have to understand many aspects of the mind in life. 

Life with the mind is too huge. Life with the mind and thoughts, however, is limited. Our appearances and its manifestations are magnanimous in life with mind which is without thoughts. You cannot take it for granted. 

So what could be the proof that a boy, a girl and a child’s appearance has not appeared before in any other generation? Because, we say, his mind is old, don’t we? 

You have to have proof that both the body and mind are old, otherwise you cannot understand impatience. You cannot understand patience. You cannot understand neither things in nor life. 

Has the present body, which appears at birth, appeared before or not, is the question? The body born now could not have been born before. This is because life is energy and energy transforms from one form to another. So the form now and its appearance cannot be repeated. 

Now come to the mind. What proof could there be that the mind is old in a small frame of a body, which we call a child? Otherwise, you will never be convinced that the mind is old in a child or in an adult. 

You are anxious for a child. Is it not so? What will happen to the child? Child does not know what to do. You have to advise the child. You have to tell a child what to do. Because you believe that you have to tell a child what to do, impatience comes in you. 

Don’t you realise how impatient the parents are about their children, especially regarding the first born child? Regarding the fourth child the impatience is less. The parents know the child will be okay. 

When you hand your first child to a babysitter, you call the babysitter frequently when you go out, because you are impatient due to anxiety about your first child. The same happens with your second child, but this time you call every half an hour and for your third child every two hours.

When the same babysitter comes to baby-sit your fourth child, you will tell the babysitter, call me only when the child is really sick! Otherwise don’t disturb me, because you understand the baby will grow the way it is meant to grow.

So you need to understand, is the child’s mind old or new? If the child’s mind is old, but still her mind, the mind will know what will happen before it happens. But the child comes to know in the mind only after anything happens as the child grows. So the child’s mind is new and not the child’s same old mind.

The parents think the children will never know, so parents become impatient. Similarly, you become impatient when you do not understand that you will get what you are meant to get in life.You become impatient when you do not understand that you are moving every moment and will be where you are meant to be in life.

The enlightened are patient in life in every moment. The enlightened trust life in every moment. The enlightened are neither impatient nor in anxiety in any moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
We cannot make any conclusions about mind. Or rather, the mind cannot make any conclusions about itself. Nevertheless, it does make conclusions because that is how it functions. On reading the words of the wise, however, there is no doubt that parenthood is endowed by the intelligence of life –the gift of the union of man and woman. This evolutionary process through the generations is perfect and deeply moving. The wise understand that each and every new birth heralds the arrival of a new mind within a new body, albeit illusory. The needs of the new child will be evident at each stage in its growth within the care and love of the parents. Understanding this is a blessing in every generation. The child will gradually take its place in adult life and enjoy the companionship of minds that understand, if that is meant to be.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
If children had learned what they know from their parents, how could the first human being who had no human parents have known something? Dr. Shankar has mentioned this simple fact many times elsewhere. In this article, the consequences of this insight for parents in regard to the upbringing of their children is drawn. Confidence that everything will evolve through the intelligence of life as it is meant to, sneaks in as the understanding deepens. Enlightenment has no beginning and no end, just as all knowledge in the mind had no beginning, but has evolved, continuously. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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