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28 November 2019

Anxiety (4)


When you are impatient about life, anxiety sets in. When you understand deeply that life will flow for everyone the way it is meant to flow for everyone, you become patient and without anxiety in life. 

That is the only way of looking at life. Understand that children suddenly do something. Is it not so? And you have not told the children to do something, yet they do it. 

You will put this down to talent. You will put that down to inborn skill. Besides this, there should be some glaring proof which will deepen your understanding. Understand that the child suddenly starts to make a noise, suddenly starts to talk and suddenly starts to walk. 

Understand that even primitive man suddenly did something without being told to by anyone. 

The parents are excited when their child speaks the first word. The baby is not excited. It should be because it has spoken the first word. The baby is not excited. The parents are excited. Is it not so? 

But why is the baby not excited? It should be because the child is excited when it sees colours, even before it has spoken a word. Children give us such a clue to what life is as it is. 

Brilliant clues every child gives you that life is transforming spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. The child is just thrilled when it is given a toy. A dress. Whatever. You know it. Is it not so? But the child does not know it.

Prehistoric man was initially just making sounds and was getting by. Just sounds. No language. When the first prehistoric man uttered the first word, that first word which he uttered was identical to the sound which another prehistoric man also was uttering. 

The primitive scene was that one man was making a sound, though he did not know it. The other man was making a word, though he did not know it. Both were only making sound spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. They did not know that they did make sounds.

As life sophisticated intellect, man began knowing a word and many words spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. But man was only making a sound and many sounds all the time. 

Wisdom reveals that you do not make any moment in life. Wisdom reveals that you do not make the sound which is in any moment in life. Wisdom reveals that sound and sounds that are in any moment in life cannot be any other sound than the sounds that are within any particular moment.

Wisdom reveals that sound or sounds that are in any particular moment in life sophisticate as word or words in that particular moment. Furthermore, no other word or words could be present besides those present in any particular moment.

Wisdom reveals that you will be patient in life and not impatient when the above understanding evolves in you. Wisdom reveals that anxiety will not be present when you understand the above.

The enlightened patiently accept what anyone does, speaks or thinks without anxiety.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Man has come to accept spontaneity in his daily life. He may even wonder at it. He has come to terms with unpredictability, even though it may unsettle his equipoise. The inability to control, however, is not acceptable or admirable to him, for he is one of many who have to exercise control. He may even be a control-freak – a common phenomenon. Such a condition of mind, with its thoughts, is an obstacle to acceptance of or patience with whatever happens in life. The understanding of the wise has revealed again and again that man is not the doer and that whatever appears within any moment cannot be other than whatever appears in any moment. Revealing that this is so is the gift of the wise; understanding this deeply is enlightenment.
Julian Capper. UK

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