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21 January 2020

Appreciation (2)

“Knowledge and wisdom”

Life is a mystery. You take pride in saying, ah, life is a mystery. It is a topic for gossip. It is a topic for debate. It is a philosophical thought. Even a man telling another, ah, life is a mystery, he feels he has understood life. 

If anyone has understood life, he or she will appreciate that life is a mystery that still happens to him. If it is a mystery, there is no logic in it. You apply logic everywhere. What kind of mystery could it be for you? Mystery is not of some kind.

Mystery of some kind with logic is knowledge but not wisdom. If you are in knowledge, then you are not with the mystery of life. You cannot appreciate the wisdom of mystery if there is logic in it. It is a wonderful, mysterious life every moment. 

Understand that you cannot reason the wisdom in mystery. You can only live the mystery of life in the moment. If you do live life, you will appreciate life every moment as it happens.

You see a flower. You appreciate it. You enjoy it. You see sunshine. You appreciate it. You enjoy it. You see a magnificent view. You appreciate it.  You enjoy it. 

You see a lion in the zoo. You enjoy it. You appreciate it.  You see a group of lions, you enjoy it. You appreciate it.  Herd of buffaloes, you enjoy it. You appreciate it. 

A school of fish, you enjoy it. You appreciate it.  You see one fish, you enjoy it. You appreciate it.  You enjoy a dog. You appreciate it. You enjoy a painting. You appreciate it. You enjoy a nice sculpture. A statue. You appreciate it. 

Life is pouring a wonderful life and somehow you are missing it. Life is light, sound, colour, form, shape and moment. You do not make any of these. You have knowledge about them and you appreciate them if you like them.

When wisdom happens to you that you do not make any moment in life, wisdom will also happen that you neither make what is the moment, nor light, sound, colour, form and shape.

Wisdom will also reveal to you that the moment which cannot contain anything besides what the moment contains in the moment is a mystery.

When this wisdom cements in your mind, you will be grateful for the moment and whatever the moment contains. You will not only appreciate the moment, but you will also appreciate what the moment contains, whether you enjoy it or do not enjoy it.

The enlightened appreciate the mysterious life that is in every moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
Energy comes by man to be a doer. Man has thus become convinced, though not inevitably, that throughout his time on earth he has the power to do, to make, to influence, to change etc. etc. This conviction is deep-rooted and does not yield if it is not meant to. However, it does not apply to every aspect of his waking state, for he readily concedes that the unexpected happens, bringing joy or disappointment. Energy for this concession also comes by him. In wisdom, the enlightened reveal here and elsewhere that man is not the doer period. He does not contribute by one iota to whatever happens intellectually or physically in life. Everything comes by the energy of the intelligence in life as it is meant to. Such is the appreciation of the mystery of life. It is ever thus, like it or not.
Julian Capper. UK

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