Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

31 May 2021

Can You (1)

“Is it possible”

You know that you brush your teeth in the morning. You know that because you brushed your teeth yesterday morning. The same premise applies to the first man or woman who brushed their teeth in the morning.

The question is: The first man or woman who brushed their teeth in the morning, however, did not brush their teeth in their yesterday because they did not have a yesterday or the past.

This implies that as many people, who did not have yesterday or the past, brushed their teeth. Neitherthe first nor the many knew that they brushed their teeth,

As memory evolved, man or woman came to know that they brushed their teeth after their teeth got brushed in the morning. This signifies that humans came to know that they brushed their teeth in the morning after the brushing of the teeth happened to them without their doing it.

As evolution progressed so did the movements of man and woman progress and sophisticate instinctively. The sophisticated, instinctive movements were registered as actions and stored in the memory of humans.

The sophisticated, instinctive human movements, which evolved, are numerous and were registered in the memory as daily, household chores which were only sophisticated, evolved movements, as actionsin games, which were only sophisticated, evolved movements and as numerous actions of humans, which are only sophisticated, evolved movements of humans.

When humans moved in modern times their evolved, sophisticated movements were recognised as actions because of the memory of movements as actions. This implies that humans do not recognise the evolved, sophisticated movements as evolved movements, but label them as actions.

This is obvious as modern man or woman come to know what action has happened with certainty only after some movements happen. But, in fact, an action has not happened - only memory of singular movement in every moment, as an action, has happened.

The memory of action, therefore, is an illusion of evolved, sophisticated movements; each movement in each moment and not an action in each moment.
So wisdom reveals that it is not possible for you to know what action will happen with certainty before it actually happens. It is not possible because an action does not happen; only sophisticated, human movements happen.

The enlightened realise that everything in nature, including humans, is only moving in every moment of their life-time.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2021

Editors Nota:
It is being revealed here in wisdom that the actions and activities that man assumes are carried out in daily life are not actions and activities as they are believed to be. They never have been, nor will they ever be, for they are movements in life that have gradually evolved and sophisticated. In knowledge, the mind of man is deeply conditioned by the beliefs and assumptions held there. In wisdom, the enlightened are gifting their understanding of life so that man may be reminded who he or she really is.  In gratitude, may it be so.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
Through constant repetition, which the human mind goes through every day, what is obvious on closer, logical consideration disappears from view: every action of man can only be called such after it happened the first time, and yet it happened as a spontaneous, instinctive movement and still happens that way. But when one comes to speech as a child, one is still so small that this fact escapes one. After all, no repetition has yet taken place. Instead, through the freshness and uniqueness of its everyday movements, what happens to the infant is a sense of wonder, almost incomprehensible to adults, at the mysterious movement of the world, of its parents, and of its own body, accompanied more and more by equally amazing words that name actions. Later, due to repetition, the astonishment is replaced by the rock-solid conditioning that the actions are real and man-made. Dr. Shankar's article opens the way to deep reflection and thus reveals a child's wonder at the evolutionary movement. The amazement takes place in the enlightened adult human being. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

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