Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

9 March 2020

Balance (9)



Understand that whatever comes to you, no matter what it is, eventually it will go, because it has come. With this understanding you will be rock steady. You will become steady and in balance in life because you will become observant in life.

Understand that observant is the witnesser, who is aware of the balance of life. You will rejoice your life only when you stop running with the mind and its thoughts of balance, which is not the balance of life. 

Unconditional love will happen to you. Life will happen to you. Enlightenment will happen to you. Why panic? The moment you know life will happen to you the way it is meant to happen, unconditional love will happen to you without a doubt. 

Spontaneously, enlightenment too will happen. But through the mind you keep thinking how enlightenment should happen. Thus, you are doing a balancing act of the mind which is one-sided. 

The ego is trying not to fall; yet it is falling. What a paradox. The ego will tell you this is how to get enlightened and by that it is falling. It has made its balancing act. It exists, but not enlightenment.

But you know within yourself: hey, I am just the same. It is you who looks within yourself. Then you will understand: ha, it is a beautiful balancing act of the ego life is showing me. 

Love is also perfect balance. What is that balance? The balance is opposite polarities are close to each other. Perfect balance. But when the ego comes in, that balance is lost.

If you observe how the husband will be working, so-called working. Is it not so? How life is moving him, how the bread comes home, how the wife works at home with or without deep understanding, my goodness, what a balance. Is it not so? 

You are steady in that balance with deep understanding. Understand that this is how your life is in balance. But the moment your mind comes into it with superficial understanding of life, you will know that this balance is tilted to one side. To your side or to her side. Is it not so? 

You want life to go according to how you want it to go. You are not in life’s balance; you are in the mind’s imbalance, which is balance for the ego. 

The wise husband and wife accept each other as they are and do not try to change each other.

The enlightened embrace everyone as they are in any moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020

Editor’s Note:
The wise understand that balance and steadiness are in the flow of daily life, as it comes and goes, unless man seeks, as he regularly does, alteration or improvement. Understanding life’s natural balance is to embrace and accept the existence of polarity – a little to the right, a little to the left. Accepting this natural balance is not in the compass of the ego, whose intolerance of what happens in life demands alteration and change. This is characterised by: ‘I will do it my way because I am more comfortable with that’.  The wise, in their understanding, reveal that the ego is one-sided in its demands and expectations. Unless its demands are met and its expectations fulfilled it seeks to impose corrective measures. Understanding that this is so is the path towards enlightenment, if it is meant to be.
Julian Capper. UK

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