Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

13 January 2020

Attachment (5)



You call the movement of energy that goes away from you as destruction. But the movement has to follow the path it has to go. Understand that the movement of energy came by you and the movement will go away from you, whether you like it or not. 

There is nothing that is destroyed or lost by you. If energy is meant to go in any particular way, it will go. That is the first thing to be understood by you and, if this understanding happens to you, you will not say, for example: this car is mine and it is destroyed now. 

You will understand, wow, this particular form of energy has come by me. If you understand it deeply, you will trace it back to where it began its journey, as a particle and as a wave. It transformed itself into metals, into shapes from the factory to the retail showroom.

Then you, as energy, were moving because you are also energy as a particle and a wave. You came to the showroom, sat in the car, drove it, bought it, called it ‘mine’ and brought it to your house.  

You were sitting in a car and driving the car - both are energy. You definitely cannot decipher if you are driving the car or the car is driving you. But the energy nevertheless is moving because that is its nature and the mind manifests the illusion of car, the driver and the word ‘mine’.  

Energy is a particle and a wave and it will transform itself in such a miraculous way as human beings, as objects, as others. Nevertheless, if you understand energy deeply, every appearance of energy is only moving. 

At the same time they are motionless, yet they are moving. Everything. You understand it and that is what you will find. Then a wise man just sits down. He says, how can I call anything mine, lost or destroyed? 

That is the statement: you come with an empty hand and you go with an empty hand. That is exactly the fact of life, if anybody looks deep into that statement. But logic in the mind will say that statement is wrong. It will say, yes, I came with an empty hand, but I have got so many things here and now. 

No. You did not get: they came by you and they will go away from you too. Just wait and see. Your hand is always empty. You do not get anything here and say it is mine. Your hands are always empty. 

When you understand that energy moves as it is meant to move, you will not be attached. You will live in freedom.

The enlightened admire and are grateful for what they have and neither ask for anything in life nor are they attached. That is living in freedom.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2019 

Editor’s Note:
Read the article; really read it. The question – then who or what am I? – may flash in at that very moment. It is just a question - not yours or mine – just a question. Now I have disappeared as a person. In my place there is energy, just energy. No individual is attending or observing in the moment. The energy brings this writing and the page on which it appears. It brings a writer, what has been written and the act of writing. It brings no claimant at this moment. What is happening? What is happening is a gift by life. Real freedom and deep gratitude. 
Julian Capper. UK

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