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2 December 2019

Anxiety (6)


Some spiritual people believe that if you are quiet, secluded, do not talk to anybody and believe everything is necessary, but not needed, you will be in another world. 

That the world is not needed, but the spiritual are waiting for something else which is needed. They are waiting for some other world. Even if that world comes, they have got to know it. Is it not so? 

Moreover, if they know it, it will be known in the same world in which they are. They will be impatient for that world in which they can never be because everything is necessary and will be needed in that world just as in this world. 

There is only one world in which you or they can live. They cannot live in two worlds. What a bondage the mind creates by being a spiritual actor playing a role of being quiet, waiting for another world. 

It is fantastic. In the mind, if you observe, you like to repeat anything so that you may become something better by repetition. You are convinced that, if you repeat, you will achieve. 

You believe that, if you repeat a spiritual technique, hallelujah, one day, you will get it. You do not know when, but one day you will be enlightened by repetition. That is the belief of man. Is it not? 

You believe that, if you repeat a spiritual technique, repeat spiritual meditation, do anything that you believe is spiritual and you will get enlightened. This is the belief you have. Understand that enlightenment is independent of repetition.

The mind creates this illusion. Somebody is giving enlightenment, go get it and repeat it every day until enlightenment. You are lost in it. You are totally lost because enlightenment can never be known by you or by anybody.

Why is this belief that, if you repeat, you will get it, true to you? How do you understand this? What makes you believe? What makes you conclude? What is the guarantee? 

Did life come and tell you or does your mind in life with thoughts tell you? So what is happening that you are so certain, so convinced that if you repeat, you will get it? What is that conviction? 

You should be convinced that you will get it by repetition. If you are not convinced, why are you doing it? If at all you can do it. You cannot do anything either because you are not a doer in life

The doing happens and makes you think that you are doing. Even the doing is just a thought in the head. The doing was just a movement in life. You are moving that way. You are growing that way. 

Mind puts in labels that you are doing a spiritual technique. Understand that you are spiritually moving every moment in life by the intelligence in life. Understand that your mind does not make you every moment, because the mind does not make any moment in life.

When this understanding cements in any actor playing any role, he or she will understand that their role-playing is an illusion of a singular, spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable movement.

With this understanding you will not be impatient in life. Anxiety will be absent in your life.

The enlightened live life that happens to them. They are patient in life free of anxiety.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Man, every man and woman, continues to live under the domination of convictions and compulsions of the mind with thoughts. Until…. until that is they happen to meet a wise man on their path in life. If you are reading the articles of Dr. Shankar, for example, those on Anxiety, you are blessed in meeting such a man. Careful reflection on the wisdom gifted here gradually clears the mind that is locked in its own imaginations, for that is all they are. Understanding will gradually pervade the mind and the door will open, effortlessly, to freedom from anxiety, if it is meant to.
Julian Capper.UK

German Translator‘s Note:
The tranquility often longed for by spiritualists leads to the search for the absence of thought. This search is full of impatience and doomed to failure because man evolves as a human being and not as a thoughtless animal or plant. The Enlightened Ones, on the other hand, do not disturb thoughts when they happen, because thoughts cannot be avoided anyway. For the Enlightened Ones has revealed itself: To understand thoughts as sounds in life means true inner peace. But as long as man believes that thoughts control life, he or she is far from understanding what life really is: a singular mysterious movement of light and sound. In this article, Dr. Shankar shares how illusory thoughts can create the illusion of a real doer and cause anxiety, albeit illusory. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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