Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

5 March 2020

Balance (5)



You are busy thinking, thinking. No matter how much you think, you will always be in your own balance of the ego, but not in balance with life. Understand that the balance in life is without an ego. 

Your balance with the ego is left and right. Little here, little there. More here, more there. Look into yourself. Look into life. Discover a balance in life which is without the ego. 

The balance that is there in life. And what could that be? And how can you know this balance? To know swimming, you have to get into the water. To know cycling you have to get on to a bike. 

Once you are on the bike, balance and cycling will happen to you. Once you are in the water, the balance and swimming will happen to you. Understand that once you are in life, the balance in life will happen to you.

Understand that you have to be in life and realise that you are in life. This life will flow by its own balance. It will take you. Did it not make you walk? Yes! Did it not make you run? Yes! 

Did life not make you sit on a cycle? Yes! Did it not make you swim, eat and everything you do as it is meant to be done, because you neither make any moment in life nor what is within any moment? Yes! 

So understand that what is within any moment is in balance in life. Yes! You do not go this way or that way, do you? You see everything goes the way it is meant to go and the way it goes in life is in balance.  

Understand that the balance in life is not the balance which the mind wants and believes that balance is in life. Understand the balance in life cannot be other than the balance which is in any moment in daily life.

Understand that the mind cannot have the balance in life which the mind wants. Understand that what the mind believes is the balance in life is not the balance in life.

The wise understand that life will go only in one way and that the mind can never know the way life will go in any moment. The wise understand that life may or may not go the way the mind wants life to go.

The enlightened realise that no matter which way life goes, it is in balance and they are steady in every moment of daily life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020

Editor’s Note:
Man is powerless in life. He creates no plan, no decision and no action, except that the plan is illusory, the decision is illusory and the action is illusory. In knowledge, he feeds on the hopes and imaginations of the ego to establish balance in his life. All this by the intelligence in life. All that by the intelligence of life to awaken him to who he really is, if it is meant to. Let him understand beyond peradventure that what is meant to happen is in balance with every moment in life. Such understanding is a blessed gift.
Julian Capper. UK

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