Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

8 March 2020

Balance (8)



Understand life and love and look at your people who live with you. Observe them how life has kept them in a balance as they are, whilst your mind, with its thinking, tries to keep them in balance with your mind by tilting to only one side. 

Understand that everyone’s life is in balance as to how they were and how they are now. Life knows its balance. Then you become steady and in balance. You will be enlightened. 

Mind will get tired of thinking one day. It will. It will get tired the moment you understand that you cannot control life by thinking.  You no longer interfere with life because you will understand you cannot interfere with its perfect balance.

When you are cycling very nicely, there is nothing more to interfere with, is it not so? There is no need to. So, when you trust life, you will not interfere with its perfect balance. 

You will start observing life in front of you. You will become steady. You will say, what is the next mystery? Understand that with great interest you read a mysterious novel, is it not so? 

You will never leave the book until you finish it. Yes? Same thing will happen to you when you are in life. What is tomorrow? That same enthusiasm of reading a fictional novel will happen to you. 

When you observe with trust where life is taking you, you become alive. You will know, this body will go where it is meant to go, just as a body will come where it is meant to come from.

You will know that when your friend comes, he will go. Everything, you will observe, is in balance. The mind thinks this should not happen. Understand it is happening because life is always in perfect balance. 

Life may appear very imbalanced to you in the mind because you have created an artificial balance in your mind. You can never recognise what is life’s balance, because mind with knowledge is not in life. The mind with knowledge cannot know what the balance in life is. Only wisdom in the mind understands the balance in life.

What you were before, what you will be later. You never know. Here as you are is your balance. This is your life’s perfect balance. The moment you have recognised it, you will be in balance.

The enlightened accept as they are in any moment in life and do not try to be anything else other than what they are in any moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020

Editor’s Note:
Man may acknowledge that what is perfect is perfect. Yet, perfection can never be known except as man’s own concept of perfection. He has not yet come to understand and trust that life is perfect and in balance, so he makes efforts to improve it or change it as seems necessary. In wisdom, there is no he or she engaged in the act of improving or changing, save as an illusion, for man is not the doer. The mind craves balance and so will continue to explore solutions for problems it encounters in life until it is exhausted. Then there may be acceptance of what is contained within every moment. This is the supreme gift offered by the enlightened. May it be so. 
Julian Capper. UK

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