Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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8 November 2019

Children (8)

“Eyes of God”


Sophistication happens at one point in time always. The sophistication becomes evident at one point in numerical time. All the fruit in a tree ripen in time. They, however, become obvious at one point in numerical time in the mind as a thought of numerical time and fruit.

Sophistication of flowers in a tree happens at one point in time always. Flowers, however, become obvious at one point in numerical time in the mind as a thought of numerical time and flower.

Similarly, behaviour in children follows the same pattern. Behaviour in children sophisticates at one point in time always. Behaviour becomes obvious at one point in numerical time as a thought of numerical time and behaviour.

As primitive man’s behaviour sophisticated, he was not embraced by the majority whose behaviour had not sophisticated. The sophisticated behaviour of the minority, who were the wise, was rejected by the majority who had knowledge and not wisdom, because they believed their behaviour was normal and that of the minority, the wise not normal, though sophisticated.

Surely, primitive remedial procedures existed to get the minority on track, so to speak. It is the accepted behaviour of the majority that became the accepted normal.

The same phenomenon of acceptance of the majority behaviour of children has followed every generation to date and will continue on the same lines eternally.

If man laments or expresses displeasure and sorrow, it means that he or she has not understood life and its process of sophistication. The pleas to the almighty are an attempt by man to ask God to stop sophistication. 

To judge children’s behaviour without understanding the process of sophistication is foolish. Understand that life is more intelligent than the mind.

Understand that it is life that has manifested the mind and not the other way around. Again, it is life that manifests behaviour in children to provide a contrast, for it is only through contrast that an understanding can happen of the process of sophistication.

Man and woman with wisdom understand the process of sophistication in nature and do not judge children’s behaviour that is present in any moment in daily life.

The enlightened embrace children as they are in any moment in daily life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Man makes judgements regularly as the norm in a community or global context. Judgements may be made in courts of law or publicly in a media or social context. These are based on the knowledge or experience of those involved, often leading to counter-disputes or appeals. Now, man respects the word ‘wisdom’ and the expression ‘the wise’. The educated may believe that ‘wisdom’ is the ability ‘to discern and judge what is true’ and ‘the sum of learning through the ages; knowledge’. These are examples of wisdom gifted in dictionaries - mind you by the intelligence of life - for men and women. On their pathway in life, they may happen to meet an enlightened being who is revealing the quality of understanding. There are no courts or appeals here, no behavioural judgements against children. Here, the understanding of the minority prevails where children are as they are in each beautiful moment in which they are. This is the sophistication of parenthood for the next generation.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note:
The basis for any judgment in the human mind can only be the past as it is currently represented in the respective mind. No one can judge or evaluate the present or the past by the standards of the future. The same happens in the education of children. The life of the future remains hidden from the mind, but that is exactly what life prepares the children, the future adults, for, albeit completely illusory. Dr. Shankar's article on children and their place in the sophistication of life gives the adults of today, the children of yesterday, and the adults of tomorrow, the children of today, a perspective that exposes as untenable any judgment about the behavior of all human beings. Those who understand this deeply live with adults and children in harmony with life in the timeless Here and thoughtless Now.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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