Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

14 March 2020

Because (2)



Understand that you will be thinking that you are in the absolute journey, but still it will be the relative journey. This is because neither the mind with thoughts nor the ego knows the absolute journey.

As you go by and, because you observe the relative journey, you will know very distinctively that the absolute journey cannot be known. The relative journey is known. It will become very clear to you. 

The beauty part of the absolute journey is revealed because you clearly understand that the relative journey is illusory. You will clearly understand that even the portion of the relative journey, which appears absolute, is an illusion too.  

By deep understanding of the relative journey, suddenly you are in the absolute journey. Understand that in the absolute journey you are alone because you are born alone, 

The beauty part is, even when others are around, you are alone, whilst others think that you are not alone. Because of this thinking that you are not alone, others are still in the relative journey.

Understand that there are others in your absolute journey. There is dependency too. All that is required. It is needed in the absolute journey. But in the absolute journey you are alone. 

Understand that which you are dependent upon for your absolute journey, which is your identity, is along with you; you have a friend. Understand that the friend in the absolute journey embraces others as they are in any moment of daily life.

Understand that the friend, which is your identity for the absolute journey, understands deeply that others in your absolute journey cannot be other than who they are in any moment of daily life.

Understand that your daily life in the absolute journey includes the daily life of others who may be either in a relative journey or in the absolute journey of their respective lives.

The wise with wisdom understand that life will go the way it is meant to go. 

The enlightened understand that they will meet who they are meant to meet because life will go the way it is meant to go.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020

Editor’s Note:
The understanding presented in these articles is the initiation of transformation from the relative to the absolute. Man has been living in the illusion of absolute, made concrete – almost – by the gift of mind with thoughts and its herald, the ego. It is  the transformation from the authority of the known and knowable existence to the  unknown and unknowable. Deep understanding of the former may reveal the latter, if it is meant to. Thus, in our common language, ‘one’ may appear as ‘lonely’; it may appear as ‘alone’.
Julian Capper. UK

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