Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

24 January 2020

Appreciation (5)

“Knowledge and Wisdom”

The reasons you find in the mind are not exactly the reasons of life. Life is vibrant. You like life to be the same all the time. It has to fit into your beliefs and expectations. You are unable to receive life as it happens. 

Understand that your daily life is your satsang. Life does not teach you anything. Life exposes itself so that you may understand that life will happen the way it is meant to happen. 

Understand that life may or may not happen the way the mind expects life to happen. The life that may and may not happen is mental life, the life which you think in the mind or the thinking which happens in the mind.

Understand that life is light and sound in every moment. If you realise that the mental life happens and you do not make it happen and that it is an illusion of light and sound, your reactions will be absent. Your anger will dissipate. Your compassion will be revealed. 

Enlightenment is not easy. Wake up. Wake up from your beliefs that they are right. They are right in your mind, not in life. This is because life is a spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable flow of light and sound.

Life gives you, every moment, an opportunity to touch the door of enlightenment. Mental life makes you frustrated about this, frustrated about that. There is not a jot of appreciation of the wonderful life. 

You will appreciate life when you understand that life is precise in every moment. This means that every object, every man, every woman, every child, every plant, every animal, including the conditioned mind with illusory thoughts, is precisely in its place every moment. 

You will appreciate life every moment, with admiration of life every moment, when you understand that every moment in life happens and you do not make any moment in life.

But you appreciate life through your beliefs. That is not appreciating life. That is appreciating your beliefs: your conditioned mind of thoughts. 

Your life presents itself, whether you like it or not, so that you may understand that your mind has no role in the way life unfolds. Beliefs happen by themselves within the mind as illusory thoughts, whether you like it or not. 

Understand that beliefs lay down the red carpet for the ego to walk on in the mind. Not in life. Life is free of the mind with thoughts. The mind without thoughts is a reflection of life.

You will appreciate what the mind without thoughts reflects for you to see.

The enlightened merely see and appreciate the seeing without beliefs. 

Author: Dr. Vijai S .Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
The revelations of the wise in this article strip away the paraphernalia of the mental world as your mind imagines life to be. Instantly, what’s more. Then what remains? What remains may be deep reflection before moving back into the mental circus. Living circuses,which charge for entry, exude excitement and momentary, gripping fear at the dangerous feats of the fliers and their catchers and the high-wire acrobats. There are no tickets to be sold, however, for the circus of the mind which allows free entry – at a high cost. The cost may be your own life. It may be your very own life, unless perhaps.....unless you happen to meet a wise man on your path. Begin to appreciate the mind without thoughts; appreciate the pathway of the enlightened. Appreciate life as it is. Appreciate for appreciation’s sake and join life.
Julian Capper.UK

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