Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

17 January 2020

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What you need in daily life, you will get it. It will come by you, in one way or the other. It will come by you if it is meant to come by you. If it is meant to come by you, you believe you get what you need by yourself.

Sometimes what you need, you will not get it. It will not come by you no matter how hard you may try to get it.  You will not get it if it is not meant to come by you. If it is not meant to come by you, you believe you did not get what you need.

Such is life. Energy moves as it is meant to move. Man cannot make energy move, because man neither makes the moment nor energy, which is within every moment.

Understand that you cannot find a definite division between one moment and the next moment. Also understand that you either get what you need or do not get what you need in a moment. 

Understand that what you need in daily life is the moment and what is within the moment. Both the moment and what is within the moment are made by the intelligence in life and not by you.

The moment in life is always there for you to be in life. This signifies that what is not within any moment is not manifested by the intelligence in life in that particular moment. But always the moment contains what is meant to be within it.  

This fact implies that what the moment contains within any moment may not be what you need in daily life. But you believe that you did not get what you needed to get in daily life, even though you tried to get it.

When this wisdom cements in you, you will understand that what comes by you are the passing phases of life. You become aware of the ‘here and now’ in life and the coming and going phases of life. 

Understand that anything you have in your hand has come here as energy. When you understand that, now it is on your hand as energy. Now it is in your pocket as energy. Now it is close by you as energy. You will never say it is ‘mine’. 

Such is the miraculous movement of objects, persons and thoughts as energy. They will come and they will go. When you understand the coming and going phases, you will not be attached to anything.

You simply will be there with objects, persons and thoughts. You will know that aliveness is the only thing that does not go, that it is always there with you. The aliveness is energy which does not change. 

The enlightened are aware of the aliveness in life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2019 

Editor’s Note:
Man is constantly working for what he wants to happen to happen. Man is constantly working for what he does not want to happen not to happen. He spends much of his waking life working. His success or failure as a student taking exams, as an actress nominated for an Oscar, as a lawyer defending a president or even as a householder earning a living may depend on the outcome. Deep, deep is the deepest ocean. Deeper still is the ocean of a wise man’s understanding, as revealed in this article. Man may dive into the depths of the deepest waters or rise above the furthest reaches of space, but all to no avail if he lacks understanding of the intelligence of life. He is nothing but a fleeting shadow. Understanding the words of the wise is aliveness in life and the pathway towards your true being.
Julian Capper. UK

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