Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

18 March 2020

Because (6) 



Understand that slowly, by and by, you will know that the word ‘because’, which was so authentic, will show its true face of absurdity. The moment something is absurd you will not latch on to it; you will not give it credit. 

Understand that it will slowly dissipate. It will slowly dissolve. The moment the word ‘because’ is not used, you will not depend on conditions. You will understand that what is meant to be will be, whether you like it or not. 

With this deep understanding of life, suddenly the absolute journey is understood and, at the same time, the relative journey also is seen parallel to it. Until now only the relative journey was seen by you, but now both will be understood. 

When you understand that the absolute journey reflects the relative journey in front of you, the relative journey becomes a drama for you. A drama means that which accompanies you while you are on your absolute journey. 

This is similar to a flight in an aeroplane, the inflight-programme, which accompanies you and keeps you occupied. You will understand that your daily life is the inflight-programme in life that occupies you. 

Understand that your daily life is a movie that goes on for you. And you will say, my god, what a movie my life is. You will be stunned by it; you will wonder to whom should the Oscars be given? 

By this understanding you slip into the absolute journey. You will have unconditional compassion, care and concern for those who are still making this relative journey. 

The word ‘because’ is tremendous. Understand that by the word ‘because’ you control your wife, children, friends and relatives.  Boss controls his employees. A beautiful puppet show goes on daily. 

Man or woman who understands the relative, puppet show of daily life is a wise man or woman in the absolute journey. Man or woman, who has unconditional compassion, unconditional love and unconditional care for all, is in the absolute journey.

The enlightened live life as it happens without any conditions.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright: V.S. Shankar, 2020 

Editor Note:
The words which are most commonly used in any language under the sun, by every human being capable of speech and thought, are the personal pronouns – I  You She/He/It We – dominated by I. The relative pronoun is subordinate to or dependent upon another. It is never alone. This is the domain of the relative journey, which can be taught, learned and forgotten, for it has memory to get by in daily life. Furthermore, the personal pronoun states that man is the doer. The absolute journey has no dependency. It cannot be taught, learned or forgotten – nor can it known, for it is not in numerical time’s realm. The precision and structure of grammar is a beautiful reflection of the absolute journey. Through this reflection of precision and structure that is governed, in knowledge, by rules and conditions, arises, in wisdom, deep understanding of the moment that is.
Julian Capper. UK

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