Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

15 January 2020

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It is pointed out that it is your karma, so do good this time to wipe out your past karma. How can a man in his lifetime say, if he is forty years old and he realises he has to do good karma to get rid of his bad karmas and lives for seventy five years, in thirty five years he has to get rid of the karmas of all his generations? 

When he is getting rid of all his karmas of so many generations, in these thirty five years, don’t you think you will be building some new ones? So there is never a possibility for you to get rid of your karma. 

No. It is not your karma at all. In fact, your karma is only the thought ‘I am the doer’, that is your karma. A thought. Understand you are energy, you move. You get displaced. 

It is to this displacement of energy that your ego claims it did this action. That is why nobody can say what he is going to do after five minutes, because nobody can know how energy will move. 

Therefore, understand very well, nothing is yours. If nothing is yours, nothing can be mine or yours. You think it is yours; that is your problem. A wise man or woman knows it has come their way. 

So understand that it has come your way and it will be with you as long as it is meant to be with you in whatever form it is meant to be with you. There are many ways for it to disappear. It may get destroyed, it may get stolen, but that is the way it has to go and you say it was stolen or destroyed. 

But that was the way it was meant to go. Many labels are put for the displacement of energy. These labels are doing, speaking and thinking. Life is very intelligent. Do not be quick to judge. A wise man or woman does not judge.  

You do not know how energy will move. A wise man or woman will simply watch how everything goes. Furthermore, that energy is very intelligent. It will move, it will transform.

By transformation and movement, life has given many varied labels to you in your mind. If you believe your labels to be true, there is no way you can be detached. The moment spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably transforms.

Understand that everything is nothing but a moment of life, which is nothing but a moment of light and sound movement. Everything is nothing but an expression of energy. Nobody does anything. Nobody can do anything.

A wise man and woman understand they are not doers. They are not attached to anything.

The enlightened realise that man is not the doer.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2019 

Editor’s Note:
What a remarkable realisation to be gifted by the wise that man’s presence and activity on and off this earth, not to mention his appearance on it in the first place, throughout his history so far - and that of all other living and inanimate beings – are not the result of energy, but are actual energy that is moving and transformng. So too the entire system of identification and communication in daily affairs. So too of the earth itself. Energy now transforms as the question : what then am I ? Whilst observing now a motion and an action in the light of energy, there is only awareness. Have I disappeared? Can I observe?
Julian Capper. UK

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