Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

14 January 2020

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You would have noticed, suddenly one moment, you are married. Marriage had to happen. The energy, which is your would-be wife, was moving and it will come your way. 

Similarly, energy, as you, has to come towards energy as your would-be wife, as her husband. Then, at a certain moment, she becomes your wife and you become her husband by marriage and the words my wife and my husband get generated as an illusion of the energy.  

So a wise man understands. He understands, hey, these are all things which came by me; they had to come by me. There is no other way in life; they had to come: this wife, this house, this and that, they all had to come, because life made them come as an illusion of energy. Because they are energy, they have to move and they will move precisely to where they have to move. 

They will be displaced, they will be changing. That is the movement of energy in this world. The ego converts the movement as ‘mine’. So a wise man will know: how can I call anything mine, when it is just passing by? 

A wise man and woman understand that just because it is staying with me for some time, it does not mean it is not passing by. It is only passing by very slowly, but nevertheless it is passing by. It will pass. How can I call it mine? 

If it is mine really, it should have come with me during my birth. It does not. I cannot keep anything with me either because, when it is meant to go, it will go. I do not bring anything; I cannot keep anything. I do not have anything. If you observe, your hands are always empty. 

Whose karma did the first man on earth bring along? Before man there was monkey, is it not so? Did the first man on earth bring monkey’s karma? If a monkey has got karma, then before monkey who had karma to give to the monkey? 

So, if you trace back completely, you will end up in Consciousness. So is karma consciousness and not yours? But consciousness does not have karma! Everything in existence is an illusory manifestation of consciousness, including karma. 

So, even karma is not yours. So you are empty-handed, even at your birth. Your notion ‘I do’ creates an illusory karma. The notion ‘I am the doer; I did it; she did it’ you believe is your karma. 

Consciousness manifests everything that exists, albeit illusory. Nothing belongs to you. That is irrefutable truth or wisdom. 

When wisdom cements, man and woman will not be attached to anything in daily life and will live in freedom.

The enlightened embrace everyone as he or she is in every moment in daily life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2019

Editor’s Note:
Trust in the intelligence of life; trust that the intelligence of life is intelligent; trust that the wise are wise; trust that the wisdom happens as it is meant to; trust that only what is meant to happen happens. Trust in trust. There is no knowing save of what is dead. There is only understanding of what is. This path of life is your path of life. You meet who you are meant to meet. If you meet a wise man, you are blessed. The man and woman who trust live in freedom: it is their birthright.
Julian Capper.UK

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