Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

10 February 2020

Awakening (6)


Children do not talk to parents, parents do not talk to children, husband does not talk to wife, wife does not talk to husband. But it is still a family. Strange thing: they still go out in society as a family though they talk at each other and not to each other. 

Do you love your husband? The wife says: yes, I love my husband. The husband says: oh I love my wife, I love my children. Everybody says that. If this is the case,  then there must be love everywhere in the world. Is it not so? But is love everywhere?  

Watch the children as they blossom, they are lovely. You believe that you are responsible for them. That is a fallacy because they are flowering as they are meant to flower by the intelligence in life and not by your mind.  

You have not reached your zenith of the awakening process which is enlightenment. You are still in the valley and you are talking about the peaks of daily life to your children when you have never even seen the peaks of daily life yourself. 

Understand to embrace your children as they are in every moment. Understand that your children cannot be other than who they are in any moment in daily life, including yourself.

Who am I is an awakening process, which you will go through whether you like it or not. Understand that the awakening process is life as it happens every moment and that life itself will make you realise who you really are.

Understand that life is not knowledge because, in life, you can know only one word at any given moment in time. That has got to sink in you very deeply. You do not know a lot in any moment in life. That is the state of our existence.

Understand that a lot is known only in the memory. Understand that you can recall only one word from memory in any moment in the mind as an illusion of sound. That is our state of existence.

Understand that life is an awakening process which is happening to you and you have no role in making the awakening process happen to you. Understand that you only have an illusory role of a doer in making daily life happen to you. 

The enlightened realise who they really are in every moment of daily life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020 

Editor’s Note:
Stand still, man. Reflect on the words of the wise gifted to you here and elsewhere by the intelligence of life. Each word, one at a time, reflects the wisdom and compassion of enlightenment. There is no stain of ego, no opinion, no interpretation. Each and every word is the transfusion of life – life as it really is.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note:
All parents want their children to become happy and to be happy. The ideas of how to achieve this are countless, depending on religion, education, background and so on. In addition, everyone has their own individual concept of how they believe to be happy in their lives. These concepts are passed on to the children, that trust their parents. But this trust in the parents would only be justified if the parents themselves were actually happy people. However, very few have achieved happiness at any given moment, as happens to enlightened beings through a deep understanding of the mind and its illusions of happiness. This is not the fault of the individual. It is not a mistake at all. It is the wake-up call of enlightenment  when the contradiction between what one experiences oneself and what one teaches children as the true path to happiness is clearly recognized in one's own life. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.  

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