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12 January 2020

Attachment (4)



When somebody to whom you are attached goes far away for two weeks, you miss them. Now missing starts, attachment disappears. You miss them because they are not coming close to you to go away. 

The moment they come home and they are close to you, you do not miss them anymore because they are moving close to you and going away to do what they are meant to do. 

Now attachment starts, missing disappears. There is always a movement which appears as attachments and missing. You cannot get out of these attachments. There is no way. You cannot get out of missing. There is no way.

How does one understand this? How does one go about being free from these attachments and missing? 

The fundamental part is the word ‘mine’. This is mine. My wife, my house etc. 

The first point to understand is that the whole world is changing. What does this changing imply? 

There are two aspects to this changing which happens. If you observe whatever it could be, it is others, and it could be thoughts. With any of these, their primary nature is energy. 

Their primary nature is energy. Therefore, you are attached to this energy. That is the first understanding.  Energy is either a particle or a wave. That is its fundamental nature.  

It will be a particle and it will be a wave too. There is a movement. There is a movement of a particular particle. This energy appears as a particle and at the same time it is a wave. There is a movement of a particular wave. 

Every form is different from its previous form. It is not the same form. It has transformed itself because energy transforms. Therefore, whatever you see in life in front of you, be it human beings, be it objects, a wise man will say that this has come by me because it is basically energy, but it happens in such a way that it appears as if it is mine. 

No, it cannot be mine because energy is not mine. The energy has moved in such a mysterious way that it has come by me. It has come by me because it has to move. It will be with me for some time and, when it has to move on, it will move on.

When this wise understanding cements within you, you will not be attached, but you will live in freedom and admiration.

The enlightened live without attachment and that is freedom.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2019

Editor’s Note:
Let’s face it – the pivot of almost everyone’s universe, whatever the age, is ‘I’ or ‘Me’. Everything relates to this pivotal apparition, which has opinions, feelings, moods, points of view, etc. that change regularly and which claim their little, brief authority from the use of the possessive adjective ‘mine’ or ‘my’. All by the intelligence of life. Hardly surprising then, given that life is a very active and energetic force, that it expresses itself as constantly changing and re-emerging apparitions. Such is the continuous flow of energy that keeps animate beings on the move in kaleidoscopic imagery. In this imagery is an individual trying to make sense of this flow, yet gifted with the force to claim its appearance and its energy as mine. Understanding of the mystery of life, as gifted here through the wisdom of an enlightened being, endows the freedom to live and the freedom to admire.
Julian Capper. UK

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