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31 January 2020

Appreciation (10)

“Knowledge and Wisdom”

You cannot think life. You can only live life. There is pure seeing and there is seeing as thoughts. 

Understand that it is sound which convinces you of an illusion, not pure seeing. Man is yet to see. Only an enlightened can see. Not anybody else. That is why man is in life with thoughts, not in life with sound in the mind. 

You are in the mind with thoughts. You live in the mind with thoughts. You are born into this mind to live. Only as a child you live life in the mind with sound and without thoughts. 

And your parents are kind enough to encourage thoughts in your mind. Education stuffed you into a mind with thoughts and locked you up. Stay there. Live there in the mind with thoughts because it is life. 

Understand that a mind with thoughts, which is knowledge, is not living life. Understand that a mind with thoughts, which is wisdom, is living life as it is in every moment

Life is a singular movement. Visually you cannot see a singular movement and life demonstrates that you cannot. Therefore, an action is not possible for you to see. Yet you are convinced that there are actions because of sound as illusory words. 

Moving happens to you. Action is the crux for you. Knowledge of an action is the stumbling block that keeps you in bondage. Wisdom of an action liberates you from bondage and enables you to live in freedom.

The moment you realise that you and the other are in the singular flow of life, you will neither be guilty nor blame the other. 

Understand that, if you blame the other, you blame yourself too, because both are in the singular flow of life. If one point in a singular flow is faulty, the next point will be faulty as well because the next point is the same point. 

Understand that life is whole, which means that every point in the whole is the same point, because in between one point in the whole and the next point is point as well.

This means the whole is a point. That is why the wise say the whole is whole and even part of the whole is whole.

This is why the wise say that who you say the other is, that is who you are. When this wise understanding happens to you, you will appreciate the wisdom of the whole as it is.

The enlightened live life as it happens every moment as a whole.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
As we grow in our knowledge of life and what it contains, we borrow ideas from our community, be it local or world-wide, until they become our own. Thus, we are bound to defend them, even with our lives, when they are opposed. They have become the cage in which we live - our reality. Living life moment by moment is not an option nor is there any whiff of understanding that what is meant to happen happens by the intelligence that is life. There is no known process for appreciating the flow of life, as revealed in these articles. Only in the company of the wise, understanding may happen, if it is meant to. 
Julian Capper. UK

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