Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

19 May 2020

As it is (2)



In life the mind is a form of energy. Life is also a form of energy. Energy is always a wave and a wave goes up and comes down only to go up and come down again. Like a wave, life will go up and down always. 

This energy in your daily life will sometimes appear as happiness. The very energy will appear as anger. The very energy will appear as sadness, the very energy will appear as so many other things in life. This is life as it is. 

When it does appear as happiness, it will go up and when it comes down it will appear as sadness. That is the way life is as it is. When the wave is going up and something is happening in your life, which you like, your wave is always on the happiness scale, which is as it is. 

You will feel happy about it. Now, when that wave has come down from happiness and even when that which you like happens in front of you, you will not be happy; you will be sad. 

It depends on where your cycle of energy is in your mind. How the energy is expressing itself within the mind. Others are not the cause because neither you nor others make the energy, which is life. Others are just an excuse for you. This too is life as it is.

Understand that when your mind is sad, everything looks sad. When your mind is happy, everything looks happy. The same energy is as anger in you and it is boiling in you, it is just boiling in you. It reaches its zenith.  

Understand that these waves of energy are happening to you in your mind. That is the meaning of life is as it is. This is what it is; you cannot change the energy. You cannot repent it. You cannot correct it. You cannot alter it. You can never be what you want to be or what you do not want to be. Energy is happening to you every moment and is as it is.

The moment you understand this, your attention is not on excuses anymore. All your trying to change others will stop. All your trying to change the situation will stop. You will not try to change others. You will not try to change the situations. You will not even try to change your mind because you understand that the mind is as it is and cannot be other than what the mind is. 

The wise understand that life is as it is.

The enlightened live life that is.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar, 2020. 

Editor’s Note:
Here is an extraordinary thing: life is a free-for-all. These words appeared immediately upon reading this article ‘As it is’. In knowledge, a ‘free-for-all‘ describes a situation which is not controlled by any rules or protocols, as in a public brawl. In wisdom, the understanding of life as it is, is gifted here. It is not controlled by any rules or protocols - for it is as it is. It cannot be changed or improved for it is free from liking and from disliking. Understanding this is living life as it happens – life as it really is.
Julian Capper. UK

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