Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

16 January 2020

Attachment (8)



Energy simply goes on transforming by itself. That is why life is beginningless and endless. Life has many labels superimposed on it. But, if you think the labels are real, there is no hope for you. You will be attached to the labels. 

Whenever you walk, understand the miracle walking. Do you know how you walk? Every step overcomes gravity. Your feet cannot overcome gravity, but yet there is walking. Energy as your feet simply gets displaced. Energy is a particle and a wave. 

You merely believe that you walk. The truth is walking happens to you by the intelligence in life, which is energy - you do not walk by yourself. When you understand this, you admire the walk. Walk becomes a miracle to you. 

You understand a tree. Energy as tree is getting displaced. It is getting vertically displaced as growth. Such is life. By this understanding you will not be attached to labels. You will be patient in life. 

Then, the ‘here and now’ of life will be presented to you by the intelligence in life. You will be patient in the here and now of life. You will watch everything, albeit illusory of energy, happen. You will know that the moment something comes, its journey to go has begun.

The moment something comes, the journey for it to go has begun. In the seed of arrival there is the seed of departure. In the seed of meeting there is the seed of separation. In the seed of construction there is the seed of destruction.

In the seed of health there is the seed of illness. Health and illness do not start at a particular moment, both are a process in life and appear in the mind as a label to which you are attached, albeit illusory. 

It is difficult to let go because you are saying it is mine and you believe it is yours. You are attached to the label.

Understand that the only thing you were born with, when you were born with empty hands, is your true being. Your true self or the soul and that is what you will go back to.

When this wisdom cements, there will not be attachment to labels for you. 

The enlightened live every moment as it is.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2019

Editor’s Note:
We were, everyone of us, born into an adventure that became our life, whether we wanted to be or not. Some have referred to birth as a lottery, for better or for worse. We and all those around us were giving names to anything and everything experienced through our senses and our thoughts. We had to know the name. This was our education. Such has been and still is the circle of life that we recognise and know today. It is real for us. Let no-one suggest otherwise! This is our comfort – perhaps discomfort - zone. We may die knowing nothing else. Then we began to understand that we were travelling on a road that we did not recognise or understand. It was compelling and we could not turn back for we met unusual understanding. Thus, we have come together now in the company of an enlightened being through whose wisdom is arising a new understanding. It is being raised from the dead. So be it; it is now alive!
Julian Capper. UK

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