Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

28 October 2019

Children (3)

“Eyes of God”


Pleas to the almighty to correct unacceptable behaviour increase by the day. The almighty has been receiving such pleas for aeons of time, but children continue to be born and, in every generation, antisocial behaviour of the time presents itself. 

Pleas of help keep pouring in to God in every generation. But, more importantly, does God need to be told? Is it not God who makes children and also their behaviour? 

God is present in every moment and this is man’s belief, but he does not believe that God is present within behaviour too. Would God not intervene and make the corrections in the parent’s plea? 

Would God turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to a parent’s plea? Would God’s love for the child not be greater than parent’s as God is their creator? God would certainly intervene and correct, but the general experience of parent is that heavenly intervention and correction is wanting.  

Nevertheless, pleas to God continue to give hope and trust to parent of impending heavenly remedies. So prayers are kept active for they give hope to man. 

Does God not know how to create children or behaviour? God certainly would and should know. Maybe any form of behaviour is the need for the moment and man has not understood this so far. 

You cannot be sure what is required for the moment; if you are sure, you will be certain of life, but you are not sure of life. You merely have an expectation for what the moment should be, but expectation is not the same as certainty.  

Life is precise in every moment for it is God who manifests the moment and not man. So would not the moment be as it is meant to be? It certainly would be and it is so. But this deep understanding has not yet happened to man - it is waiting to happen. The mind cannot know the precision that life is in every moment because the mind with thoughts is absent in the moment that is in life. 

Wisdom reveals that only intermittently thoughts are present in the mind as illusions of light and sound, which are present in every moment in life. Wisdom reveals that life is a singular movement of light and sound.

Wisdom reveals that behaviour in children and adults in any moment in daily life is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound, present in the singular movement of life.

The enlightened embrace any behaviour that is present in any moment in children and in adults. This is because they understand that neither children nor adults make any moment in their lives.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019 

Editor’s Note
Every man and woman lives in a Gordian knot of thoughts and ideas, doubts and certainties, some of which may inspire hope for the future and some dread. In this state they may appeal to a higher ideal for help and resolution or turn to activities that provide welcome relief, albeit short-lived and illusory. This being so, human behaviour, appertaining here to parents and their children, needs to be understood. 
The intelligence of life has gifted mankind enlightened beings whose deep understanding of life is precisely revealed in this article. Parents and carers of children, past, present or in the future, may thus come to realise that behaviour, whatever that might be, is not made by man, for man is not the doer. Understanding this takes care of nature’s dearest gift to man and woman – children - if it is meant to.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator’s Note: 
The needs of life and the needs of the ego are different. This insight, as revealed in this article, has not yet happened to man. The world, life, plants, animals and fellow human beings, children and even objects are regarded by the ego as something that should serve one's own needs. This attitude determines communication and interaction in everyday life, especially between adults and children. But the ego and its needs are different from life as it is, because life is all that is, but the ego is only a small part of it, albeit illusory. To recognize the big picture is therefore an attitude to life that leads to wisdom and love in every conversation, in every encounter, especially with children who will be the life of a future, albeit illusory, for which life prepares them with their present behavior, albeit illusory. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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