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25 January 2020

Appreciation (6)

“Knowledge and Wisdom”

Neither is there a word in life, nor is there a word in the mind. All there is in every moment in life and in the mind are light and sound. Only intermittently a particular sound in life and in the mind transforms as an illusory word.

When this understanding evolves to happen, you will appreciate the intelligence in life. At a certain speed a particular sound transforms into word by the intelligence in life. And you think the word is real in the mind. 

An actual word is not present in the mind at any moment. In the mind a word in the moment is a particular, subtle sound of letters that appear as an illusory word. Every word is a magical, auditory illusion of sound. 

That is the intensity of life. A precious, wonderful life, which is yours. If you observe life, does a plant do anything to grow, to bear a flower? Does a plant do anything so that it may have a fruit? 

A fruit is there for the tree to bear, just as there is a baby for animal and human to bear. Observe the animal kingdom. Does it do anything so that it walks and runs and jumps? Has an animal a functional mind with thoughts that govern its movements? 

Understand that the animal has instinct that governs its movements. Instinct is a function of intelligence in life. A plant grows, bears seeds, flowers and fruits due to instinct, which is a function of the intelligence in life.

Does the earth know that it rotates? Does the sun, the moon, the stars know that they shine? Minerals did not do anything to become minerals. Minerals did not do anything to become matter. Bacteria did not do anything to become bacteria. A cell in vegetation, animals and humans did not do anything to become a cell.

The moment did not do anything to become a moment. Look into life; everything is just there. No aspect of life has to do anything to become what the aspect is in any moment. 

The intelligence in life makes every aspect of life to be what the aspect is and the aspect of life cannot be other than what the aspect is within the moment.

That is how life is manifested. The morning happens and you are in the morning. You did not make the morning happen. This signifies that you are in the happening of the morning. 

When this wisdom cements in your mind, you will appreciate the morning and every moment that happens in the day.

The enlightened appreciate that life happens the way it is meant to happen.

Author: Dr. Vijai S .Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
The beginningless and endless vibration of life in its uncountable forms, shapes and manifestations is magical. It is a wonder to realise. It needs no illusory words for its introduction. And yet, without the transforming revelations of the wise that are conveyed through words, would life be deeply understood by man? Such words have been our unfailing companions from the articles of Dr. Shankar over many, many years. In the year just passed alone, some two hundred articles have been gifted for man’s liberation – no easy task for this very article has number 727 assigned to it! Here is appreciation for the wise. It comes of itself. It is not summoned in order to express gratitude or even understanding of life. It is expressed for it is meant to be expressed.
Julian Capper. UK

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