Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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28 February 2020

Balance (2)



Understand that the thinking mechanism will push the ego forward and you will get fed up with it one day. Only then, that which thinking cannot deliver will be delivered to you by the intelligence in life.  

Understand that to find what you want is just useless. The very thing you want will disturb you in the end. Understand that life gives to you so that you may understand how your mind works. 

Thinking must get tired. It will get tired, then you will know that life is in balance. How could you understand this? 

Do parents teach a child how to walk or does the child begin to walk in balance by itself? The child will walk in balance when you are not teaching the child. Is it not so? And then you will think, oh, I have taught my child how to walk in balance.  

The child wobbles a little to the left, a little to the right and suddenly, at a precise moment, the child starts to walk in balance. The walking happens to the child and the child is in balance without parental help.

The child is tired of not walking in balance and suddenly the balance and the walking just happen. The child does not bring the balance in walking. Intelligence in life brings the balance and the walking in the child. 

Once balance happens, the child is relaxed with walking. Similarly, once you get tired of thinking, balance will happen and you will be relaxed with life. Neither balance nor relaxation can be brought by thinking.

Everything in life is in balance. There is a balance for the body and there is a balance for the mind. What could this balance be if balance is everywhere? Is there a balance in the mind?

The mind is in balance when it is thinking, but this thinking keeps you unsteady and not in balance. Understand that thinking is in duality and duality does not keep you in balance. 

Understand that thinking is the balance for the ego, which keeps the ego disturbed and unsteady. That is how the ego lives in balance in daily life, being disturbed and unsteady. 

The wise understand that thinking is an illusion of sound.

The enlightened are steady and in balance every moment of daily life and also realise that the intelligence in life is the balance that keeps man steady.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020

Editor’s Note:
Wisdom is revealing here a remarkable and vital insight into the way man has been living by his own devises and his own efforts initiated by the thinking process. Thus, life looks compassionately on man’s predicament as a thinking man. Every man and every woman meets a need each day. In knowledge, the more pressing the need the more a person’s balance may be disturbed, inciting strenuous emotional or physical means to resolve it. The enlightened understand that the process of thinking feeds the ego, thus generating the state of imbalance. Exhausted and disheartened by this, man may come to realise that natural balance, as with the child, is a gift by the intelligence of life,  as revealed through the wisdom of Dr Shankar. Understanding this may restore man’s natural balance with life, if it is meant to.
Julian Capper. UK

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