Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

22 January 2020

Appreciation (3)

“Knowledge and wisdom”

How do you appreciate a man or a woman? In what way is man or woman appreciated? How do you appreciate your own kind? You appreciate a man or woman only through his or her actions. 

Understand that you do not appreciate a man or woman by himself or herself. You appreciate action and neither a man nor a woman. You do not want to understand the illusory mind. Nobody wants to either. 

Understand that you are driven by beliefs of an action and you want the real to appreciate it. You cannot appreciate the illusory and you do not understand that you can only have the illusory and never the real.  

Understand that you appreciate your own kind only through actions. Your appreciation of your own kind depends upon what he or she can do, perform or execute. Not otherwise. Nobody appreciates a man for a man. Nobody appreciates a woman for a woman. 

That is all. Man looks at a woman. Lovely woman and thinks would she be a good wife? There is nothing to hide. That is what happens to everyone. Woman looks at man and thinks will he be my man? 

Will he earn enough? Will he give everything that I want and expect of him? The yardstick of measurements of man and woman is spelled out through beliefs of an action. 

This is your bondage. This is what keeps you away from enlightenment. Not understanding. Now, remove action. Appreciation is gone. You cage the other. You measure the other. You have a yardstick of measurements and that yardstick is your expectations of him or her. 

Even enlightenment is measured by the same yardstick of actions. How could you realise this wonderful life? How? You will realise when understanding happens that every moment is precise and perfect. 

Understand that you cannot control this precision. It is already precise and perfect by the intelligence in life. Where could control be in that which is precise? Life is precise because it is a process. It is a one way. It is a one life. 

Understand that a man and a woman will be what he or she is in any moment. What men or women are is precise and they cannot be other than what they are in any moment.

When this wisdom cements in you, you will appreciate man and woman as they are in any moment and also appreciate the actions, that happen to them, which may or may not be according to your expectations of them.

The enlightened appreciate man and woman as they are in any moment of daily life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
A man may be appreciated by a woman for his wealth, a woman may be appreciated by a man as his social trophy. A man may be appreciated by a woman for his manners, a woman by a man for her companionship. When the wealth has gone and the trophy has faded, what then of appreciation? Moment is the only moment that ever is. What it contains is precisely what it contains. How that is no man can ever know or influence.What every man and woman is can never be other than what he or she is in the moment: it is the mystery.  A wise man was once asked after his brother died what he missed. I miss the brilliance, he replied.
Julian Capper.UK

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