Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

11th September 2016


 “Right or wrong”

An argument is an exchange of opposite opinions and it is typically heated or may or may not be with anger. An argument is not ended with a vote. A debate, on the other hand, is a discussion with opposing arguments as well, which are put forward and ended with a vote.

There is an agreement to have a debate, but there is no agreement to have an argument. Prior notice is given of the debate. But an argument starts suddenly in a moment. 

An argument usually follows when you feel that someone is responsible for a fault or a wrong with anything that they do that is not expected from them. In a debate each other points out that the other is faulty or wrong and this is accepted by all.

Argument is present to prove one is right and the other is at fault or is wrong and so it is in a debate. But no one wants or wishes for an argument that could lead to dire consequences.

If an argument arises suddenly in a moment, whether a moment is faulty, wrong or precise is the question pondered by the wise.

A moment happens miraculously because man does not make a moment. A moment was present well before man came to exist in the moment. This implies that life manifests the moment with man in it, along with everything that is present within a moment. 

Therefore, a moment is neither faulty nor wrong nor right. A moment is precise, which implies that a fault, wrong or right is precise and it is what the moment is meant to be and cannot be other than what it is in the moment.

Therefore, man is not faulty, wrong or right; he is what the moment has made him to be and he cannot be other than what the moment has made him to be. This signifies that man has not made himself to be faulty, wrong or right. 

When this understanding likewise happens in the moment to man, man is wise in the moment and cannot be other than wise in the moment.

A wise understanding happens precisely in the moment to the wise that man is not responsible for the fault, wrong or right present in the moment.

The wise understand that a fault, wrong or right happens precisely in the moment. The wise ponder and realise that a moment is just precise and not faulty or wrong. The wise, therefore, do not argue, but only respond to the moment precisely with wisdom.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2016

Editor’s Note:
There are few of us who are not familiar with arguments; perhaps fewer who understand debates. Nonetheless, both forms of communication are common enough, but usually lead to quite different outcomes, guided by different codes of conduct. The universal conviction that man acts and must be held responsible for the outcomes of his or her actions, leads inevitably to disputes, lawsuits, even to physical assault. Wise is the man who understands responsibility. The response of the wise who understand the precision of what happens in a moment is a supreme gift.
Julian Capper, U.K.

German Translator’s Note:
Responsibility makes man angry, depressed and sad from time to time. What others do wrong or right, what they should do better, when and what to do is the common factor of all arguments. However, this is not the way of life we need to live our whole lifes. It is possible, if it happens, through deep understanding of arguments, to become free from the reality of right and wrong. This is a tremendous impact on our quality of life. It means that our living energy transforms from arguments into compassionate living. Thank you Dr. Shankar for the wisdom in the article “Argument“.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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