Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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22 February 2020

Awakening (14)



Understand that by being attentive to the moment that renews by itself as a process without knowledge, you will not be gathering knowledge. This needs to be understood very clearly. 

Understand that, when knowledge is present, it is not life as it is, because every moment of life is light and sound and not knowledge. If you are not attentive to every moment as it is, you will gather knowledge and that is why you are asked to concentrate and repeat.  

Understand that knowledge indicates the process of concentration. Concentrate and you will get knowledge. What happens in concentration?  Understand that your ego focusses and extends from you and gets attached to words that form knowledge.

Understand that, when you concentrate on words and repeat words, you gain knowledge.  Knowledge is attained by concentration. Concentration means the presence of an ego. 

Understand that the drive for concentration is society. Society drives you to have knowledge.  Concentration replaces attention and increases your knowledge. Knowledge brings in fear of not being rewarded, which is not without fear either.

The wise say that, in life, there is only seeing. The wise also point out that spiritual knowledge too will bring in fear and not freedom. The wise point out that while seeing life as it is here and now, the ego is not present. 

The here and now is timeless, meaning that it is always present without numerical duration of time. When you are in the here and now, you will be in the awakening process of enlightenment.

You will understand that only ‘here and now’ is present without knowledge and that whatever you want to know is not present here and now. You will understand that only light and sound is present always in the here and now

You will understand that all your decisions, all your efforts to achieve are all illusions of light and sound in the ‘here and now’, which may or may not happen in the here and now. 

That is why man and woman with wisdom say knowledge is a dream. That is why the wise say that dream is knowledge in the sleeping state and knowledge in the waking state is a dream too.

Understand that, if knowledge happens, it is meant to happen because it is conditioned to happen. The letting go of knowledge will happen by deep understanding of knowledge that it is an illusion of light and sound, not by doing something to let knowledge go. 

Understand that, in the here and now, in life you know only one word and that is how knowledgeable anyone is. Understand that there is silence and sound in every moment that is here and now. 

Wisdom reveals that silence is who you really are in the here and now and not the sound as word, which is here and now.

The enlightened realise that you are light as they are in the here and now in every moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
From an early age children are encouraged by their parents and teachers to achieve – from tying their shoelaces to learning the times tables. Praise and rewards are given to stimulate further achievement as they grow. This is the ideology of man’s knowledge-based system of education. It may bring rewards to those who are high achievers, but disappointment to those who are not.  The wise reveal that such a system is never without the presence of the ego, man’s constant companion. Constant, that is, until…..until the deep understanding of the wise reveals, as here, that knowledge is a dream that keeps man asleep. Understanding this enlivens man to the here and now in every moment. This is the process of awakening. May it be so if it is meant to be.
Julian Capper UK.

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