Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

17 March 2020

Because (5)



Understand that if you believe you are unhappy or upset because of others, you are in the relative journey of life, which is the absolute journey. Understand that in your absolute journey, there are no others though they are in their relative journey. 

Understand that love is created and destroyed by a word. Do you think love has got something to do with word? The word ‘because’ creates love and destroys love as well.

Understand how much illusion is created for you by the word ‘because’! Understand that, if you love nature, which includes humans, without conditions in every moment of your daily life, you are in the absolute journey.

Understand that the ego is a mask that covers the absolute journey. Understand that the word ‘because’ used by the ego is the mask. The word ‘because’ keeps you in the relative journey of life.

Understand that the word ‘because’ comes to you ‘because’ you are unaware of life. You are not aware of life. You are sleeping in your life with your eyes open. Understand that you are still sleeping as long as the word ‘because’ is present. 

Understand that the word ‘because’ is the problem. Understand that the word ‘because’ creates not only others, but also dependency on conditions. Understand that conditions make you unaware of life. 

Understand that you are not aware of life. The more unaware you are of life, the more the word ‘because’ will be there by the dozen. When you understand that life happens and you cannot find out why it is happening, you will use the word ‘because’.

Understand that the word ‘because’ makes you react. Understand that reaction either upsets you or does not upset you.  Understand that every moment in life happens without conditions and what is within any moment cannot be other than what is within the moment. Then you will be calm and patient.  

By this understanding, steadily, surely, the word because will keep on reducing in number and you will become aware of life. The oneness of life stares glaringly at you. The beauty of life stares glaringly at you.  

The relativity of life appears glaring to you, the dream appears as a dream to you. The eye-open dream appears a dream to you and no longer real. When this wisdom happens to you, you will be in the absolute journey of life. 

The enlightened realise that life is absolute and not relative.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020

Editor’s Note:
The warp and weft of living has laid its fabric, albeit illusory, over man’s awareness of who he really is. He has become at odds with himself and lost in his journey in life. In article by article and revelation by revelation the wise, in their compassion for man’s condition, are gifting their deep understanding of life to awaken man, no matter how gradually and with what precision, to who he really is.
Julian Capper. UK

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