Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

14 March 2020

Because (3)



Understand that to have God as your companion is a relative journey because there are two now, you and God. There is God and there is you, but understand that you are alone in the absolute journey and two is not necessary.

Understand that if someone is showing you the way to the absolute, it is relative and not absolute, because the way to the absolute is not known to man. It is important to understand this. 

Understand that, if man is showing you the absolute journey, there will be many conditions. Then you become dependent on the conditions because it is a dependency to the one who is giving the conditions, which is necessary for him. 

The dependent condition of numerical duration of time shows you that the absolute journey is dependent on numerical duration of time. This is absent in every moment of daily life.

Understand that the moment numerical duration of time becomes a condition to the absolute journey, remember very well that it is a relative journey and not the absolute journey. 

Understand that the ego thinks in terms of numerical duration of time, whilst there is no numerical duration of time in this absolute journey. Understand that another condition is hope that is given by man who shows you the way to the absolute 

Understand that wherever and whenever there is hope, there will be waiting. Distinctly, deep understanding of life will remind you that conditions indicate a relative journey, but not the absolute journey. 

Understand that the conditions will be very attractive; they will be very convincing but nevertheless, it is a relative journey. It will be very difficult for you to get away from this relative journey. 

Why? It is because, when you have a beautiful dream and even though you know it is a dream, you will say - why get up? - let me enjoy this. Don’t wake me. Let me enjoy. 

There is nothing in it, but still you like to dream. Just like that, when the relative journey looks as the absolute, you will say - let it be, it looks absolute, let it be, don’t wake me. I am enjoying it. 

The enlightened realise that both the waking and the sleeping state are illusory and not real.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020 

Editor’s Note:
In man’s quest for enlightenment or self-realisation as he journeys through life, he may seek the guidance of a teacher. He may follow those who impart their knowledge and understanding through religious or spiritual beliefs and disciplines. He may resort to the writings of philosophers and sages, whether living or dead. He may attend ashrams or retreats in his search for the absolute.The enlightened are revealing here with unremitting clarity that there is no teacher or teaching of enlightenment or of the absolute. It cannot be known or taught by the wise; it is unknowable to the wise. Deep understanding of the waking and sleeping states in life may reveal enlightenment, if it is meant to happen.
Julian Capper. UK

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